How & Why Your Body Language Communicates Attraction To Women – Learn To Control It

You may not be aware of it but you’re body language is a “tell.” It’s a give away to who you are, how much you believe in yourself, how attractive you feel, how healthy you are, how in shape you are, what type of job you might have, and more.

You also naturally react and respond to other’s people body language depending on a few things which are not important just yet.

This subsequently means OTHERS, including women, respond or react to YOUR body language.

These last parts you may not be aware of are very important to creating or triggering INSTANT attraction in a woman:

A lot of the responses or reactions you get happen subconsciously.

Much of your body language also happens subconsciously.

Women are NOT inherently BETTER at decoding or reading another person’s body language quicker than a man.

Women (as the finding below suggests) are better at reading negative or neutral body language and men are better at reading happier language.

“This effect, however, is modulated by emotional content of actions: males surpass in recognition accuracy of happy actions, whereas females tend to excel in recognition of hostile angry knocking. Advantage of women in recognition accuracy of neutral actions suggests that females are better tuned to the lack of emotional content in body actions. The study provides novel insights into understanding of gender effects in body language reading, and helps to shed light on gender vulnerability to neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental impairments in visual social cognition.”

Gender Affects Body Language Reading

Granted it was a limited study. My research was also cut short on my failure to find any reasonable proof that women are better than men in reading body language but women tend to excel over men in reading static facial expressions.

This leads me to conclude something rather amazing and beneficial to attracting women.

When you present negative body language, women will see it and respond to it more emotionally (so to speak) than positive body language.

Which in turn says…

It may not be as important to assure your body language is taken care of, although it will help a lot, but displaying or having negative body language can stop her from feeling attracted to you.

In other words:

Get your body language under as much control as you can because she’ll read the negative parts quicker than the good parts.


Much of what you communicate to others is through your body language and that includes what you’re saying making it an even more important area to study, learn, and practice IF you want to attract women.

The better skilled or equipped another has at reading what your body is saying, the less you can hide which includes low self-confidence, worth, value, health, experience and self-esteem.

Luckily – being nice once again has little to do with it.

No matter how nice you are or believe your niceness is stopping you from attracting women, displaying attractive body language is well within your ability as a guy and…

It’s something you can get better at quite easily with a few simple tricks or by taking care of yourself and paying close attention to how you move AND you can also learn it by watching guys who are naturally good with women and mirroring them at a later time.

Remember above:

Women respond or react to your body language which gives you lots of opportunities to lead them to where you want and make them FEEL good just being around you which often leads to feeling attracted to you…

Even if purely by sight alone from a distance.

Today’s tip is to let you know or to remind you this is such an easy part of your life which you have COMPLETE CONTROL of because it has everything to do with you, your mindset, and your drive/ability to exercise and create comfort for yourself.


Once it’s done you just have to maintain it at your own pace.

Once it’s done your confidence will never have to be shown or played, women will accept it as a reality.

Once it’s done you only need to enjoy the benefits of perhaps better health, more energy, and a fearless attitude around women.

Here are some facts about women and not theories…

They are naturally attracted to men who appear healthy and have a seemingly never-ending amount of energy.

They are naturally attracted to men who display “animalistic” movements which are free-flowing and free from stress.

Don’t confuse this tip with turning yourself into a muscle bound man. Lifting weights is optional but exercising is not. Cardio, for those of you who can maintain is also part of it.

I’m saying a little goes a long way and you DO NOT have to destroy your muscles or joints in the process.

Here are some quotes which will help you with your body language alone with some great tips to follow:

John Alexander – known for his ability to teach guys how to attract women and writer of the book, How To Become An Alpha Male once wrote this:

Watch a man with high status–Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or the CEO where you work–and you’ll notice that he moves differently than the rest of us. He gives off vibes that he is hot stuff, and because of that, women get soaking wet over him.

The Number One Secret Behind the Alpha Male’s Body Language

He also wrote this which is taken directly from his book: How To Become An Alpha Male

1. Relax. This is the most important mental state for you to be in.

a) Don’t allow yourself to feel worried.

Just let your worries go, since you can’t solve any problem by worrying. So suck it up, and quit thinking about what might go wrong. Just live life.

Now, I know what I just said is easier said than done (to use an old—but relevant in this case—cliché). You’ve spent your whole life up until now dwelling on thoughts that make you feel worried.

But what is this emotion we call “worry”? When you think about it, it’s simply the fear of what might happen in the future. Essentially you’re punishing yourself by feeling upset before anything bad has happened. It makes no logical sense to worry!

