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Handling Rejection – Never Feel Sorry for Yourself Because You Were Rejected

Sad Guy Feeling Sorry Lonely Rejected

Today’s lesson or nice guy tip is for guys who feel sorry for themselves and let being rejected by a woman get to them in ways which last way too long.

Today you’re going to get some REAL advice on being rejected, the stages of grief, quick but true facts on rejection, why you shouldn’t feel sorry for yourself, how to avoid being rejected, how to strengthen your inner game making it less likely to happen, and HOW to get past it all so you can move on stronger and better than ever before.

Let’s begin…

How many times have you heard this?

“Don’t worry It will be okay. So you got turned down. There’s more fish in the sea.”

I know.

Blah! Blah Blah!

Here’s some real advice about rejection.

“Are you feeling rejected, when in reality you’ve been intimidating “average” women with your above average expectations?

Have you ever stopped to think that were you to actually get those “average” women to go out with you, NEITHER of you would be happy?”

But I’m Average,How Can I Possibly Deserve The Partner Of My Dreams?

Go ahead and feel like shit.

It’s okay.

Rejection is not fun.

When you put yourself out there, it hurts. I know it does.

But you must always remember this about being rejected.

There’s a difference between feeling hurt, and feeling sorry for yourself.

A huge difference.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you there will be plenty of others. I’m not going to fill your head with a pile of overused phrases to make you feel better.


I can tell you this though…

If you learn from your rejections or learn to objectify the experience, the lesson learned will last you forever.

“You can’t be a whole man until you learn how to live and be happy without a woman in your life. Period.”

How to Get Over an Ex Girlfriend – Recovering From a Break-up.

The feelings of inadequacy or failure WILL go away.

However if you only learn to feel more sorry for yourself, blame others, or to sulk like a boy for extended periods of time, those feelings of failure, won’t just disappear, they will turn into an unattractive bitterness.

Here are a few quick facts about rejection:

The deeper the rejection hurts or the longer it lasts means you invested way too much into that one girl BEFORE she ever felt anything for you.

Seriously – if you’re out looking for WOMEN and you are constantly getting hooked on just one and they try desperately to have her while letting every other woman pas you by – then the painful hurt of rejection will last a long time.

There is a good side to rejection. It implies you did something and not just sat on your ass.

You showed some courage and that’s a good thing.

You took a risk – which only makes you attractive to the next girl IF you believe it.

Rejection is not always about you so don’t take it so personally.

Sure sometimes it means you need to work on “something” but don’t take it all in such a way it destroys the core of who you are inside.

Whether it was her thing or yours if you take it all to heart and make it the deciding factor for YOUR happiness, you’re only making the possibility of another rejection much more probable.

Your excuses or reasons for failure will only drive you to do the same thing over and over again.

You’ve rejected women, right?

You didn’t have anything against them, you just wasn’t feeling attracted to them or it wasn’t the right time or place.

Rejection, when viewed properly, can actually boost your confidence and strengthen your inner game.

So when that woman you felt attracted to decides you’re not the one for her, tell yourself it’s okay to feel a little hurt but it’s NOT okay to feel sorry for yourself, ever!

If you hate it as much as I do when others try to pity you…

Then why would you do it to yourself?

“There is no more security in having a girlfriend than there is in being a single, dynamic man with the ability to create the dating life HE wants.”

Being Single is Just as Good! Do You Need a Girlfriend To Be Happy?

Rejection happens and yes it does suck, but feeling sorry for yourself will NOT make those feelings go away.

Woman Reject Guy Punching Him Pain

Taking it personal will only prolong the agony and give them all the power you’re supposed have for yourself.

Not “power” in a negative dominating role it’s often seen as…

This is about YOUR personal confident power which is only yours – and only YOU can give that away. Which you will be giving away IF you let feeling sorry for yourself or pitying yourself decide your next move in life.

I’ve been through it all… as has most other men.

Blown off while asking for just a number.

Was given every excuse as to why she didn’t like me.

Fell hard for lots of different women only to be stuck in the friends zone and to be rejected later on.

Gone on a date (or two) only to never hear from her again.

We ALL have sad stories to tell about the ONE woman who wouldn’t have us.

We ALL have been kicked around a few times.

Maybe you thought we lost a girl to another guy who we believed wasn’t as “good” as us.

BUT in the end – you have a CHOICE on how to handle those rejections for either good or bad.

So again…

If you were stuck on one woman for a while and she (in the end) wanted nothing to do with you sexually… take some time for yourself and get past it.

Take your mind off of her but at some point you must STOP feeling sorry for yourself.

Figure out quickly what you’re doing wrong and fix it. Sounds like simple advice – because it is just that simple.

If you didn’t get her number or she wouldn’t give you the time of day – really -who cares? She was just some nameless now faceless woman you’ll probably never see again.

Figure out if what you’re doing is not working and do something DIFFERENT next time.

BUT don’t feel sorry for yourself and give HER the power over your self-esteem. That’s just plain ridiculous and you KNOW IT.

STOP putting so much pressure on yourself and stop putting so much weight or emphasis on the outcome of each and every interaction with a woman you don’t even know.

There are many keys to handling rejection positively or getting over them in a reasonable amount of time.

Man Rejected Handling Grief By Her

Understand with each rejection you will “suffer” from some sort of grief depending on the investment or how you feel about the woman rejecting you.

