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11. Learn to Flirt

Make a woman smile like this by flirting with her and you’re creating attraction.

Make a woman smile like this by flirting with her and you’re creating attraction AND separating yourself for most of the other nice guys who are just her friend.

11.Learn to Communicate With Women Through Flirting.

Flirting can be a form of sexual communication.

Women understand it and as a nice guy, so should you.

It’s unfortunate most nice guys just don’t flirt enough but you can change that quickly.

You CAN begin to change the dynamics of ALL your interactions with women.

I used to see it as a player move.

A cheap tactic of a sleezy guy trying to get into a woman’s pants as I mentioned in my last tip.

What I’ve come to learn is that us nice guys absolutely HATE being lumped into a “just like every other guy category” when in fact the things they do and the reasons they believe it, is why they’re being seen that way.

Learning to flirt does NOT make you like every other guy – it separates you because most guys can’t, won’t, or don’t do it enough.

“The real definition of “flirting” is not only VERY different than that, it’s also DISARMINGLY SIMPLE. “Flirting” is simply ANY INTERACTION of ANY KIND with (members of the opposite sex) that would flat-out feel WRONG were it directed to someone of the same gender… And you’re hard-wired to be–practically from birth. Secrets to Flirting For Men.

Flirting is a skill and most men who are good with women happen to be great “flirters” too.

Think of it as adding sexuality or edge to your personality. Too much and women won’t like it.

Too little and they’ll likely to think you have little experience with women, you don’t get them, and most of all…

Your conversation lack excitement, fun, and oddly enough – a touch of superficiality which demonstrates a fun, carefree guy who is easy to get along with, and doesn’t take everything in life
so serious.

Again all great reason to learn the “other” sub-textual communication which is very similar and can be exactly like teasing her.

Here are some quick examples of what flirting can be:

  • Creating fake scenarios about future events in which she fails or even succeeds with you.
  • Creating fictitious relationships through storytelling. Otherwise known as role playing.
  • Using sexual humor to entice her to play along with you.
  • Teasing her about anything she does which may be cute, but you’d rather bust her ass about it.

It’s a blend of charm, wit, humor, social awareness, sexual overtones and innuendos.

It’s play fighting verbally sometimes too. Actually you don’t even need words if you’re good enough to pull it off.

When you flirt right some women will accuse you of being charming. I know. Sounds awful, doesn’t.

My last girlfriend who accused me of being an incredible flirt called it “being suave”. She said I always had a great answer.

In other words she could not “one up me” me and I always found a way to heighten the experience between us.

What I was doing was creating chemistry and sexual tension and if you’re a nice guy who still believes nice guys ultimately fail with women, creating chemistry must be high on your list of things to learn.

That is if you want to attract more women.

My current girlfriend knows I’m a flirt and she’s experienced it first hand, and with other women too. She liked it at first but now it can be a little upsetting to watch or hear me flit with other woman.

Her feelings reinforces the fact that nice guys who don’t flirt are giving up too many opportunities to create attraction.

This is because she knows it works, and it works like a charm.

Otherwise there would be no reason to worry even a little.

Nice Guy Tip 11 came about when I realized I was afraid to flirt and unfortunately gave up years of practice and lost many opportunities with women.

Flirting speaks to women, again, under the surface. On a different level and as Scot Mckay conveys the broadest but most accurate definition of flirting,

“Flirting is simply ANY INTERACTION of ANY KIND with MOTOS (members of the opposite sex) that would flat-out feel WRONG were it directed to someone of the same gender.

Secrets to Flirting For Men – A Real Definition With Tips

Read that article when you get a chance because you’ll because you’ll understand how to take your everyday situation and create the flirting yourself.

Rather than lead by examples and having you repeat them, you’ll see how you can create your own unique style with his broadly based blueprint on flirting.

If you’re not ready or willing how about this?

Flirting is an easy natural way to create sexual chemistry and attraction.

Flirt on a “given” level and women will give you one more adjective to being nice and that’s charming.

Teasing is fun for her and hopefully you too. Teasing is a form of flirting.

Flirting can be practiced almost anywhere at anytime with any woman at any legal age. Perfect it and use your best on the women you want.

Flirting IS a natural thing to do. When you avoid it, you’re subduing YOUR natural ability to attract women.

Flirting is a communication which shows you are a sexually aware, fun, playful man. Women get that. Women WANT that.

They understand it and love to play along.

Learn to flirt on many different levels to change the dynamics of your interactions with women and when done right… You’ve taken the first step in attracting women through your personality alone.

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3 comments… add one
  • Paul

    Thanks for the well-written article. Unfortunately, it avoids the fact that some of us are simply unable to attract any woman no matter what we do. Getting a woman to have the expression in the photo at the top we’re supposed to aim for? Not a chance – ever – for guys like me.

    • Hey Paul,

      You’re welcome. Sorry you didn’t find it useful. I understand what you’re saying because I’ve been where you are and I also didn’t believe that I could be one of “those” guys BUT …

      Once I became more objective, more aware, more adaptive, more social, and much more positive, things started to change quickly. I know it sounds tough and a lot of work, for some of us it is, for some it’s a simple shift in thinking and interacting with women… but it’s worth it. Ohhh it’s definitely worth it.

      Literally the very first day I went out with David’s stuff in my head and started using it on unsuspecting easy to talk to women who had no choice but to listen, like waitresses, cashiers, clients, etc… it hit me how well and easy it was.

      I remember my real first – a hot young college girl working at Toys-R-Us. I remember walking away and listening to her laugh. Except this time, the liagh was a completely different one. And walking away, something I would never have done before because I would linger and ruin it all with boring shit and no number – well this time I made sure my goal was to attract her and make her day. That’s it. Nothing more. No worries. No amazing outcome or made up shit in my head I wanted to happen.

      I’ve seen the whole gamut of attract women. There’s no reason you can not.

      What’s your major stumbling block? Your biggest limited belief? Start there and learn HOW to communicate with women differently than you have while you work on those blocks and you’ll be okay.


      • Paul

        Pete – thanks for the follow-up. I’ve always been extremely introverted and as such am more or less invisible wherever I go. I really have no idea how to ‘make it sexual’, even with women I find very attractive. I am unable to flirt at all – and so have never been able to express my attraction to a woman. I literally cannot imagine any woman being attracted to me – even when I try to do so. Not sure if this sheds light on my issue(s) (?) If you have any further thoughts, I’d welcome them.

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