So the solution is to avoid contemplating your worrisome thoughts anymore. Identify them for what they are—toxic to your emotional state—and let them go.

Simply not dwelling on negative outcomes that make you feel upset will reduce 90% of your worries.

b) Breathe through your abdomen rather than your chest.

When you breathe, imagine that you’re bringing air down to your stomach. Feel your belly rise and fall as you breathe.

c) Avoid nonverbal behaviors that are the opposite of relaxation:

  • Raising your shoulders.
  • Wrinkling your forehead.
  • Fidgeting with your hands and/or legs.
  • Tightening your facial muscles.

d) Relax all your muscles and slow down all of your movements a notch.

Alpha males generally move unhurriedly, as if they are in control of time itself. Beta males are nervous and make jerky movements. Imagine you are standing and walking through a swimming pool, where your movements are slow and fluid.

e) Relax your eyes and eyelids.

Beta males hold their eyelids wide open because they are so nervous. Their eyes dart all around. Instead let your eyelids rest.

Look straight ahead. Only give things your attention if they interest you. While you’re out and about, do the affirmation to yourself, “I am sexual, I am relaxed, and I am in control.”

f) If someone wants your attention, move your head slowly.

A trait common to many beta males is being so eager to please that when someone calls their name, you see them spin their heads toward the person unnaturally fast.

2) Feel masculine and powerful.

Visualize that you are a masculine man. Do things in your life that make you feel manly, like lifting weights and working out with a punching bag.

Take care of your health.

3) Realize that you are a man of high value.

Focus on your qualities and ignore your deficiencies. To become completely confident, think thoughts such as, “I am the shit.”

Sound arrogant? Look at it as therapy to get over your lack of confidence.

Obviously you’ll want to moderate at some point once you become successful and know you’re awesome (so that you don’t act like a prick), but until then think constantly about your greatness.

Treat people as if they are already in awe of you before they even met you. If you have to, visualize Elvis Presley: “Thank yuh, thank yuh verra much…”

4) Feel comfortable in your own skin.

An alpha male is happy with or without any particular woman, since he views women as sources of fun in his life—no more and no less. Take the mindset that of course women want you, but it’s no big deal either way.

5) Spread out your body.

Take up space with your arms, legs, and chest. Keep your neck straight with your back so that your head is held high.

(Something that helped me get used to keeping my neck straight was removing the pillow from my bed. After all, it’s a major challenge to have optimal posture when your neck is bent for 8 hours every night.)

©  John Alexander from his How To Become An Alpha Male – Click here to pick it up for yourself to use.

Slade Slaw – Creator of Fireworks with Females and the Make Her Crave You Video – wrote this….

The good news is that your less-than-perfect body is VERY much capable of attracting hordes of gorgeous women.

Even rock stars who dress like they crawled out of a dumpster are able to draw women like moths to a flame.

Well, maybe they’re a freak exception because of the baked-in charm that comes with being in a band.

Tips For Getting And Keeping The Body Women Love

Elena Solomon – who you might not know but she’s quite intuitive and very smart (and beautiful),  never fails to mention how your body language affects your attractiveness…

Which means that if you display the ‘open’ body language, you will be irresistibly attractive. They won’t know why but feel drawn to you. People usually describe it as, “You have something special about you”, or “a presence”.

If you start consciously ‘open’ yourself to other people, you will notice the change in your communication almost immediately. Open body language makes you appear more approachable and trustworthy. It will also make you feel more comfortable and relaxed in any situation.

Remember, your body language tells MORE about you than your words. 

Use it to your advantage!

What Is Body Language? 4 Tips On Communicating With Your Body

Carlos Xuma is a guy who teach extensive inner game, conversational ability, approaching, sexual confidence, etc… and even he never fails to mention how important it is to lead her with your own body language…

She wants a man who can take charge and confidently LEAD her to the place she wants to go.

This means that if you’re too hung up on reading body language and watching for signals, you’ll miss the real opportunity – which is to LEAD her with your own body language.

You see, if you’re waiting for signals to appear, you’re not creating the kind of initiative that makes a woman feel attracted to you. In fact, you’re at risk of looking socially reactive.

That fancy little term just means that you’re reacting to what people do instead of just doing what it is you’re going to do. It ends up looking like you need permission to take action.

This doesn’t inspire confidence in you from the woman’s point of view.

The Biggest Mistake Guys Make Reading Body Language

Moving on…

When I first realized how bad or unattractive my body language was, I set out to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

I was going through lots of David DeAngelo’s material and took his advice.

I bought a colorful book which wasn’t very helpful but it did show me how to read the language and clued me in on some things I was doing wrong or how I was sending out the wrong signals to women.

