Being Nice Has Little or Nothing to Do with Attraction

Your first tip in becoming a more attractive man is accepting all truths about attraction. This mindset (or new belief) will have you understanding one important fact - being nice has little or practically nothing to do with attraction.

This explains why and dispels the myth that nice guys finish last with women.

Imagine this...

You see a woman from across the room that literally gets you hard just looking at her. She has ALL the physical qualities you look for in a woman.

If you're a boob guy, you start to stare at her tits. If you're an ass man you stare eagerly hoping to get a glimpse of her amazing butt. If you're leg man you start with her ankles and slowly guide your eyes up, memorizing every beautiful inch along the way.

Suddenly you're imagining her naked and quite possibly playing out some raw sexual fantasy in your head of what you "would" do to her IF you had the chance.

But wait a minute...

You don’t even know this woman!

She could be the best woman you've ever met OR she could be a total bitch or anywhere in between overly nice and sweet to the world meanest woman.

My point is - her NICENESS had nothing to do with how attracted you were to her.

You just felt it. You didn't make yourself feel it. You didn't talk yourself into feeling it.

Your attraction was triggered by her physical attributes, the way she moved, the way she caught your eye, and just maybe if you were close enough to hear her speak - her voice.

The same thing happens to women.

Yes, she experiences the same thing (in order) although her process differs from yours. They tend to work a little differently after you leave the "just sight" phase and start interacting with each other.

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Here's what I'm getting at and it's something that changed my perspective on women and dating.

How NICE you think you are won't change a thing. Women do not feel attracted to niceness. Sure they want a nice guy, or in better terms - they want a GOOD guy.

BUT just being good does not create any form of attraction.

You can not nice your way into her heart.

You can not nice your ways into her pants.

You can not NICE your way into making her feel something which is beyond her control.

Just the same as you can not talk her into feeling the same thing you're feeling and vice versa.

(Imagine a woman you're not attracted to at all trying to convince you you are and you'll see my point. It just doesn't happen.)

Try not to misread me here.

Being a good guy is a great thing and hopefully, since you're here, you ARE one of the good guys. 

I do firmly believe in respecting women and treating them with kindness. I'm not advising you to become a jerk and I'm certainly not saying that you'll attract more women by treating them like shit. So good luck on that if that's what you want.

Nice guys get a bad rap because they're nice and they're made to believe (or just assume it themselves) that because they're nice, that's why women don't like them AND that's entirely wrong!

How nice you are has nothing to do with why you're failing with women and dating.

Sure being overly nice in a manipulative sense can HURT or destroy attraction and sometimes this niceness isn't actually as nice as it seems:

"Being a "Nice Guy" with women doesn't work, not because you get too caught up in what a girl wants and get stuck as a friend, but because Nice Guys are typically very, very... SELFISH!

That's right.  When you're a "Nice Guy," you're not really being nice, you're being


Do You Suffer From the Nice Guy Syndrome? Damaging Your Self Respect

This bad stigma of being nice and finishing last with women is a false sense of reality and if you want things to change in your life and start attracting women - REMOVE this limited belief from your life and replace it with the knowledge of how things actually do work in attraction.

Ultimately, why the "nice guy" loses has NOTHING to do with being "nice".

The Difference Between "Nice" and "Mr Nice Guy"

Today tip in becoming a more attractive man is NUMBER 1 for a very good reason...

In order to BECOME a more attractive man this myth that the nice guy finishes last must be immediately and completely eradicated from your belief system.

Being nice has little or nothing to with attraction is a perfect start to a new mindset.

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