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Be The Best Version Of Yourself – Invest In YOU – The Secret To Attraction

Man Invent Himself Change

The phrase “become more selfish so you be selfless” is something some nice guys must learn to live by and it’s just one of the reasons why this is tip 20.

This tip – invest in yourself means you can almost take  “girls” out of the equation of attraction and still attract some pretty amazing real and genuine women.

If you find yourself asking questions like this then you definitely need to spend more time investing in yourself:

“What does it mean when she…?”

“How can I tell if she likes me?”

Investing in yourself means to invest long-term for your future.

“Are you the passive Bob or the understanding Dave? Both are nice guys but only one demonstrates the kind of men women want and date regularly. The difference in their attitude make all the difference in creating attraction and getting the dating relationship life you desire. Choose wisely my friend!”

Who Would You Rather Be, Bob or Dave? Single, Intelligent, Nice Guys.

You won’t suddenly be “rich” tomorrow.

You can’t just think of a phrase or three words that women will be suddenly be begging for you.

It just does NOT happen that way.

If you do meet a woman who will sleep with you that quickly it had little to do with anything that came out of a spur of the moment feeling she felt in her pants. She probably had the idea in her head before she left the house that she was going to “get laid” tonight and you were in the right place, at the right time.

So do that.

Put yourself in the right place at the right time.

Assure yourself when that moment does arrive you’re ready for it because those “lucky” moments will not predictable.

They will only become more probable.

Think about your future.

What about your long-term relationships with women?

Do you want to be the best man for the one woman you feel is your soul-mate?

Well the more you have of yourself the more you’ll have to give…

The more you understand the better you’ll be equipped to function on a level of masculinity she’ll not only respect fully but she’ll never question that you are, without a doubt, the right man for her.

Women are NOT looking for perfection.

By sitting back and doing nothing for yourself you’re (in a way) telling her you are perfect and never have to better yourself.

You might not want to change. It’s tough because in a way you’re admitting to yourself something is wrong with you.

You might also be sticking to the belief that women “should” like you for who you are BUT that doesn’t work.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

You’re just adding something to yourself which is more attractive to women while at the same time eliminating many of the common mistakes nice guys make which stop them from being the women they desire the most.

Consider it an upgrade if you must. Imagine you’re “evolving” yourself.

Which requires you to invest some time in yourself.

Doing so while understanding your investing long-term means just by doing so – you will benefit in ALL areas of your life helping you to achieve a better balance.

Listen – I KNOW you might be coming here just because you want to just attract some girls and changing your whole life is not something you really want to do.

BUT no one is asking you to do that – only to invest a little more into yourself which in turns makes attracting women come more naturally to you.

That’s all.

Live your life everyday and evolve yourself with each opportunity and you will experience amazing results.

“A sad true story of a lonely nice guy who finds a way to overcome his problems with women. There is no cure but if you feel like you’re suffering. today your life will change. Here’s how attraction works and how you can create it. No more hoping things will change. Start believing you’re not a loser with women.”

Are You A Nice Guy & Tired Of Being A Loser With Women? This Ends Today!

Keep investing in yourself “long-term” and learn to live in the those new moments you create along the way.

Your path is your own to take and unlike some cheesy movies might make you believe – there is not one path you should be taking.

No one can take it for you.

No one can force you to do it.

No one can climb inside your mind and experience your world.

So make it your own.

Make it a very unique place.

Then learn to share yourself with the women you meet in a different more attractive way (called communication) because that’s all you’ll ever need to reasonable get ANY woman you desire.

Just TRY to be the best possible version of yourself you can be at any given time or day.

Replace the feelings that you don’t deserve women or happiness or success in this area with feelings of value – worth – esteem – confidence.

If you let this go too long your problems will only pile up even higher making it even more difficult to overcome as you get older.

When you mix an attitude of negativity with a lack of self-worth and on top of that acts of desperation and helplessness you will only ever feel like giving up.

You’re not changing the world around you.

