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2. Women Flirt

Women LOVE to flirt.

Women LOVE to flirt but for nice guys, it’s who she is, what you do next, and how you do it which creates real attraction.

2. Just Because a Woman is Flirting with You does NOT Mean You’ve Found Your Next Girlfriend.

Women love to flirt.

It’s fun.

If you don’t know how to do it… learn. It’s an invaluable skill any nice guy can use.

Turn it up slowly. Tease her. Make her laugh with a confident attitude.

But flirting comes with a few warnings… because I’ve seen way too many guys fall into a trap.

1. Do NOT set the events so far forward in your head that you lose sight of the present.

Meaning, stay in the present.

The present is where you will be the most attractive.

This is where you will act the coolest.

It is the point at which you can experience life for what it is…

A series of present events you can look back at but you can never fully predict.

By doing so you naturally invite women to join you because it’s an irresistible charm they can’t resist.

“Flirting techniques are unique to each species, the goal behind them is not. We use this form of communication to show interest and to generate the sexual tension that’s necessary for creating attraction….
What Does Flirting Mean and How Do You Flirt?

The predictions you might have will do two things… put too much emphasis on getting the girl who is flirting back, and two – lead you to act differently because you assume just because she’s flirting, she wants you.

Now yes number 2. Be warned…

Women DO love to flirt and it CAN lead somewhere but if you don’t flirt with real “sexual communication” it may not mean much at all to her.

Married women flirt.

Old, and I mean really old women flirt.

Flirt with them and they will most likely give it back.

SO.. a 54-year-old women flirted with me the other day.

Does she want me?

Haha! I hope not.

The point is…

Use flirting as a skill and not as a definite sign that she likes you and you’ll be much better off in the game of attraction.

“Flirting is simply ANY INTERACTION of ANY KIND with members of the opposite sex that would flat-out feel WRONG were it directed to someone of the same gender.

Secrets to Flirting For Men – A Real Definition With Tips

Use it to sexually communicate.

Use it and lead your conversations in a different and exciting way on top of your niceness.

Nice Guy Tip 2 was designed to first make you understand flirting is an essential part of creating attraction and it’s a proven method to separate you from other men.

So it’ a skill you should learn at least competently.

Nice guys don’t flirt enough and I’m assuming, because this is how I thought, we avoid it because it feels sleezy.

Maybe at some point we watched a few jerks use it on unsuspecting women who fell for his fake charm, and since we want to avoid being that guy – we think it’s reserved for players and gigolos.

But that’s just not true.

It’s an integral part of attraction and if you’re not creating enough attraction AND you’re not flirting with every woman you meet – then it’s easy to see what’s missing.

Another part of this tip is to offer you a warning about women.

They do flirt and will flirt even if it means leading you on a little but they expect YOU to lead them to the next step of dating.

Too many nice guys miss that and assume if she flirts, she must want them, therefore he can sit back and let her take the next step.

Trust me I know women well enough to understand this…

If you wait for them to make the next step, the door will shut for you and you’ll wind up as just another nice guy she enjoys being friends with who you think is attracted to you – because she’s always flirting with you.

That’s the key to this page…

When you are doing all this the right by sexually communicating your confidence on top with a woman who is doing it back – she’s expecting you to take the next step.

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