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17. Don’t Blame Women

You can’t blame women if they’re not feeling attracted to you. You need to DO something about changing how she feels.

17. Stop Blaming Women for Your Own Failures or Problems.

The only person on this entire planet that is fully responsible for YOUR actions, is YOU.

If you sit around bitching that women are the problem – you make yourself less attractive.

I know you’re going to meet some great people and you might make some wonderful friends but the only person that can actually change who you are… is yourself.

Here are a few quick tips from one nice guy to another based on this whole “blame” thing.

These are what I had to learn before I had any real success with women.

  • When you blame others for your problems or your luck you do more harm than good.
  • Take complete responsibility for your role in your life. It’s a mature masculine thing to do and women just happen to be highly attracted to mature masculine men.
  • Meet your problems head on and solve them. They are your problems and although there are solutions, no one is going to take you by the hand and do the real work for you. This includes women.
  • Take charge of your life and do it with as little complaining as possible. Complaining gets you nowhere and it is a very unattractive thing to watch or to have to listen to.
  • Give a little effort each day to yourself and you will begin to see a difference in how woman respond.
  • Give yourself a break man. No pressure. It will happen when you start doing things right. Give it some time and stop pressuring yourself so much. Stop being so hard on yourself and learn from any experience you encounter.
  • You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to screw things up. Some women will actually despise what you’re learning but in the end, who do you think she FEELS enough attraction for? The nice guy who blames them or the guy who got off his ass did something for himself. Despite the objections of a few women.
  • You don’t have to be afraid to call women out on shit that has nothing to do with you but do not blame her for her choices. They are hers to make and not yours. The same goes for you. When any woman tries to control you and judge you because of your choices remember this nice guy tip and just walk away.
  • Too many nice guys who end up being floor mats because they allow women to walk all over them and end up blaming her for it. Don’t do it. If you do not want to be treated badly by anyone, including women, don’t let it happen.

Nice Guy Tip 17 is more than a tip to make you into a more attractive nice guy and to stop the blaming…

“I hear from guys all the time that the dating game should be fair; “I shouldn’t be doing all the pursuing and all the work.” In the dating world, the guy has to be proactive about it.


It’s about respect for yourself first so others will respect you the same.

And it just so happens real women will rarely ever date or sleep with a guy they have no respect for.

You can not honestly and morally respect yourself or be self-assured when you blame others for something they should never have control over…and that is you.

Blame is a tough word. That I truly understand.

But let’s keep this in perspective. We’re talking about YOUR dating life. Your ability to attract. Your views of yourself and how you feel about them.

When it comes to YOU – the things you have absolute control over, you can either take charge of them, take responsibility for them, or you can give others power over you and then blame them for what happens.

Again, it’s YOUR choice.

I say, since I tried the alternative and gave all my power to women, the blame doesn’t work on women who respect themselves.

You can also blame yourself and wallow in your own misery but once again that does not solve anything.

It’s just best to be responsible for the things you DO have control over, understand mistakes can and will happen, blaming anyone outside or within just becomes a waste of valuable time and energy which can be used to take control over what you can… yourself and the affect you have on women.

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  • TheAbsoluteTruth

    Well for a very Good man like me that really wanted to get married and have a family that i still DON’T have today which i can certainly BLAME the women of today since they’re totally different than the women of years ago that were so much more NICER and a hell of a lot EASIER to meet back then which it really would’ve made a COMPLETE difference in my life had i been born many years EARLIER.

  • Jean

    Let me set you people straight! 3-2017
    So men think dating is unfair and don’t want to do the pursuing any more? Really? That’s what you all created. Women didn’t have a voice in these sexist, man made rules of dating and pursuing. In fact you men took away all of the power from females even for their own lives. Females didn’t have a voice in any of that. You men, even created other some crazy man made rules, like having the boyfriend ask the dad for permission to date the daughter as if dad is the only parent of the daughter, shame on these males. So, then the boyfriend had to again ignore and omit the mother and ask only the dad for permission to propose to the daughter, shame.
    Today, some stupid females still allow their dads and boyfriends to treat them like they are objects or property. So, now we see that boys and men can dish it out, but they can’t take it. They created all these sexist rules in society for women to abide by, now boys of today are tired following the rules.

    I am a female and I am really just fed up with all the mess from men. Men started this mess in the world, and now they are reaping what they have sown.
    Men are the ones who set up this society. You all made up all the sexist rules . In and out of relationships in this world. Men told told wives to shut up and let them lead, drive, and do all of the decision making . Men are the ones who set up society for the boy and the man to be the one to get the relationship started.

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