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8. Stop Being A Pushover.

8. You Have Your Own Views and Opinions… Don’t be a Pushover and Change Them Just Because She May Not Agree.

You have your view. They are inherently yours.

Own up to them.

Even if it means upsetting the woman you are attracted to.

Women absolutely hate it when a man agrees with her every whim because he likes her.

She will assume or feel the worst things you can do to attraction:

  • You’re just trying to get in her pants.
  • You’re boring and far too agreeable.
  • You’re not confident enough to hold your own.
  • You WILL put up with her bullshit.
  • You’re needy.
  • You’re approval seeking.

…And that’s just the tip of her assumptions.

The more of these assumptions she makes about you will erase any attraction she may have felt very quickly OR stop you from creating it in the first place.

“I’m not into Female Bashing, I’m into MALE EMPOWERMENT. I tell you the things you need to hear and understand to feel good about being a MAN again. Double Standards – Bad Boys, Jerks, and Dating Many Women.

Remember, when you first meet a woman they have nothing to go by.

They will assume things about you based on how you look and how you act almost instantly.

These first impressions may not always be the end of it but give her the initial impression that you are a pushover and she will push you over for that next guy that gives back at least as much as he gets.

Now about this whole nice guy thing…I know many women.

Yes many of them are extremely hot and extremely confident about their looks and the personality…that is in public when they are only willing to show you their best.

But inside they live with their own insecurities just like you and I because they ARE people too.

Just because you want her and she’s incredible hot is never a clue to how she feels about herself.

The last thing an attractive woman wants when she is attracted to a guy is a nice guy who is only interested in kissing her ass and putting her on a pedestal.

Just because a woman tells you she hates her breasts, does not mean she wants to hear from you how spectacular you think they are.

Every nice guy who fails with her plays right into in a test like that… Don’t play that “game” with her.

First because to her it’s not a game. A woman does that because she’s testing you and wants to know what type of guy she’s dealing with for real.

Notice if you look around at other guys doing it how well this test separates the men she dates to the men she won’t.

Secondly because I have found from my experiences a woman will mention her insecurities when she’s nervous that you might not like about her. Keep that in mind and you’ll be much stronger in those situations to stand you ground.

This is Nice Guy Tip 8 because too many nice guy’s feel upsetting a woman will destroy her attraction and that’s just not how it works.

My girlfriend always says this, “You’re lucky I love you.” when we’re disagreeing or if she does not like something I’m doing.

What she is really saying is I’m not going to stop loving you, and feeling attracted to you despite my personal opinion at the moment.

The opposite is true. She will lose the attraction and yet love me (leading to the just wanting to be friends conversation) if I suddenly start kissing her ass hoping I won’t lose her.

Stand your ground when it’s necessary.

Don’t let her push you over thinking it will make her like you because it won’t.

You can still be a nice guy but letting any woman, or person for that fact, affect the value you have in your beliefs just because you want to be nice or have them like you only lowers your self-confidence and erases the respect they may have for you.

Strong self-worth and valuing yourself will strengthen your confidence.

Yes, you could piss off people once in a while but unless you’re a complete ass with no moral fiber you will NOT decrease your attractiveness. It will only grow.

There’s a clear attractive difference between being nice and being a pushover.

Learn it quickly because it can mean the difference between having a girlfriend, and having another friend who is a girl.

If you’re struggling in this area take a look at a few articles which might help you:

Before you take this whole thing too far…

My nice guy approach is NOT about becoming a jerk who feels their opinions are more valid than hers.

It’s not about acting like an asshole or treating women like their inferior.

The real purpose behind this Nice Guy Tip is to make you understand the difference between “trying to get a girl to like you” by agreeing with her every idea or motion and creating attraction by letting a little friction happen.

TOO many nice guys roll over because they’re afraid to upset a woman thinking she’ll lose the attraction and it’s the exact opposite of what really happens.

Women do NOT feel the right spark of chemistry or attraction with a guy who “acts” like he needs her approval and his every move shows it.

Women NEED to explore every emotion around a guy and they must feel like the guy they’re with not only can handle all her every emotional ups and down – but doesn’t break down and give in, just because he needs her approval.

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  • Bill

    Nice guys are gluttons for punishment. Don’t be “nice” to someone who won’t date you. Be civil, just as you would be civil to any person male or female.

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