You’re not changing how women feel about you.

They are outside of your control.

Doing so or any attempt to do so will only frustrate you more and cause you to give up too early and too easily.


You DO have control over YOUR choices.

You DO have control over YOUR actions.

You ARE in complete control YOUR self-worth.

You’re the ONLY one who can give yourself real VALUE.


If you take care of yourself and prepare for those pivotal moments GOOD things WILL happen.

That’s EXACTLY how you start succeeding where you might have failed in the past.

Not by wallowing in the past.

Not by regretting what happened before.

Not by reliving a failed relationship hoping she’ll come back or thinking about all the mistakes you might’ve made in them.

Not by repeating a mistake over and over again hoping this time something different will happen.

Not by giving yourself and the whole of who you are to every woman you’re attracted to – hoping she’ll like you back.

Not by the need to spend every available moment with her because you’re afraid she’ll meet another guy who’s better then you.

Not by kissing her ass and trying to give her what you think she wants when she only needs to feel something a “present or gift” can never do.

None of that actually creates attraction or will have women knocking at your door at three in the morning for a quickie.

You already know that, don’t you?


You may have to give up some things to become that better man.

You might have to give up some people in your life that are affecting you negatively.

But if it’s for the best of you – then do it.

As you go through your “man transformation” process and become an attractive man woman seek out, there will be some downsides.

There will be dead ends and some really tough times when you just want to give up.

We all go through it in any new way of living life.

I want to assure you they WILL pass and as long as you stick to a plan that’s working – you’ll get through them.

Everyday just keep yourself on a track that produces results. Everyday just give a little to yourself and your cause.

“Not having a girlfriend for a long time can feel like a disadvantage but you can use it to attract women. There’s nothing wrong with being single. It can mean a lot of good if you see it the right way and not just make it feel like you’re lonely. Here are 3 real advantages not having a girlfriend for a while.”

How Long Ago Since You’ve Had A Girlfriend? How You Can Use Being Single To Attract Women

REMEMBER – You do NOT have to change the world.

You only have to continue and keep moving forward.

Learn to increase your attractiveness to women by giving more to yourself and you’ll have more to give every woman you meet… for as long as you live.

Invest in yourself – change what you have control over – build yourself into the best possible version you can be at any given time – don’t let others steal your worth by handing it over to them or making you feel you’re not worth it…

And in turn, you WILL have more to give to her, a relationship, a family, a friend, and the world you live in everyday.


Smiling Fun Happy Couple

Don’t fear change. Embrace every aspect of it.

It doesn’t make you any less of a man, it’s what makes you a GREAT man.

I understand these 20 nice guy tips are just words until you DO something about it. Until you get actively involved in changing your life they’re just another guy who’s “been there done that” telling YOU to do it for yourself.

BUT that’s all I can do on my end. I can not do the work for you.

Go through all the tips again. One by one.

START making the changes today.

One a day or more.

It’s doesn’t take long. It’s easier than you might ever believe.

Enough said for today…

Thanks for stopping by and making it to the last nice guy tip. I sincerely hope they’ve served your purpose. I hope you’re ready to finally succeed and you now have all the tools to do it.

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If you have any problems, questions, comments, tips of your own to help out your fellow nice guys, leave them below. Your experiences, be them successes or failures, are invaluable to others so make sure you share them.

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6 comments… add one
  • amadou

    Hello my name is amadou i been seeing this girl for 8 monts lately we had sex and after that she kept getting pissed pretty easily and she kept poking my butt all the time recently she did not want to talk to me so i have not text nor talk to her for 2 days. She told me she liked me as a friend first time we met so i am asking how to get back to where i was before the sex thanks

    • Sounds like you might try asking her and not me. I wouldn’t push it or prod it but I don’t know too many women who don’t like to talk about how they are feeling. First I would definitely give her a little space and time away from you. Then just ask her something like, “Something is upsetting you. Do you know what it is?”

