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16. Live Your Own Life

Balance is important in attracting women.

Live your own life and let women share it with you is far more attractive than your life revolving around getting “some.”

16.Living Your Own Life is one of the most Attractive Move a Nice Guy Can Make for Himself

Too many nice guys make women a priority in their lives or a desperation to have.

Whether you’re single or dating, women don’t feel much attraction for guys who make their entire existence revolve around them.

Nice Guy Tip 16 is about finding your passions, living your own life, and not making women the only reason you get up every day.

I’m not saying it’s okay to sit around watching sports instead of meeting more women. That won’t help either.

This tip is about balancing your time and fitting women into YOUR life.

“If you are sex-focused, you are–by definition, mind you–HANDING OVER all the power to women. You are putting them in the catbird’s seat as far as being the choosers YOU are chasing.

Who Chooses and Who Chases Men Or Women?.

It’s not about rearranging everything you do just to make one woman happy. You’ll only resent her for it and she will not respect you much either.

Find a balance between your hobbies, your goals, your passions, AND your dating life.

Women do not want the extreme in any case. If all you care about is getting more women to date, chances are you won’t end up with many dates. If all you care about is your hobbies and this leaves you no time for anything else you won’t end up with many dates either.

In every endeavor balance is key to a well-rounded and happy life.

Why should your dating life be any different.

I used to be scared to leave a woman I was interested in alone. I always thought she would find someone else if I was not with her every second of the day.

I felt a little lost without her – because without her I had no life.

Women are highly understandable people.

Sure if you meet a girl who needs to see you all the time and you put it off because you’re living your own life, she may get angry with you from time to time but that will not decrease any attraction she feels for you.

In fact it will increase her desire to be with you because she can not have you when ever she pleases.

“If you spend all your energy chasing the “uninterested” you will leave very little for learning the powerful concept of how attraction works.

Chasing Women, Being Lonely – How To Stop and Allow Attraction to Work.

And that’s a huge shift which separates you from other nice guys who are constantly begging her for company.

You can be the one guy she has to work a little for your attention and you don’t have to play mind games or tricks.

All you have to do is live your life to the fullest and women will want to be a part of it.

That’s why this is one of the easiest move a nice guy can do which makes him more attractive to women.

  • Stick to your personal goals.
  • Live out your passions.
  • Desire to make yourself happy first and you will be more desirable to women.

When you do not live your own life, you end up chasing women and pushing attraction awawy.

This nice guy tip is here to help you understand you CAN live your own life and still attract women – just find the right balance which works best for you.

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