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3. The First Move

When the time is right – don’t miss your chance to kiss her or make your first move.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Make The First Move On Her When the Moment Arrives.

This is a “nice guy tip” because we tend to act a little timid during those pivotal moments where we should’ve made some kind of move.

When the moment presents itself, it must happen.

Overcome any insecurity or fears and go for it.

Obviously I’m not going to guarantee every woman will allow it to happen but I will say this – if you fail to do something, you will end up as a friend.

Take it from a “nice” guy who missed so many opportunities because I was too scared to do anything that would have her seeing me as a sexual guy.

Letting a woman know there’s more to you than just a mind is a great thing.

Now I’m not suggesting attacking or forcing the issue.

I’m saying when that particular moment arrives and you miss it, or fail to act, you will push yourself further in the friend’s zone.

Think of it from her point of view…

Here’s this great guy. You’re getting along. There’s definitely some chemistry. The moment hits a peaks and… NOTHING!

She will either be hurt, confused, or worse yet, think you’re a wuss who doesn’t have enough confidence to kiss her.

Rejection is not the worse thing in the world if it happens.

There are plenty of men everywhere that have been turned down for that first kiss, and still managed to get one.

I realize the confusion you might feel when you are learning about this whole attraction thing with women.

…But don’t you guys tell me not to come on to her to quickly?

…Doesn’t your advice center around creating a challenge?

…How do I get her to kiss me so I don’t have to worry about making the first move?


You shouldn’t come on too quickly because it makes you appear desperate and clueless on how women will and it presents a false set of confidence.

“One thing that is critical for developing attraction with a woman that will lead to your eventual seduction success is learning how to build and nurture the sexual tension between you.
How to Create (or Kill) Sexual Tension

You’ll scare her away and risk being a creep.

It’s all about controlling yourself and understanding the dynamics of the situation maybe just a little better than her. At least having her believe it.

Yes. You should always set yourself up as a challenge.

Keep this mind though.

Women are great at detecting dynamics but they are not mind readers.

You don’t actually have to kiss her or make the first move completely to have become aware that there is something else going on between the two of you AND that you’re not into finding another friend to play with.

You could just lean in for a kiss while casually missing her lips and then whisper something amusing yet sexual in her ear.

That alone will send a very clear message what you are all about and that you’re a nice guy who happens to be a real man too, with a sexual side of course.

So the “first move” doesn’t have to be a kiss – sometimes it’s a real hug, hand-holding, breaking the touch barrier in a non-friendly way, brushing back her hair lightly, teasing her, and the list goes on…

In my “get a girlfriend” series you’ll find these two steps will help you in this area.

One is about becoming a sexy guy: Become A Sexy Guy – Where Your Sexiness Comes From and How To Find It.

The other is about developing confidence in your sexual abilities. Hopefully they will help you overcome any fears you might have in this area: Why And How You Might Have To “Go Get Laid” to Get A Girlfriend

I’m hoping both of those ( and a little more ) will help you to set up more moments so the develop and happen more naturally. Which in turn makes it easier on both of to get past the sometimes awkward stage.

This nice guy tip is for all the guy who end up in the friends zone because they’re either afraid to make that first move, or were worried she would be offended by it.

My biggest obstacle with women started with me not being able to create attraction in the ones I really wanted which resulted in THEM making the first move on ME.
Too many fall in this trap and fail to attract women because of it. Afraid Of Making A Move On Her? Getting To And Past That First Kiss

If anything… think of this:

What if every single woman you met tried to make some kind of sexual move on you? How would that make you feel?

Sure you might spend time rejecting them but you would feel like a man who women want – right?

So when you’re making your first moves – even if you get rejected – MOST women will not be offended or put off ( when done right ) – they will only understand she’s a woman. You’re a man…

Nice guy or not – you felt attracted enough to her to want to share a little intimacy with her.

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