      Just as a guess of mine, don’t take this as 100% but sometimes after sex, some men get a little too needy. It’s fine to cuddle and all after but sex does not equal a relationship unless it’s mutually agreed. I would say if she got upset after your encounter you might have assumed too much without taking the proper steps. That doesn’t guarantee a relationship but at least you’ll know where the connection is.

  • Jay

    I really find your article interesting and very helpful. It’s has given me confidence keeping my head up. I have read and listen to many articles but I find yours more practical. This is something worth holding on to!
    Thank you!

    • You’re welcome Jay. Great to hear and thanks for the good word. Hope all of DiaLteG TM also helps you out.


  • Zayn

    Hi Pete,

    great write up – i have to say, it’s good reading this and I feel I can not let things bother me, however,

    Recently i find myself without the confidence I once had. I used to do everything you recommended to do which worked well which lead me to seeing this chick, but and now i find myself in a situation where I’m anxious with this girl, as in I’m thinking about her all the time which is sorta impacting my day. I guess I’m quiet strung up on her. We’ve talked and we both share the same feelings for each other (kissed, held hands, cuddled), have fun and laughed and it’s great, but she also wants to have a bit of space to think about her (and time to do her) and assess her feelings. This is playing on my mind, and I’m slowly turning into a “nice guy” doing some of the things you say I shouldn’t be doing. I’ve been trying to give her space. I just want to know, how often should I text message her…should I wait for her to message? or is it fine that I message once every week or so (see how her day/week is going, general chit chat)?? she did say to ring intermittently.
    I just want to know, what is space? Am i giving it to her currently (i’m only texting once a week sort of thing)? I’m not in her face like some of the other guys that I know like her, I’m in a different city which helps, but then i’m thinking “sh*t, these guys are there with her, I could be slowly slipping away from her thoughts”


    • Thanks Zayn. I appreciate it.

      Now normally when I hear a woman needs to “assess” her feelings it means she’s not feeling that much needed deeper feeling of attraction. And it could be because she senses your urgency. It could be that it feels like to her SHE is the chooser or selector and not you. Which deflates or stops those deeper feelings from developing to a point which become “beyond her control”. Which I found is necessary.

      She already knows what is happening. You’ve already courted her and proved you’re a “provider” to her and not a lover first. I must say it’s hard to go back from here so I won’t guarantee anything.

      The way to turn things around starts with allowing her to feel like you are right now. Immediately go back to what you were doing BEFORE which was working. Stay on the lover side for as long as needed until she becomes overwhelmed over you.

      Avoid general chit chat at all costs. Text her half as much as before if not more. Immediately look for another woman or women who are similar to her and use your skills and knowledge of attraction with them. Have fun! Lots of fun.

      Yes, there is a risk she’ll meet a guy closer to her who acts like the lover first and so there’s a risk this is never going to happen. BUT you can not let that dictate your actions because you already know what happens if that occurs. You act out of fear and urgency and push her away BEFORE its time.

      I’ve been in a few long-distance relationships and one thing I can tell you is that most men have zero game with women. Stop worrying about them and only concern yourself with what YOU have control of… YOU. Women always find their way back to the guy who affects them emotionally the most especially if you’re willing to let her explore her “other” options and go back to the beginning with her.

      Remember it’s not a big deal. You don’t let things like this affect you. You ARE in control. You are allowed to become “smitten” over a woman but it doesn’t control you.

      Think back to a time where you felt she was a little head over heels over you and let it happen again.

      Space is FREEDOM. Space is GOOD. Space can also be tension. A time to begin to over-think about what YOU are doing without her and with other women. It’s actually not a bad thing to let go.

      Gently remind her of the person she first met and leave it there. You want to BE a lover then BE a lover. She wants to be a in position where she feels like YOU are choosing her and leading and not at a point where she feels like it’s up to her.

      Get back to there and you’ll be in a great position.

      Hope that helps you and of course, I’m pulling for you Zayn. I also promise I will not hit on her or try to steal her from you. You have my word. 🙂


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