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14. The Friend’s Zone

What it feels like when you’re in HER friends zone.

14. If you ever feel you are already too deep in the friend zone, you probably are. Immediately learn what you can about what went wrong and then move on quickly.

I realize nobody really wants to hear that you’re in the friends zone of a woman you’ve grown attached to but take it from a guy that has spent so much time there I started to feel more like a pet to women than a man.

Sometimes it’s just the best thing to remove yourself from the situation quickly that is if you want to escape it or eliminate it from happening again.

It took me way too long to realize it and I hate to see other guys go through it.

It’s painful but it’s necessary.

Think about where your relationship is going and where you would like it to go…

Do you want to date her?

DO you want her to be your girlfriend?

Do you want to marry her?

No matter which one you choose or even if you choose or all three, being just a friend to a woman you want is where your situation is right now. Right?

Now did it happen by accident and is just a one time event?

Is it a reoccurring theme on most or all your relationships with women?

I’m going to bet big you’ve been there before… many times.

That WAS me and for some stupid reason I just kept doing the same thing over and over, hoping “this time” it would work but it never did.

This is nice guy tip 14 because I’ve found nice guys end in the friends zone more than anybody else and once you learn to first admit it, then see it happening, you can begin to untangle the mess and stop it from happening again.

If you continue to live the same pattern over again, it WILL happen again and trust me it doesn’t get any less painful.

And while you’re deep in it from one woman to the next, lots of available women will pass you by without you even noticing them.

It’s the classic double edge sword.

The list below are friends zone traps. If you do them, you’re there:

  • You do the same thing over and over again hoping things will change.
  • Confess your love to a woman who does not feel even the tiniest bit attracted to you.
  • Suck up to her and kiss her ass while trying to win her heart over.
  • Believe you’re better than the guys she dates because you’re a nice guy.
  • Believe she’ll suddenly feel something for you as if it’s her choice.
  • Think you must become “friends” before you create attraction.
  • Are there for her whenever and wherever she wants and you have not been intimate in any way.
  • Think she treats you different than other guys so she must like you.
  • Believe you can eventually talk her into liking you.
  • Attempt to mask your true intentions because you think she’s special.

And that’s just to name a few…

If you’re still not sure whether you’re in the friends zone or not then please read this –> Does She Really Like Us? Signs That She Has Put Us In Her Friends Zone. You should have a good idea by the time you’re done. In fact it’s filled with great ideas and links to explore which can be very helpful.

Now I’m not going to tell you a bunch of lies and make you believe you can turn  that “one” girl you love so much into a lover – but I personally have seen it happen so I know for a fact it IS possible.

But it’s a delicate operation with risk.

Here are some quick options:

You can begin turning that friend into something more by reading through my free Ebook: Eliminate The Friends Zone but it’s more about stopping it from happening in the first place. It’s about elimination.

Secondly you can choose the most popular product out there: Friends Into Lovers. It starts with the honey badger and a video presentation. Pretty cool if you ask me AND very effective.

Third – Try out Marni’s The Friends Zone – Get out and Stay Out. Marni is the original wing girl and knows women so well she believes she knows more about this subject than even I do. 🙂 Ahem ahem, this remains to be seen.

You can also use your Facebook account ( which I bet is filled with your friends ) Facebook – Friends into Lovers. This is “brand new” and was developed not as a guide to help you not turn one woman, but to use your Facebook in effective ways to find dates and possibly a girlfriend too. Truly helpful and if you’re using Facebook and not “scoring” from it, THIS will solve that problem for you.

Whatever you choose PLEASE choose to do something about this “affliction” immediately.

This Nice Guy Tip is here to open your eyes, let you know there is lots of help available and to remind you that nice guys end up in the friends zone way too much – but it does NOT have to be that way.

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