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What It Means To Live Your Own Life, How to Do it, & Why It Attracts Women

Live Life Attractive Man Balance

What does it really mean to “live your own life“, HOW does it make you a more attractive man, AND what does it have to do with attracting women?

Today’s tip or lesson in attraction will show you exactly that and more so you can get right on to living your life AND attracting women.

Another typical nice guy problem is that they make women a priority in their lives which go above and beyond normality.

There’s nothing wrong with paying the right attention to your wife or girlfriend but when your life tends to revolve around women, getting women, and you’re not actually “getting” them – then this becomes a serous problem which needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

It’s reasonable to expect if you’re struggling in this area to want it (women) and to want it even more as time goes on.

This becomes a vicious circle. You can’t find a girlfriend and trying harder seems to be the only way.

Except trying harder the same thing over and over again when you’re not getting results is NOT the answer. Doing so will not help or solve the real issue.

It does not change the fact the single women just don’t feel much attraction or date guys who lives revolve around them or women.

Now you have a dilemma…

HOW do you get a girlfriend or date more women without making them a priority?

It only seems logical to assume they will have to be a part of your getting a life if you want to get more of them in it, right?

Well not really.

You CAN make learning HOW to attract women or get more dates a priority. It’s kind of a MUST if you want it to happen.

BUT that’s entirely different from making THEM the priority.

Learning the right SKILLS is what you should be focused on.

Otherwise you’ll come off as approval seeking, needy, a try-hard, or have women believe you’re only into sleeping with as many women as you can and the type of girl you’re looking will most likely want nothing to do with you because of that.

AND… you’ll be handing over all the power to them.

“If you are sex-focused, you are–by definition, mind you–HANDING OVER all the power to women. You are putting them in the catbird’s seat as far as being the choosers YOU are chasing.”

Who Chooses and Who Chases Men Or Women?

You MUST find a way to live your own life, follow your own passions, while at the same time working on WHY you’ve been alone for so long it made you or your mind focus on women way too much.

Whether you’re doing it for one girl – hoping you’ll get her, doing it for several women, OR doing to everyone potential single woman you find yourself attracted to – this has to stop immediately.

The secret to solving this problem for you is so simple you’re going to kick yourself for missing it.

Ready for it…

Set up your life so you naturally meet single available women.

It’s a no-brainer, right?

Of course it is, but it’s also easy to say it than it is to figure out HOW to do it.

No worries – got you covered.

Follow these steps in my getting a hot girlfriend book and you’ll have every available tip and strategy to make it happen for you:

Find your life – Build a life any woman would want to be a part of – and you will be living your own life.

Balance your time, passions, and goals and then fit women into YOUR life.

Find a balance between your hobbies, your goals, your passions, AND your dating life.

Women do not want the extreme in any case.

If all you care about is getting more women to date, chances are you won’t end up with many dates.

If all you care about is your hobbies and this leaves you no time for anything else you won’t end up with many dates either.

In every endeavor balance is key to a well-rounded and happy life.

Why should your dating life be any different?

“If you spend all your energy chasing the “uninterested” you will leave very little for learning the powerful concept of how attraction works.”

Chasing Women, Being Lonely – How To Stop and Allow Attraction to Work.

BE the guy any woman has to work just a little for your attention because you have a life outside them.

This does not mean you have to play games or tricks with her – or follow some stupid useless dating “rules” of contact.

It simply means to ENJOY your life doing the things you love just as much or more than chasing a girl, dreaming about her, or trying to be with her every second of the day because you feel if you don’t, she won’t like you.

Being scarce while at the same time creating a little attraction makes you a REAL challenge and in turn – makes you VALUABLE to a woman.

All you have to do is live your life to the fullest and women will want to be a part of it.

This is one of the easiest move a nice guy can do which makes him INSTANTLY more attractive to women.

In conclusion…

You MUST live your own life and be happy doing it so women will want to be a part of it.

Your priorities must be kept in check and balanced.

YOU come first.

Learning the skills that attract women must be balanced in to it.

Set your life up so you naturally meet single women by developing a rich rewarding social life.

Stay away from any extremes.

Women want a guy who is a REAL challenge and is not just “pretending” or playing one:

“It doesn’t matter if you’re the laziest man or woman on earth EVERYONE is driven in their lives through challenges. This is great news for any guy who wishes to attract more women by challenging them the right way which either creates more attraction or builds on what it already there.”

Top Ten Ways to Challenge Women to Feel Attracted to You

The want a guy who values himself and his life.

STOP the circle immediately.

STOP tying to do the same thing harder and START doing something different which will work for you.

This is what it means to LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE.

THAT will make you a sought out more attractive man.

Living your own life has EVERYTHING to do with attracting women.

Thanks for stopping by today and I do hope you found what you were looking for and you’ve been shown well enough HOW to live your own life and why it’s so important for you to start doing immediate.

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As always – if you have any questions, problems, suggestions, tips, advice of your own, or anything you’d like to share… leave it below and please, make sure you go through every nice guy tip – they will help you.

About the author: Peter White – I can help you find, meet, and attract your ideal woman for a real relationship. Live your life the way you want to with purpose and fun. Build a mindset that is free and positive. Learn the truths about attraction. When you can do that – the woman of YOUR CHOICE will gladly join you.

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