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Nice guys have “space” problems when it comes to the women they’re attracted to the most.

They over-analyze, act needy, sometimes appear desperate and suffer (or act) from what I call a SENSE OF URGENCY. Something which comes about from a lack of real choices and a fear of losing a woman to another guy IF he doesn’t act quickly.

It feels like if we leave her alone for too long she’s going to find someone better. Which of course is based on past failures and how nice guys are supposed to finish last with women.

These “space” issues are huge for us but are totally fixable with some inner game work and changing how we communicate that inner game with others including women.

These 20 tips came about from my personal failures with women and were written based on my “learning curve” after going through several of David DeAngelo’s programs.

These tips do work if you are having any space issues. If you firmly believe this “nice guy” thing is holding you back always go back to square one in attraction, project these inner beliefs and you’ll notice an immediate change:

Inner Beliefs To Project

  • I’m not needy… I keep my power for me.
  • I’m in control of my emotional self – outside events don’t destabilize me.
  • I can hold back when I choose, and delay gratification.
  • I’m not impressed by outward symbols or money and status.
  • I put myself and my life first.
  • I am indifferent to the outcome of all situations.
  • I may be smitten by a woman, but I don’t tell her early on, and I don’t let it “slip” indirectly.

–> Taken directly from Advanced Dating Techniques workbook pages 38 and 39.

Those are just a few of these beliefs you must project to attract women. The actual program contains many more.

Keep reading all my nice guy tips but make sure you go right to the source of my knowledge of women.

You’ll be getting the real deal at a huge discount which can solve your problems with women once and for all.

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4. Disqualifying Yourself

Don’t give her every reason to not feel attracted to you.

4. Giving Her Every Reason To Disqualify You is a Big Nice Guys Mistake

This nice guy tip is about handing over every reason for a woman to disqualify you.

Disqualify means – she might feel a little attraction for you at first but it quickly fades quickly.

Sometimes this happens through your body language. Sometimes it’s how you talk to her. Sometimes it’s your attitude based on your confidence or how you display your personality.

Unfortunately, and this is very common – it’s a little of all three.

Another thing that happens is that you’re trying to get her to like you so much – you forget to actually qualify her.

Most of the time us nice guys are not aware it’s happening making this problem even worse.

Other times it’s because you don’t feel like you’re good enough for her and so you start acting differently which in turn causes her to disqualify you or, better said, feel less attracted.

Here’s is something you won’t hear too often…

If you are getting those feelings with women then yes, it is true, you are not good enough for her.

“If you have learned to deserve what you want, you will soon be graced with the knowledge of who it is you actually DO want.

But I’m Average,How Can I Possibly Deserve The Partner Of My Dreams?

I know, it’s rough isn’t it?

Totally sucks.

Who am I to tell you who you deserve or not?

BUT I’m not telling you, YOU are telling her.

I’m just reading the situation.

The fact is – If you do work on who you are respectably, you DO deserve any woman.

If you decide to be passive and not get those negative energies under control, you don’t deserve her.

It’s as simple as that .

Sometimes all it takes is a small shift in your attitude.

Sometimes it requires a deeper understanding of yourself and how attraction works.

Whatever it takes disqualifying yourself to women can be eliminated. This can be overcome.

Here are a few ways a nice guy can assure he is not disqualifying himself:

  • Eliminate negative projective thoughts. Meaning don’t projecyt how you feel about yourself to her.
  • Be conscious and tone down negative words, actions, and complaining about your life.
  • Always display positive body language. Take up your space and as they say, OWN it.
  • Don’t act like she is the prize, become the prize yourself.
  • Be sure she is aware that you are a wanted man, but do it subtlety. Women rarely and quickly disqualify a guy she knows she has to compete for.

And those are just a few…

In your spare time read this post I wrote and it should give you lots of more details –> Are You Qualifying Her Too? – Attracting Women & Better Relationships

Disqualification a huge part of why nice guys fail with women which why this is Nice Guy Tip 4.

Learn to allow her to qualify herself to you. Trust men, women actually do want that and you WILL notice a big difference in how women respond to you after you meet them.

Get it out of your head that women are looking down on you just because you’re a nice guy.

That is not the reason they are turning you down.

If a woman is rejecting you, chances are it is her issues first.

Secondly it’s because you’re unknowingly giving her every reason to do so.

Again which is a good thing.

The way I see it – If I’m giving a woman every reason to not feel attracted to me than I have control over changing it.

It’s like if you meet a woman who has serious issues about getting involved with a guy because her friends or family won’t approve. Although this reason is rare – there is nothing we can do about it.

However – if we are meeting women who won’t get involved with us because we’re putting them on a pedestal and kissing their ass and not treating them as equals, which are very common nice guy problems, then WE DO have the POWER to change the outcome.

And it’s completely within our control to change the nature of the interaction.

Nice guy tip 4 is here to assure us – we’re good enough – and that is the attitude we should always project to first avoid giving women every reason to disqualify us.

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Attracting Women – Upfront, Honest, & Real

It might be in her best interest to not reveal her feelings for you, but it’s still not proof she likes you, wants you, or sees you as more than a friend.
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