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Stuck In The Friends Zone With A Girl You Love? Here’s How to Get Out!

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The friends zone SUCKS! Every guy who has ever been STUCK in it knows that all too well. It’s painful and it feels like a suffering that will never end.

It feel inescapable. Trying to get out or escape is like quick sand. The harder you try – the more you struggle – the deeper you get sucked in.

Once you’re in it and are able to at least move past it with one girl – another on comes along and takes her place.

It’s a never-ending affliction.

The HARD truth is about the friends zone most “nice guys” don’t understand or will not accept is that most of the time – she’s doesn’t put you in it – YOU put YOURSELF in it!

Which is good and bad. Bad because it’s hard to admit and it sucks being in it but GOOD because it means YOU have all the power and control to change it, escape it, stop it from ever happening again…

As long as you are 100% objective about your situation AND are willing to make the right changes and take the necessary steps.

Which also means ACCEPTING that sometimes, more than not, you will NEVER turn that friend of yours into something more.

Escaping the friends zone with one girl is NOT always a game you can win.

Think about where your relationship with her is really going.

Do you believe some magic fairy’s going to come down and make her so madly in love with you – she’ll risk the friendship over it when she’s not even attracted to you?

Yes – this is hardcore news but it must be said.

Move on as quickly as you can or DO something about it IMMEDIATELY.

If you continue to live the same pattern over and over again, it WILL happen to you constantly and trust me, it doesn’t get any less painful.

Besides –  while you’re deep in it from one woman to the next, lots of great AVAILABLE and women who ARE attracted to you will pass you by without you even noticing them.

It’s the classic double edge sword.

The list below are friends zone traps or common situations nice guys find themselves in.

Answering any of them with a yes means you have a “friends zone” PROBLEM.

If it describes your current relationships with women and any particular girl right now – this definitely means you have a friends zone problem and it needs to stop happening now.

Here they are…

You do the same thing over and over again with every woman hoping things will change, but the outcomes usually leaves you worse off than you were before.

You’ve confessed or have told a woman you love her HOPING she’ll suddenly start liking you back.

You have or are constantly doing things for your “friend” and are always there for her hoping one day you will finally win her over.

You’ve seen and probably met the guys she dates. She even tells you about them AND you believe you’re better than them because you’re a nice guy and they don’t know how to treat her like you would.

You believe she’s choosing not to feel something for you and if you could just “change” her mind – everything will work out between you and her.

You always find yourself becoming friends with a woman first and then trying to turn it sexual. Has it worked before? What makes you think it will work now or at anytime WHEN there’s no sexual dynamics in the beginning?

You’re ALWAYS there for her or any woman you’re in “love” with and that happens every time BEFORE you’ve been intimate in any way.

Does it feel like she (or other women who has friended you) treats you differently than other guys so you assume a part of her “likes” you?

Do you actually believe you can eventually talk her into liking you as if you’re trying to win a debate?

Are you attempting to or have you masked your true intentions with her for whatever your reasons are AND because you think she’s special?

If you’re still not sure whether you’re in the friends zone or not then please read this: 10 Clear Signs She Has Put You In Her Friends Zone & Does She Like You?.

You should have a good idea by the time you’re done. In fact it’s filled with great ideas and links to explore which can be very helpful for you too.

Now I’m not going to tell you a bunch of lies and make you believe you can turn  that “one” girl you love so much into a lover – but I personally have seen it happen so I know for a fact it IS possible.

But it’s a delicate operation with lots of RISK of losing your friendship with her and NEVER getting it back again.

You must be determined to make some MAJOR CHANGES in your life and how you interact with women.

You must also be ready to FAIL and admit it so you can move on to someone else while at the same time avoiding the mistakes you made in the past.

Here’s my plan and trust when I say I’m an expert on the friends zone, I mean it.

I’ve spent over a decade, yes ten stinking years going from one friends zone to another BUT thanks to a lot of hard work and some good friends, alone with the RIGHT advice – my ESCAPE was inevitable and yours will be too.

3 Steps to Escape and/or Eliminate Being or Getting in the Friends Zone


Men Distracting From Women
Distract yourself from women so your life no longer revolves around “getting” them.

Focus on yourself first.

Start by giving yourself a new look: How To Make A Great Impression On Her – 12 Things Women Look For In A Guy

Increase or build your confidence and strengthen your self- esteem from within: Why Confidence Is So Attractive to Women, What It Is, & How To Get It Quickly

Give UP trying to control things which you have no right to control.

This will give you all the distraction you’ll need today: Develop Social Life, Involved, Give Something Women Do Want

The purpose or point of this step is to DISTRACT yourself from the source of your problem or pain. To build your confidence, change yourself a little from the inside and out.

This step is ALL about YOU!

Keep doing the things you love unless they revolve around women.


Attraction No Choice Cover

Learn how attraction is naturally created, why it happens, and how step 1 makes you more attractive just by going through the step of distraction.

Study attraction and how it’s triggered through communication skills and indirectly through the person you are AND how you communicate yourself to others including men and women.

