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Why & How Being Funny Creates Attraction If You Use it The Right Way

Man Make Her Laugh Humor Attractive Right Way

There are many types of funny in this world and humor is certainly a great way to attract women BUT if you’re not doing it right – you could be ruining your chances with her without even knowing it.

In this nice guy tip number 9 you’ll learn the different types of humor, which comedy works the best for creating attraction and how you can use making a woman laugh in many different ways to become a highly attractive man.

Let’s start with a few type of “funny guys so you can see the difference and know which type you find yourself in.

The Class Clown – Looking For Attention?

Funny Guy Type Class Clown

He is an attention seeker all the way. He can be funny, everyone knows that BUT women are rarely attracted to him.

Everyone can sense he’s an approval seeker and wants the spotlight on him because he feels he doesn’t have much of anything to offer the world.

His actions are also often seen as being over-confident and insecure.

Add it all together this type of humor does not work because approval seeking, false or fake confidence, and being insecure are NOT traits of an attractive man.

The Goofball – Serious or Not?

Funny Guy type good ball

He’s always making jokes to break the ice or to share his feelings without making it look like he’s being serious. Although everyone knows there’s a bit of truth behind his humor or actionable comedy.

He can be funny but since it’s usually clear there’s a hidden dark truth behind it – it’s almost sad at times.

He does attract certain women but never has any real choices and will typically settle for the girl who finds him the cutest but it might not last long because his serious internal issues will eventually ruin the relationship.

A fact about attraction is that most secure women will NEVER feel empathy and attraction at the same time and since this type of humor often tugs on the empathy others – it makes it very difficult to create attraction at the same time.

The One-Liner – Perfectly Timed Attraction

Funny Guy Type One Liner

This guy can definitely be quite funny but it’s rare because it’s usually not part of his personality to make others laugh.

He often doesn’t know how to tell long jokes and his stories sometimes leave you wondering why he started them in the first place but that doesn’t matter or may not be relevant to his humor – if he uses at all.

He is often considered a little too serious which believe it or not CAN make others laugh quite loudly when it’s timed perfectly and when his combines this unpredictable nature with a funny statement DOES attract women.

The Get Along With Everybody Type

Funny Guy Type Get Along Everybody.

He’s most certainly fun to be around. He’s always cracking jokes about himself too much makes him a little humble and – as you might have guessed… easy to get along with.

He generally has the ability to make clever observations which can be funny but usually his laughter centers around doing fun things, making others feel at ease, and is always found smiling no matter what is happening around him.

The guy DOES attract women for many reasons.

He’s fun to be around and it’s extremely difficult to figure out what he’s really thinking making him a bit mysterious.

Through his outwardly social manners he’s also seen as confident, smart, clever, and is presumed to have an elaborate social life based on the not-always- true stories he tells about himself.

His attractive qualities include:

  • Confidence.
  • Social skills.
  • Storytelling.
  • Mystery.
  • Exciting to be around.
  • Smart – clever – usually witty too.
  • A Little flirty.

Not ALL women will end up with him but he will have his fair of women which will be enough to give him some real choices in who he decides to date.

The Stoic Sarcastic Bust Ass

Funny Guy Type Stoic Sarcastic Bust Ass

This guy RARELY cracks a grin. He’s sometimes dark but displays very creative observant humor which is mostly centered around sarcasm and busting his or other peoples asses.

He often tells stories which make it seem like they’re not funny until the end when you realize he was joking in the first place. He’ll sometimes scheme you for minutes, hours, or even days just to bust your ass.

He’s also well- known for not laughing at his own jokes.

This guy attracts LOTS of women. Hands down.

Whereas you’ll find some women won’t be attracted enough to further dating with the more attractive types of guys above (the one-liner & and the “I get along with everybody type) you will be hard-pressed to find a woman who doesn’t simply adore this type of guy.

Meaning IF you want to attract lots of women – this is the guy you want to aim for even though the last two will do just fine. It’s your choice.

His attractive qualities match the last type but with a little more added:

  • Confidence.
  • Superior Social skills.
  • Storytelling.
  • Bigger Mystery.
  • Exciting to be around.
  • Extremely Smart – clever – usually witty too.
  • A little cocky.
  • Very humble.
  • Strong.
  • Sarcastic.
  • Very flirty.