You will (generally speaking) go through the Five Stages Of Grief as it relates to your personal development, esteem, and ability to bounce back quickly from a feeling of loss.


You might try to talk your way through it by doing things in your immediate power to change her mind or make her see things your way.

As in a few other nice guy tips: 5. Trying to make her feel sorry for you or attempting to gain pity to win her heart. Or… 6. Trying  to Buy Women’s Affection or Attract Her with Money or Favors

Doing any of those things means you are in DENIAL.

You’ll try to create false beliefs or reason you’re way through it while denying the reality of it all BUT all you’re doing is delaying your grief therefore making the feelings of rejection last even longer.


When anger sets in you become frustrated at your cause or what happened to you.

You’ll use phrases like: “Why me?”“It’s not fair!”“Why does this always happen to me?” – “I have the worst luck.” – “Why don’t good things happen to me?” 

As you go through the anger phase you’ll also start to blames others or yourself making matters much worse because again, you’re only delaying the grief stage and letting the rejection take over your thoughts and emotions.


There is where you make exchanges or try to avoid the grief by offering any sort of compromise.

If you’ve grown attached to a woman who does not feel the same way you may offer her an exchange. You’ll either tell her or say things to yourself to bargain your way through it.

“What if I…” OR “Maybe if I did this…” OR “Maybe I’ll get more money or a better job she’ll see me differently.”

You’ll use any means at your disposal based on the reasons you think you were rejected whether their real or not.


Depression, sympathy for yourself, or long-term pitying of yourself then sets in when the first three stages don’t change the situation or prove to you that none of what you’ve been trying or thinking seems to be working or making you feel any better.

You’ll then feel helpless to change your situation. You’ll become withdrawn. You’ll also try to numb your pain in many ways up to and including Alcohol and drugs.

You utter phrases like, “Why bother!” or “Who cares!” or “No one cares!” “Life is a cruel joke on me.” or “Nothing goes right for me.” or “What’s the point anyways – no matter what I do, nothing seems to change.”

Finally – if you manage to exasperate all the steps fully you’re left with only one choice or option IF and only IF you don’t circle back around and start the whole process again…


Embracing or accepting the reality of your situation can be empowering.

When you’ve tried to change everything around you there’s only one thing left to change – yourself.

Your choice is to better yourself or go back through the stages again. Which unfortunately some do and get “stuck” in a pattern of negativity and a stubborn unwillingness to accept what has happened in a way which is relative to the depth of the situation.

Yes – that seems like a lot to go through just because you’ve been rejected but it happens.

It really does which is just one reason why so many guy will do anything they can to avoid being rejected AND it’s just ONE reason why you fear being rejected when you attach so much meaning into one interaction – short or long.

The Most Efficient Way to Get Past Any and All Rejections.

First by not putting so much emphasis on each and every interaction you have with a woman.

Learn to enjoy the process just as much or even more than the end-result.

Being secure in yourself or having a solid inner-game built on confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, value, and production actions.

Understanding the reality of it all and not taking it all so personal.

Objectifying your situation fully so you can learn from what happened in order to avoid it from happening again.

This basically means – to realize when it’s you or her and what you can do differently – or what to change – so it’s very less likely to occur more often.

You may NEVER be able to avoid rejection but you can certainly have it happen less to you.

Here’s another choice…

Get over it. Move on as quickly as you can. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

If that’s not happening for you then it’s TIME for YOU to CHANGE so being rejected not only never gets to you again – but can be avoided almost entirely again.

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Thanks for stopping by today and I do hope you’re now ready to get past any hurt feelings you have about being rejecting and are ready to risk it again – because that WILL automatically make you a more attractive guy.

I do sincerely hope you’ll now stop feeling sorry for yourself and are more capable of getting past all of this rejection stuff.

Make sure you do a few things now – Sign up to DiaLteG TM so you can continually move forward and learn natural ways to attract women AND go through every nice guy tip because most of them will apply to you and help you.

If have any problems, questions, comments, personal experiences, success stories, or anything else you’d like to share with everyone – go ahead and leave it below before you go today.

One last inspiring quote from Carlos Xuma:

Two Guy Woman
“Dave on the other hand is average, too.

But he rises above the average because of his attitude:

Dave is active about his life.

He takes the wheel of his life and steers it where he wants to go.

He knows that if life isn’t going the way he wants it, he has the power to make it happen himself.

He doesn’t sit back expecting his abilities with women to succeed; he actively seeks out opportunities to try and learn from his interactions.

When he fails in a seduction, he looks back on what he could do differently, not scared that making a mistake means he’s unworthy as a man.

Dave understands that when a woman acts a certain way, it is usually something he could influence with his approach and attitude.

While her rejections do not mean anything to his worth, he does know that he can change his approach and learn to decrease those rejections.

The answer isn’t finding just the right woman as it is understanding what parts of him he can develop and present to get more women interested.

Dave seeks out information and guidance to learn and improve. He doesn’t let life happen TO him, he makes it happen.

Who Would You Rather Be, Bob or Dave? Single, Intelligent, Nice Guys

About the author: Peter White – I can help you find, meet, and attract your ideal woman for a real relationship. Live your life the way you want to with purpose and fun. Build a mindset that is free and positive. Learn the truths about attraction. When you can do that – the woman of YOUR CHOICE will gladly join you.

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