Attracting Women Nice Guy Tip 4 – How To Stop Disqualifying Yourself

Your fourth tip in becoming a more attractive nice guy is to stop you from disqualifying yourself to women immediately – today – this very second!

You might be rejecting yourself before she even has a chance to do it AND you might not be aware it’s happening.

The biggest mistake you make which instantly disqualifies yourself to a woman (even before your first interaction) is not feeling good enough for her.

Low self-esteem and very little confidence is a major attraction killer.

I have some very harsh words which is going to sting a little but I mean it with the kindest heart and a dedication to turning you into a more attractive man…

If you feel like you’re not good enough or capable of attracting a woman then yes, it’s true you are NOT good enough for her.

It’s rough isn’t it?

Totally sucks.

Really, who the fuck am I to tell you who you deserve or who you are good enough for?

BUT I’m not telling you, YOU are telling her.

I’m just reading the situation.

The fact is – If you do work on who you are respectably, you DO deserve any great woman.

If you decide to be passive and not get those negative energies under control, you don’t deserve her.

It’s as simple as that .

“Anyone who considers him or herself “average” (let alone “below average”) is acknowledging defeat before even attempting to deserve.

Unfortunately, most of the six billion of us on this planet are shockingly willing to accept mediocrity.

After all, it’s effortless.

Therefore, we all run the risk of being charmed into living that lie.”

But I’m ‘Average,’ How Can I Possibly Deserve The Partner Of My Dreams?

There are a thousand different ways you can screw things up with a woman… so you might believe. The list is quite long and extensive.

But consider this first before you start getting down on yourself:

I’m here to tell you that despite how many countless ways you believe you can screw it up or get rejected by a woman… there are EVEN MORE ways you can create attraction within a woman.

It’s the truth. If you choose to not believe it or live, then that is on you, not me.

Ever hear of the question, “Is your glass half-empty or half- full?” Pretty dumb, right. We all know it’s designed to gather how another one sees the world either in a positive light or a negative light.

Funny thing is you don’t need a question like that to tell you how you feel or which way you go.

AND nobody – including women – needs a question like that to figure out which type you are; they will figure it out very quickly.

So today – start thinking of the glass in a slightly different want and USE it, use the feeling it gives you to inspire and inject some real fun with each and every woman you encounter from now until the end of your time.

Your glass is not half-full or half-empty, you glass is three-quarters filled and you’re more than happy and a little obliged to give another person a sip.

Yeah it’s a little strange but it works. It actually works quite well.

What you’re now saying is that you have an abundance, maybe too much, your goal is to share that abundance with others through your personality and not through your wallet or blind generosity.

Next up…

A way in which you disqualify yourself to a woman or pre-reject yourself is through TRYING.

When you TRY to get a woman to like you, you”ll easily miss something very important in attraction.

Qualifying her to meet or match your needs or standards with women.

It’s a total switch in attitude and a new thought process which changes the whole dynamics of your interactions with women.

STOP trying to get her to like you.

START qualifying HER to what you want, expect, or look for in a woman.

Man Qualifying Woman

STEP #1: Admit to yourself right now you CAN be the selector!

STEP #2: Learn everything you can on how women test men.

STEP #3: Test women right back.

STEP #4: Practice and refine your conversational skills in a way which qualifies her to you.

STEP #5: Integrating it seamlessly into your personality.

Are You Qualifying Her? – Attracting Women & Better Relationships

I know you’re NOT all about her looks. I know you’re above the superficiality of a woman’s body. Sure it’s great. Who doesn’t want a woman they see as attractive.

With that said – since it’s not just her body you’re after – then this means you DO have standards. You DO have preferences.

You ARE looking for a very specific woman so START ACTING LIKE IT!

A big thing happened in my life one day when my first teacher in attraction told me this (paraphrased of course):

“When a woman is so wrapped up in trying to attract or please you, when she’s worried about screwing it up with you, when she can not figure you out totally and is utterly consumed with her thoughts about how YOU feel about her… She has little time to notice or even realize the little mistakes you’re making.”

Think hard about that last statement.

When she’s trying to attract you she’ll overlook or not even care that you’re screwing something up.

Leaving you lots of room to make a few mistakes and allow you to get out of your own way.

I’d love to say that’s all within reason but I’d be wrong too many times.

You can not tell me that you’re surprised when you see a girl with a guy who treats her like shit or with a guy that’s obviously doing her more harm than good.

It’s extreme but it is REALITY my friend.

She’s overlooking all his pathetic ways or rude habits because she’s “loves” him.

She more concerned with losing him.

She’s doing whatever she can so HE doesn’t leave HER.

Hey I don’t make the rules.

I don’t wish her to be miserable.

I also would never date a woman who would put up with that kind of bullshit BUT take a long hard close look around at all the couples you’ve encountered and tell me I’m wrong… please.

Here’s a funny example which just came to mind.

Imagine yourself sitting across a woman at dinner and something “oops” awful happens, while you’re chewing your food a piece flies out of your mouth and smacks her right in the forehead. Right between the eyes!

You might feel devastated, right?

How could you possibly recover from something like that?

She’s going to obviously think you’re a freaking slob and won’t want to be seen with you.

Well she might if all you’ve been doing is trying to kiss her ass or try to get her to like you or hide all your so-called faults.

BUT what if – what if she was so concerned or wrapped up in attracting you AND then you did the unspeakable…

You raise an eyebrow – give that piece a food a quick half-second stare, reach out your head and pluck it off of her while with an almost stoic nonchalantly matter of fact voice say,

“Excuse me, but I think you have something of mine.”

And then go right back like it never happened.

Suddenly something which could’ve have been devastating and ruin the date becomes something entirely different.