Get this ebook right now and read it 3 times: Attraction Isn’t A Choice Ebook Special Offer.

ATTRACTION isn’t a choice. It’s an emotional reaction.

ATTRACTION is nature’s way of taking over our minds and bodies long enough to make sure that we mate with someone with the best possible genes.

Attraction isn’t concerned with you, her, or love. It’s evolved over a long period of time, and it has a purpose that is very important.

ATTRACTION isn’t logical, in the sense that it isn’t created by things that “should” create it.

Get Your Own Copy Of Attraction Isn’t A Choice!

Yes, I know – you have to spend money. Well it’s a very small price for the knowledge you will learn and it will not only teach you about attraction, it WILL and IS a absolutely necessary step for escaping or eliminating the friends zone.

I would have not escaped it myself without first reading it and putting into practice what it teaches.

And come on – it’s no more expensive than a good meal, a half a tank of gas, half the cost of a video game, it’s already discounted, you can be reading it within minutes of downloading it, you can put it in practice today, yes, it works that quick.

Attraction Isn’t A Choice Ebook Special Offer

This step is here and important because IF you’re always in the friends zone – you do NOT understand attraction or HOW to CREATE or TRIGGER IT.

Now that you’ve focused on yourself, BEFORE you can move to the next step, you must be PREPARED for it. This is the prep-work you NEED to do or else it will NOT WORK.

Enough said – so let’s move on.


Guy Telling Girl More Friends

The last and final step is to Re-introduce your NEW self to women or the one girl you want out of the friends zone.

For it to work you must COMMUNICATE to her differently. She must sense a change in you. You must also start doing DIFFERENT things with her.

This is the “do or die” step BUT if it doesn’t work on a girl you’re friends with and it all comes crashing down, you’re almost guaranteed to NEVER be in a woman’s friends zone again IF you’ve followed the first two steps as best you can. (Unless it’s YOUR choice and not hers.)

If not – do it again. You’re only preparing for success.

Remember – you can’t always succeed with one woman but you can build or gain success from here on out.

You’ve built an attractive lifestyle. You will be meeting more women. You will have a new bold confidence. You will be communicating to them in an attractive way.

Do the first two right and this steps happens NATURALLY.

This post I wrote will help you SHOW, not tell your friend how you feel and help you RE-INTRODUCE your new self to her: How To Tell A Girl You Want To Be More Than Friends.

Here are some more helpful links from some “guest experts” at DiaLteG TM to help you in this step.

These were taken or borrowed and published from this online course you can pick up for yourself if you feel it’s necessary AND you want every available tip, tool, or “trick” at your disposal:

Click here to pick it up and start turning your friend into your lover.

Friend Girlfriend Secrets

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  • How to subconsciously shift a woman’s attraction to YOU and make her want YOU even if she’s ALREADY attracted or going “dreamy eyed” over another guy.
  • The “magic” words you MUST say if she says “no” that will shock her, get her to re-think, change her mind and start “feeling it” for you.
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  • What are the “giveaway” GREEN LIGHT Signals of Interest women send out that they want you more than just a friend and to make the first move more as a friend.

This is the FIRST and ONLY program of its kind EVER created and it ca be all yours in just a few minutes:

Time for the conclusion of today’s nice guy tip on the friends zone…

Yes, being in the friends zone SUCKS! It’s unfortunate that one common problem nice guys have is that they’re far more likely to get in it.

BUT it doesn’t have to be that way because…

Women don’t put you in the friends zone – you put YOURSELF in it which also means you have every bit of control to either get out or never get in it ever again.

Escape is possible but it’s not probable. It’s mostly better to admit it, learn the skills to stop it from happening again, and to just move on.

Don’t let getting stuck on one woman you think is the one ruin your life and make you miserable. While you’re stuck on her, lots of available women you ARE attracted to you and you can get them to FEEL attracted to you will pass you by without you even knowing it.

Those are opportunities for your happiness you’re letting slip by you everyday.

I am not a self-proclaimed expert on the friends one – I was stuck in it for so many years the only choice I had was to make sure it NEVER happened to me again.

And I won!

Hope you can too starting with today’s tip and advice and ending with your happiness with a woman you’ve only to now dreamed about getting or being with.

One last read for you to help you determine whether you can get out with one woman or if you should just move on: She Isn’t Attracted to You! Should You Try Getting Out Of Her Friends Zone?

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope this article has helped you out in ever way possible and more.

Sign up to DiaLteG TM below for more great advice and tips on becoming a naturally attractive man and never letting yourself fall into the friends zone trap again!

Feel free to ask any questions below.

Leave a comment or two.

Share your friends zone experiences, help your fellow guy out with something you’ve learned about this subject, or even if you just want to let something out.

About the author: Peter White – I can help you find, meet, and attract your ideal woman for a real relationship. Live your life the way you want to with purpose and fun. Build a mindset that is free and positive. Learn the truths about attraction. When you can do that – the woman of YOUR CHOICE will gladly join you.

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