How & Why Your Body Language Communicates Attraction To Women – Learn To Control It

You may not be aware of it but you're body language is a "tell." It's a give away to who you are, how much you believe in yourself, how attractive you feel, how healthy you are, how in shape you are, what type of job you might have, and more.

You also naturally react and respond to other's people body language depending on a few things which are not important just yet.

This subsequently means OTHERS, including women, respond or react to YOUR body language.

These last parts you may not be aware of are very important to creating or triggering INSTANT attraction in a woman:

A lot of the responses or reactions you get happen subconsciously.

Much of your body language also happens subconsciously.

Women are NOT inherently BETTER at decoding or reading another person's body language quicker than a man.

Women (as the finding below suggests) are better at reading negative or neutral body language and men are better at reading happier language.

"This effect, however, is modulated by emotional content of actions: males surpass in recognition accuracy of happy actions, whereas females tend to excel in recognition of hostile angry knocking. Advantage of women in recognition accuracy of neutral actions suggests that females are better tuned to the lack of emotional content in body actions. The study provides novel insights into understanding of gender effects in body language reading, and helps to shed light on gender vulnerability to neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental impairments in visual social cognition."

Gender Affects Body Language Reading

Granted it was a limited study. My research was also cut short on my failure to find any reasonable proof that women are better than men in reading body language but women tend to excel over men in reading static facial expressions.

This leads me to conclude something rather amazing and beneficial to attracting women.

When you present negative body language, women will see it and respond to it more emotionally (so to speak) than positive body language.

Which in turn says...

It may not be as important to assure your body language is taken care of, although it will help a lot, but displaying or having negative body language can stop her from feeling attracted to you.

In other words:

Get your body language under as much control as you can because she'll read the negative parts quicker than the good parts.


Much of what you communicate to others is through your body language and that includes what you're saying making it an even more important area to study, learn, and practice IF you want to attract women.

The better skilled or equipped another has at reading what your body is saying, the less you can hide which includes low self-confidence, worth, value, health, experience and self-esteem.

Luckily - being nice once again has little to do with it.

No matter how nice you are or believe your niceness is stopping you from attracting women, displaying attractive body language is well within your ability as a guy and...

It's something you can get better at quite easily with a few simple tricks or by taking care of yourself and paying close attention to how you move AND you can also learn it by watching guys who are naturally good with women and mirroring them at a later time.

Remember above:

Women respond or react to your body language which gives you lots of opportunities to lead them to where you want and make them FEEL good just being around you which often leads to feeling attracted to you...

Even if purely by sight alone from a distance.

Today's tip is to let you know or to remind you this is such an easy part of your life which you have COMPLETE CONTROL of because it has everything to do with you, your mindset, and your drive/ability to exercise and create comfort for yourself.


Once it's done you just have to maintain it at your own pace.

Once it's done your confidence will never have to be shown or played, women will accept it as a reality.

Once it's done you only need to enjoy the benefits of perhaps better health, more energy, and a fearless attitude around women.

Here are some facts about women and not theories...

They are naturally attracted to men who appear healthy and have a seemingly never-ending amount of energy.

They are naturally attracted to men who display "animalistic" movements which are free-flowing and free from stress.

Don't confuse this tip with turning yourself into a muscle bound man. Lifting weights is optional but exercising is not. Cardio, for those of you who can maintain is also part of it.

I'm saying a little goes a long way and you DO NOT have to destroy your muscles or joints in the process.

Here are some quotes which will help you with your body language alone with some great tips to follow:

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Most of what you say and communicate to others including women is done through your body language. Women are especially good at reading your negative output than your positive signs.

This tip will show you how your body can either communication strength and attractive traits or not. Learn how to control how others perceive you and therefore gain control of their sexual attraction towards.

When you lead confidently through your body and make others feel more comfortable because of it - they will follow.

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