You might even get a huge laugh from her.

(Okay you probably will get the laugh because let’ be honest, that’s a funny ballsy thing for any guy to do with a straight face.)

All because you STOPPED trying so hard to kiss her ass and oblige her every comfort just to get her to like you and just ASSUME she’s doing everything within her power to get you to like HER.

Next little lesson…

Get it out of your head that women are rejecting you or looking down on you or are not feeling attracted to you because you’re a “nice guy”.

There’s absolutely NOTHING bad about being a good person. NOTHING.

However when the line is crossed and you’re only nice because you seek approval, or you want to be liked, or you’re kissing asses all the time, and/or it makes you feel superior or better than everyone else – just because you’re “nice” – then yes – there is certainly something wrong with that and by acting that way – creating attraction is that much more difficult.

You can not tell me that the whole vast majority of women are masochists that actually like to be hurt and treated badly.

Sure, there’s a few who have issues and for one reason or another feel more comfortable or validated being emotionally or physically abused; but that’s a proven psychological problem often brought on by extreme low esteem from prior abuse.

No REAL woman with any brain who doesn’t have serious mental issues  will reject a guy just because he’s a good guy.

Again, unless it’s a manipulative disorder.

If you’re not sure if that’s you with the “curable” disorder, read these two articles and you will know instantly if you’re the type and you’ll also be shown how to STOP IT IMMEDIATELY:

“Nice guys don’t attract women for reasons beyond the old adage.

It’s because they’re selfish, emotionally greedy, and don’t earn the respect from women and others.

They think they’re a victim.

They want to be liked because they feel they deserve it.

They based how they feel on how others see them.”

Do You Suffer From the Nice Guy Syndrome? Damaging Your Self Respect


“There is a big difference between being a good guy and being too much of a nice guy.

How your nice guy ways are not the reason why you’re failing.

If you listen to all the bad dating advice out there, you’re apt to treat women badly, and that won’t lead to success in dating either.

This is how it is.”

The Difference Between “Nice” and “Mr Nice Guy”

This also leads me to REAL list of reasons you’re disqualifying yourself to women before, during or after you meet her and start interacting with her.

Rather than re-write which has already been done, here is what you must no go read:

#1. Lack of good eye contact or looking down often when you talk to her.
#2. Staring at her mouth constantly when she talks.
#3. Asking too many random questions nervously with no purpose to them.
#4. Over-complimenting with your words or your eyes.
#5. Quick, uneasy or unsure movements especially when you’re close to her.
#6. Invading her space forcibly.
#7. Projecting negative thoughts about how you feel about yourself.
#8. Complaining too much about anything.
#9. Putting her on a pedestal or treating her like she’s a prize.
#10. Not qualifying her or knowing how to get her to qualify herself to YOU.

10 Easy Ways You Can Stop Disqualifying Yourself to Women & Attract Her

The most common mistakes “nice guys” make, again do NOT forget – most mistakes won’t hurt you so bad if she’s more concerned with attracting you or getting you to like her BUT these are certainly ones you’ll want to avoid so she starts to feel attracted to you.

Guy Making Mistake Woman
MISTAKE #1: Being Too Much Of A “Nice Guy”
MISTAKE #2: Trying To “Convince Her To Like You”
MISTAKE #3: Looking To Her For Approval Or Permission
MISTAKE #4: Trying To “Buy” Her Affection With Food And Gifts
MISTAKE #5: Sharing “How You Feel” Too Early In The Relationship With Her
MISTAKE #6: Not “Getting” How Attraction Works For Women
MISTAKE #7: Thinking That It takes money or looks
MISTAKE #8: Giving Away All Of Your Power To Women
MISTAKE #9: Not Knowing Exactly What To Do In Each Situation With
MISTAKE #10: Not Getting HELP

Ten Reasons Why Men Fail With Women – Common Mistakes to Avoid

In conclusion…

Everything you’ve read today can and WILL help you to STOP disqualifying yourself to women.

This “nice guy” tip is about avoiding rejection or more appropriately rejecting yourself before she even has the chance to turn you down.

It’s matter of fact advice and it’s purpose is to life you up, help you see the reality and true nature of attraction, and to prove to you once and for all that just because you’re nice does NOT mean you’re are or will ever have to be a failure or “settler” with women.

If you can take away anything from this lesson it is to please understand nothing covered today is BEYOND YOUR CONTROL.

It’s all fixable. It’s all something ANY guy can do.

I’m not asking you to change the world, only asking you to start seeing the world from a different perspective and to give yourself the credit you deserve.

Start acting like you ARE good enough to attract any woman you so desire. Live it. BE that guy.

And for please – for your sake and my own bloody fingers from all this writing I do – STOP disqualifying yourself to women and STOP giving them every reason to reject you just because you don’t feel “worthy” of their attraction or affection.

There’s a lot of good people in the world and I’m assuming you’re one of them.

There’s a lot of smart people in the world and I’m also assuming you’re one of them.

So I will honestly tell you this…

Over the whole of time in relation to men fucking women and procreating our wonderfully unique species – a small group of just plain old bad people along with a small select group of the “least brightest” people have managed to meet, attract, date, get married, and pop out a few kids.

Which means I have absolutely no doubt in my mind YOU are smart enough to do it toot. All it takes are a few new skills, a drive to succeed, an attractive way to communicate yourself to women or others, and a modest belief in yourself.

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you’ve found what you were looking for today and all this has helped you or pushed you in the right direction.

Make sure you sign up to DiaLteG TM today so I can continually remind you of how good you are and to show you some more tricks or thoughts I have up my sleeve.

(Any questions, comments, experiences, helpful tips, suggestions, whatever – just leave them below and share them with every guy who visits this page.)

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