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These 20 tips came about from my personal failures with women and were written based on my “learning curve” after going through several of David DeAngelo’s programs.

If you firmly believe this “nice guy” thing is holding you back always go back to square one in attraction, project these inner beliefs and you’ll notice an immediate change:

Inner Beliefs To Project

  • I’m not needy… I keep my power for me.
  • I’m in control of my emotional self – outside events don’t destabilize me.
  • I can hold back when I choose, and delay gratification.
  • I’m not impressed by outward symbols or money and status.
  • I put myself and my life first.
  • I am indifferent to the outcome of all situations.
  • I may be smitten by a woman, but I don’t tell her early on, and I don’t let it “slip” indirectly.

–> Taken directly from “Advanced Dating Techniques” workbook pages 38 and 39.

Those are just a few of these beliefs you must project to attract women. The actual program contains many more.

12. Do You Like Me?

Don’t ask, assume she likes you.

There’s never a reason to ask a woman if she likes or loves you. It should be obvious and assumed if she interacting with you long enough, she wants you to create attraction.

12. Never Ask a Woman, “Do you like me?”

Asking this seemingly innocent question may not ruin your chances with every woman but since it’s a nice guy “need for approval” thing, it’s here.

It tends to destroy any attraction for many reasons.

The mystery is gone. It dissipates chemistry and sexual tension.

It’s almost always comes off as needy and approval seeking.

“It’s okay to WANT it, but don’t become so attached to every encounter with a woman that you end up NEEDING her to like you.

How to Tell If A Woman Is Interested In You.

You can throw indifference out the window and not lastly, it shows a lack of confidence.

Remember even as a nice guy – if you’re a little mysterious, there’s chemistry along with sexual tension, a lack of neediness, you appear indifferent to her liking you, AND add to it unwavering confidence…

You have one of the most amazing combinations to create enormous amounts of attraction just by interacting with her.

And if asking a woman if she likes ( in a certain tone or situation ) destroy all that – then yes, this nice guy tip belongs here.

Every time you feel yourself about to do it I want you to do several things.

  1. Pause.
  2. Step back a little.
  3. Look right in her eyes.
  4. Put a small smirk on your face and a little squint in your eyes.
  5. Think but don’t say unless you have a clever comment, “She likes me. Awww… How sweet. Haha!”

It may not work every time but it’s much better than asking any woman if she likes you and the little pauses will help.

Assume she does like you because you’re worth it.

A friend once rattle on because every guy in the world was asking him,“How can I tell if a woman likes me?”

So how DO you get women to like you? The first step is to appeal to their needs. The first need a woman has is for her validation. By appealing to a woman’s vanity, you can get her attention, but if you go too far, you come across as a supplicating wimp.

I’ve Been Meeting a Lot of Women, How Do I Get Them to Like Me?

The answer is simple – if she’s interacting with you ( and enjoying it ) long enough for you to create attraction.

That’s it.

Assume it until she gives you every reason not to.

You see women want to feel like you understand.

How you’re “in tune” with her emotions.

She wants to connect with you on a different level.

Asking if she likes you only tells her you don’t get it, her, or women in generally which makes creating attraction and dating her that much harder.

This “tip” may seem small but it can have a huge impact on your dating success.

Sometimes just even thinking it causes you to act differently around the women you really want.

Nice Guy Tip 12 is about assuming you do understand and get women and that you are good enough for any woman – giving you the right mindset to create attraction.

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Tips on Attracting Real Women

A ttracting women is YOUR ability to be the man you want to be without resorting to lame manipulative tactics. Creating ATTRACTION is something YOU CAN LEARN!

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