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10. Tease Her Often

Women love to play flirt.

Teasing a woman should be fun, playful, and not forced. It does happen more naturally when you feel less self-conscious.

10.If You’re Not Teasing Her, You’re not Creating Or Amplifying Attraction.

The unfortunate truth about nice guys is… They don’t tease women enough.

Teasing is not only used in foreplay to enhance sexual arousal but it can be used in an entirely different way.

It’s used to challenge women with your humor and wit, to get her laughing with you, and make her experience with you much more unforgettable and different.

In other words – it gets her feelings something and that something can easily turn sexual.

I always afraid of “teasing” a girl I liked because I wasn’t entirely sure how to do it.

Most of the time I refused to even attempt it because, like too many other nice guys, I was scared of screwing up and looking like an ass.

Or worse yet, coming off as a skeezer player only looking to get in her pants.

Little did I know without the right kind of teasing I was destined to the friends zone.

Women did NOT see me as a sexual guy with options – they did not feel attraction – and without those two elements in place, the few times I tried to make a move only managed to creep her out.

Nice guy tip 10 is here for a very good reason.

“There are too many men who are afraid of their sexy side. They hide it from women probably because we’ve seen way too jerks or scumbags use it to screw women over. Become A Sexy Guy – Where Your Sexiness Comes From and How To Find It.

If you don’t learn it, practice it, and do it the right way… Women will NOT see you as sexual guy with options and they will rarely feel attraction.

A good rule is teasing women ( outside the bedroom ) is to make sure, even if she’s seems to get a little angry at first – that she’s laughing.

If she’s not going along with it you’re doing something wrong, she has no sense of humor, or you are so far out of context she has no clue what you’re talking about.

Another good rules in teasing women is – Don’t ever stop doing it for as long as you know her.

Even if you’re married 25 years – don’t ever stop.

The circumstances may change or you may not do it as often, but never stop. Always keep the attraction new and exciting.

Teasing is a form of communication between two people where most of it is sub-textual – beneath the surface – it’s an exchange often related to courting, such as flirting.

“Without sexual chemistry a friendship will become extremely hard to escalate physically. Sexual Chemistry and Identity Experiences.

A very good rule to follow for great success is to actually leave her wanting more.

This is not exactly what most guys think it is. They believe they must get her at a high point and walk away. Sure that can work but there’s another piece which will always increase her attraction.

Sometimes it may seem cruel but don’t always give her what she wants.

Give her the opposite or nothing at all.

The important word to note is “give.”

If she earns it, works for it, plays along happily or a little reserved then it becomes okay to allow her to have it.

If you give in too quickly you may appear weak or like every other nice guy who’s still in “practice mode.” or has let her down before.

Below is a great quote from an article, which is even better at showing us nice guys how to tease. Read it all and you’ll see what I’m mean.

“…And they didn’t realize it at the time, but this set in motion a whole pattern of behavior that led to them being very interested and attracted when they are CHALLENGED.

Teasing is done with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. You kid with her. If you make fun of her in a mean or malicious way, you’re out. If you don’t let her know you’re kidding, you’re out.

The point of all this is to: Get her laughing. Challenge her by demonstrating Self-confidence and that you’re DIFFERENT.

By teasing, you emulate a lot of the self-confidence you need to demonstrate with a woman. That’s really the secret in a nutshell. Call it what you want, Cocky and funny, confident and humorous, Tease to Please.

The Tease to Please Approach – Challenging Women

So here it is:

  • Teasing creating a special connection due to its below the surface often sexual communication.
  • It amplifies attraction by strengthening that connection.
  • It creates emotions women crave and will want more of and its something you can hold back to qualify her with.
  • It displays a sense of humor which is different from other guys.
  • It hints you have experience with women in a way which works just as good or even better than two hot girls wrapped around your shoulders.
  • It challenges her to give some back.
  • It display awareness and that you do understand her emotional desires.
  • It demonstrates confidence, that you’re a sexually aware guy, and it implicitly states you are fearless around women lacking any self-conscious negative thoughts.

And if those reasons are not enough to get you wanting to learn this skill think of this…

A nice guy who does not tease ( the right way with real sexual overtones mixed in ) is just another friend.

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