You can find it on amazon right here:

The Definitive Book of Body Language: The Hidden Meaning Behind People’s Gestures and Expressions

He also told me to do what he did at first..

WATCH and pay close attention to the body language and facial mannerisms  and expressions of men who were good with women.

The more I noticed the easier I was able to practice what they were doing.

I started paying extreme to attention to how I walked, how I was sitting, how I talked and the facial expressions I was making while doing it all (watched myself in the mirror talking to myself) and started comparing everything I was doing to those guys I watched.

It certainly helped a lot but it was a very slow process.

I think just becoming aware of my body and what it was doing was the most helpful.

David then introduced me to Rob Brinded he developed an exercise routine to free up your body which will give you the ability to display and project strong sexual body language.

Loved it all and still use his exercise about 5 years later.

Rob has since moved on and sold his material to another guy who took it even further and came out with:

The Walking Code.

The rest is not important but what IS important is what a POSITIVE difference it made when it came to interacting, attracting, and getting noticed by women.

Some of my findings after all those years were written and re-rewritten in this article that you must check out when you get a chance:

What Parts Of A Man’s Body Instinctively Attracts Women?

Moving on once more…

Body language IS communication and attracting women is so much about how you communicate it’s a very important piece to get handled.

Your mind and your body work together so as you’re building confidence and learning skills your body will respond appropriately.

You’ll definitely want to give yourself more than a great start and cut your learning time down a lot.

Here’s something I wish I had when I was going through all this but it just wasn’t out yet:

Click here to learn How To Get Women To Notice You, Feel Attracted To You And Start Approaching You… Without Saying A Word!Body Language

“Developing a mastery of body language is CRITICAL to success with women. Without it, EVERYTHING ELSE you do is meaningless.

If A Woman Likes How She Feels When She Meets You… It Doesn’t Matter What You Say.”

Click Here & Watch Body Language Online Right Now!

In conclusion…

Your body, how you walk, how you talk, your facial mannerisms, how you hold yourself, and how others (including women) respond or react to you is easily controlled by YOU.

Eliminate any negative posturing, nervous ticks, anxious looks and shuffling, and closed-off body language and you’ll find a more positive reaction to you, up to and including, if it’s what you wish to achieve, a STRONG SEXUAL attraction.

You can TRY and fake it for a while. It will work a little BUT it’s just best to find ways so it happens naturally for you.

Don’t dismiss how you communicate with your body – much of how others perceive, respond, and follow you or not has EVERYTHING to do with it.

You do NOT have to become a body language expert. Just get it under YOUR control the best you can.

Try to stay away from reading into her body language and just CREATE it through yours. Others will follow if you present a strong open lead for them to feel comfortable doing.

  • Be extremely comfortable and relaxed in your own skin.
  • Walk slowly.
  • Use calculated movements.
  • Speak with purpose and intent.
  • Move with purpose and intent.
  • Project inner strength and confidence and if you don’t have them – work on getting it.
  • Relax every muscle in your body and practice relaxation techniques so you can do it any time you need.
  • Breathe. Focus on your breath.
  • “Stir” the air around you and avoid shaking it. (Yes, that’s a James Bond thing.)
  • Start paying attention to the body language of guys who are good with women and allow their language to transfer over to you.
  • Be open with legs, arms, and hands.
  • Take up the space around you and OWN it.
  • Blink slower.
  • Be always aware of your surroundings.
  • Understand how your body language affects others and use it to make them comfortable and relaxed around you.
  • Learn what sexual body language is and how to do it yourself so women respond more sexually towards you.
  • Exercise EVERY muscle in your body (within reason and within your capabilities) so you can move with ease and confidence.

Here’s the walking code filled with exercises you can start doing to make it all happen naturally for you and to help you become a sexy guy:

The Walking Code Cover


You’re about to discover nature’s most powerfully attractive ways to signal to women that you’re the man they crave…all without having to utter a single word.

It all starts with how you walk.

Women watch you walk all the time and are able to detect every message you are expressing through your movement, even if unconsciously.

That means that any assymetry, restrictions or even a negative state of mind are all perceived by women everywhere, all day long.

Basically, how you move makes you an open book. But when you carry yourself the right way, women will be naturally attracted to you.

Click here and get The Walking Code Right Now – Learn the Quickest & Easiest Way To Attract Women – Learn the Art of Attractive Movement

That should cover today’s tip. Hope you learned something valuable which will help you attract women and you’re now able to get a complete handle on how your body moves so you can have a positive more attractive effect on others.

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