Attracting Women Nice Guy Tip 4 – How To Stop Disqualifying Yourself

Your fourth tip in becoming a more attractive nice guy is to stop you from disqualifying yourself to women immediately - today - this very second!

You might be rejecting yourself before she even has a chance to do it AND you might not be aware it's happening.

The biggest mistake you make which instantly disqualifies yourself to a woman (even before your first interaction) is not feeling good enough for her.

Low self-esteem and very little confidence is a major attraction killer.

I have some very harsh words which is going to sting a little but I mean it with the kindest heart and a dedication to turning you into a more attractive man...

If you feel like you're not good enough or capable of attracting a woman then yes, it's true you are NOT good enough for her.

It's rough isn't it?

Totally sucks.

Really, who the fuck am I to tell you who you deserve or who you are good enough for?

BUT I'm not telling you, YOU are telling her.

I'm just reading the situation.

The fact is - If you do work on who you are respectably, you DO deserve any great woman.

If you decide to be passive and not get those negative energies under control, you don't deserve her.

It's as simple as that .

"Anyone who considers him or herself “average” (let alone “below average”) is acknowledging defeat before even attempting to deserve.

Unfortunately, most of the six billion of us on this planet are shockingly willing to accept mediocrity.

After all, it’s effortless.

Therefore, we all run the risk of being charmed into living that lie."

But I’m ‘Average,’ How Can I Possibly Deserve The Partner Of My Dreams?

There are a thousand different ways you can screw things up with a woman... so you might believe. The list is quite long and extensive.

But consider this first before you start getting down on yourself:

I'm here to tell you that despite how many countless ways you believe you can screw it up or get rejected by a woman... there are EVEN MORE ways you can create attraction within a woman.

It's the truth. If you choose to not believe it or live, then that is on you, not me.

Ever hear of the question, "Is your glass half-empty or half- full?" Pretty dumb, right. We all know it's designed to gather how another one sees the world either in a positive light or a negative light.

Funny thing is you don't need a question like that to tell you how you feel or which way you go.

AND nobody - including women - needs a question like that to figure out which type you are; they will figure it out very quickly.

So today - start thinking of the glass in a slightly different want and USE it, use the feeling it gives you to inspire and inject some real fun with each and every woman you encounter from now until the end of your time.

Your glass is not half-full or half-empty, you glass is three-quarters filled and you're more than happy and a little obliged to give another person a sip...

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This lesson is from Chapter Three: The Nice Guy's Guide To Attracting Women.

Nice guys have a terrible habit of making a huge mistake when they meet a girl or just before they interact with her...

They disqualify (reject) themselves before she even has a chance to reject him.

In this tip you'll learn about preemptive disqualification and how to qualify a woman in a way which separates the attractive men from the ones who struggle in dating and relationships.

You'll build your self-esteem and increase your value to women while at the same time developing your own sense of worth you yourself.

In this lesson you'll learn ALL the ways you might be creeping women out and the many, and I mean MANY mistakes you're making before and after you even open your mouth.

Learn to avoid them and give women a real reason to qualify themselves to you. This puts YOU in the driver seat.

Done right, with these tips, you can even get women to chase you down!

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