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Start Teasing Women To Create Attraction But Follow These Four Rules First

The unfortunate truth about nice guys, which is why this is tip number 10, is that they just don’t tease a woman enough – or at all.

Teasing is not only used in foreplay to enhance sexual arousal, it can be used to challenge a woman with your wit and humor.

They idea is to get her FEELING something fun and exciting to make your interaction memorable and fun. It’s what separates you from “other” guys who are boring, bland, and dull.

If you’re not doing it – START doing it now.

Teasing a woman does NOT make you a player. It’s not just something jerks do. It’s not reserved for guys who may appear to treat women badly.

It’s what guys who are exceptionally good with women do… so get to it immediately and never stop doing it for as long as you date, are in a relationship, or if you’re married for fifty years.

Teasing her almost guarantees you’ll be creating or amplifying her attraction.

Get her FEELING something GOOD which can easily turn SEXUAL.

“There are too many men who are afraid of their sexy side. They hide it from women probably because we’ve seen way too jerks or scumbags use it to screw women over.”

Become A Sexy Guy – Where Your Sexiness Comes From and How To Find It.

There are some clearly defined rules when it comes to teasing women.

Here a few of the most important ones. (Probably the only ones you should be concerned with following.)

Rule #1: Make sure she is eventually laughing with you.

She might show a little “fake” anger” at first – as in when you’re busting her ass about something – but it can and will turn to humor.

If this is not happening then you’re either doing something wrong, she has absolutely no sense of humor, or what you’re doing is so far out of context she has no clue what you’re talking about.

Rule #2: Get her or leave her wanting more of it.

This is not all about walking away at the height of your interaction, that’s not always the right thing to do and it won’t always work.

The secret here is to NOT always give her what she wants.

Sometimes you can even give her the opposite.

Don’t cave in too easily.

Generally speaking but make her work for it – whatever it is…

Challenge her to come GET it.

Obviously you can mess this up by doing it the wrong way or by doing it way too much. Just make sure you have the right balance. Which leads to the next rule…

Rule #3: Teasing is the SPICE of your (dish of interactions with her) and NOT the main ingredient.

“Teasing is done with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. You kid with her. If you make fun of her in a mean or malicious way, you’re out.

If you don’t let her know you’re kidding, you’re out.

The point of all this is to: Get her laughing. Challenge her by demonstrating Self-confidence and that you’re DIFFERENT.

By teasing, you emulate a lot of the self-confidence you need to demonstrate with a woman. That’s really the secret in a nutshell.

Call it what you want, Cocky and funny, confident and humorous, Tease to Please.”

The Tease to Please Approach Challenging Women

Rule #4: Teasing her sexually is different than teasing her in your everyday normal interactions with her.

If she likes her ears to be kissed – KEEP doing it. Don’t just stop because you want to tease her – KISSING there IS teasing her.

Never forget this rule or you’ll have some pretty bad sexual experiences and one very angry woman on your hands.

Learn to know the difference.

What does teasing a woman do and what is it?

You’re creating a special different connection which demonstrates many attractive traits.

It shows you have confidence. That you stand out from other guys. You have the balls to do it.

It creates a REAL challenge. You engage her and she (competitively) wants to spar with you a little. She wants to give it back just as much as she’s giving it.

You’re showing her you have a genuinely fun sense of humor. You’re making her laugh in a way which is intelligent. (When done the right way because some if it appears a little childish – my advice is to ONLY use those things more sparingly than the rest.)

You’re showing her (in a way) that you’re not so easy. You’re not the type of guy who just gives in to all her demands. That you’re not going to do things just to gain her approval or hope she’ll like you.

It shows her that you GET or UNDERSTAND what women really want and what they respond to positively. It speaks to her on an entirely different level that most guys – just don’t get.

Lastly – you’re setting up a perfect opportunity to QUALIFY HER – based on her responses to what you’re doing.

Done the right way – almost masterly – she will REVEAL to you her REAL self.

What you’re doing is breaking through her often faked persona which again – is ONLY something a guy who is good with women understands how to do making it easy and getting her to WANT to show you who she is because she’s liking HOW you’re making her FEEL.

NOT on the lesser side – by teasing her in all ways demonstrates that you are a SEXUAL guy AND you’re FEARLESS around women where most guys would crumble or be utterly afraid of being that guy.

Teasing her is perfect way to CREATE and AMPLIFY attraction so use it, learn to integrate into your personality and you’ll find your interactions with women change for the better.

If you’re not teasing her just enough, something else also happens – you look boring and predictable.

One of the biggest mistakes men make to blow it with a woman is being completely boring and predictable.

“And that instantly kills the two things that all women are desperately searching for in longer- term relationships:

EXCITEMENT here and now.

ANTICIPATION of a FUN FUTURE. Deliver them both, and you’re GOLDEN.

So mix things up and keep her guessing. Don’t always call when you say you will. Go here instead of there. Do this instead of that.

Get the picture? Keep her guessing and you’ll have no problem ramping up the fun and keeping her attention.”

5 Fail Proof Tests For Getting A Girlfriend FAST

That’s the whole concept of teasing her.

You become exciting and fun to be around On top of being an attractive challenge and demonstrating so many other attractive traits and qualities.

Thanks for stopping by today and hopefully I’ve convinced you enough to start teasing women right away.

Again – make sure there’s a balance and you’re not overdoing it or doing it in a way which is immature and shallow. Most women do NOT respond well to that sort of teasing.

Remember – this is about communication and NOT all sexual. Teasing her up to the sex is a little different and is not included here because it belongs on a different page.

If you have any questions or are looking for some personal tips – let me know below.

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