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1. Being Nice

Nice guys can attract nice women.

1. Being nice has little or nothing to do with Attraction.

You see a woman from across the room that literally gets you hard just looking at her…

She has all the physical qualities you look for in a woman.

If you’re a boob guy, you start to stare at her tits.

If you’re an ass man you stare hoping to get a glimpse of her amazing butt when she turns around.

If you’re leg man you start with her ankles and slowly guide your eyes up, memorizing every inch along the way.

Suddenly you’re imagining her naked.

But wait a minute…

You don’t even know this woman!

And yet you felt this almost uncontrollable surge of attraction running through your body.

Here’s a problem too many nice guys suffer with and I know it all too well because I’ve been there.

That woman I mentioned above ends up being put in a little corner of your mind.

She never breaks from your fantasies because you, like I, was probably too much of a wussy to talk to her.

This problem gets worse because by never approaching her, you never get to find out who she really is.

I have had the pleasure to get over my fears and start meeting women I use to only admire from afar, and let me tell you I was in for a major surprise.

Some of them were cool and all.

But some of them were also complete disasters.

Some of them had me running for the hills.

There were bad attitudes, racists, obnoxious loud-mouths, and total drama freaks bent on causing trouble wherever they went.

So you see, the women you who DO make you feel attracted to them could be anyone.

She could be a little too crazy. A needy mess. Foul-mouthed and downright rude.

She could even be a crack addict for all you know.

She could be the biggest bitch in the world, or the nicest woman you have ever met.

You just don’t know…

You only know that you FELT attracted to someone you haven’t even met.

This goes for women too.

Sure they may not be overwhelmed by your looks but she will sense your confidence.

She will feel your body language.

She will and can become attracted to you without you even saying a word…

Because being nice has little or nothing to do with the attraction we instantly feel.

This tip is here to show us “nice guys” the other side.

How attraction works beyond our control… and hers too.

How attraction is a surge of chemicals which run throughout our bodies… and hers too.

But most of all it is here to show us…

Being nice has little to do with it therefore proving that real, stable women won’t turn us down because we’re decent people.

Someone put it better and if you get a chance read it to learn the difference – The Difference Between “Nice” and “Mr Nice Guy”.

Hopefully you’ll learn this important fact…

Why the “nice guy” loses has NOTHING to do with being “nice”.


Being nice can play a role in the so called dating game or whether or not a relationship will work but it doesn’t take away from the fact you can’t create attraction by just being nice.

Tip one is to get us out of this mindset and to help us understand being nice is cool man – it really is – there’s just something more to creating attraction.

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  • ab

    wicked staf

  • bongstar420

    Men need to ignore all women. Then women will pursue who they are attracted to and you won’t have to deal with not knowing or having to “build attraction”

    You either look right or you don’t
    You either act right or you don’t

    • Chris

      I somehow doubt someone who posts as bongstar has any pertinent info on this or any other subject except maybe bongs

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