He’s probably the toughest one to become but his brand of stoic sarcasm seems to draw women in.

Okay now that you’ve seen the different type of funny guys it’s much easier to see…

How & Why humor or just being a funny guy does NOT equal attraction unless it’s done right.

(Please don’t be afraid to add to the list if something was missed or give your opinions or comments on any of the types of guys listed. Always willing to learn, grow, and develop.)

Nice Guy Tip 9 is here after noticing (and being every one of those guys at some point in my life) that too many guys can feel uneasy around women.

This uneasiness will often cause them to use humor to mask their nervousness, hide their insecurities, and connect with a woman when they don’t feel confidently to do it sexually.

You can now easily how, since lots of women are experts at noticing the sub-communication of people (including you) – that she’s going to see through lots of what is just silly games and not the true mark of a man with lots of attractive qualities.

This tip is also here to INFORM you that just because you might be connecting with a woman because she’s laughing with you – does NOT mean you’ve created attraction.

Humor alone is not always enough.

It’s what lies beneath the type of humor or what it says to women that creates the attraction.

Here’s what usually happens to nice guys.

You’re making her laugh and since you know woman love to laugh – which is a good feeling – you think she’s into you  AND since you love a woman who has a great sense of humor, especially when it’s yours – you become even more attracted to her.

Except without the right type of humor all you’re really doing is becoming her FUNNY FRIEND and far from a sexual dating option.

Oblivious to what is happening (hey it happens man) you go for it only to be rejected.

This unfortunately makes you confused, hurt, sometimes embarrassed, and sadly enough even MORE attracted to her.

As all that happens you find yourself doing it more to the next woman as you slowly become the FIRST or SECOND type which is the CLASS CLOWN or GOOFBALL as you venture to seek approval and attention because of the past rejections.

It’s a terrible cycle, isn’t it.

Well time to stop it from happening to you.

You CAN learn the right “style” of humor.

Here are the types of humor which does create or trigger attraction.

Teasing her in a cute, flirty way. She must be laughing too – at least in the end. Too much is REALLY bad so it requires the right balance.

Occasionally bust on yourself.

Use sparingly and only AFTER she knows your confidence is real. Do it too often and too early and it looks like you trying too hard.

This down-to-earth attitude about yourself and the ability to laugh at yourself keeps you from being considered arrogant and unreachable which makes it a very powerful attraction skill.

Avoid generic, cookie cutter humor unless it’s really your thing and intimacy has already happened.

This is the “dork” effect. Works great but only strengthens a bond and amplifies attraction.

The ability to make clever observations about the world and who is residing in it and then turning it into a funny anecdote.

Great comedians have this ability but you don’y have to be one to learn the skill. You’re not putting on hour long shows making this a little easier and learning it creates lots of attraction because it’s combines:

Humor. Wit. Intelligence. Social awareness.

Only use quotes to reinforce a humorous belief but never as the subject.

Be a little  mysterious and don’t laugh at your own jokes too much.

Let her wonder if you’re serious or not.

If she begins to take you way too serious see how long you can let her believe it before you bust her ass on being so gullible.

Sarcasm is highly effective and can be used right away IF it’s a clever blend of wit, charm, and quick intelligence.

Avoid using it too judgmentally because that does not add very much attraction to it.

There’s so much more. Comedy is a big field to explore.

But you don’t have to become a comedian to have it working for you.

Just make sure to avoid using too much humor until or unless you’ve developed the skill of the right humor.

Practice on your guy friends first.

Practice it on people you might not see again.

Keep practicing until you find the right mixture which perfectly suits your personality.

Now for the ultimate type of humor which (when done right) guarantees attraction.

Cocky Comedy – The Ultimate Form of Attractive Humor


“It’s no big secret… humor and confidence are PROVEN biological aphrodisiacs to women.

In other words, if you can show a woman that you’re in control and keep her laughing while you do it, everything will go your way no matter how you screw up otherwise… all because women are helplessly, magnetically drawn to men with a great confidence and a sense of humor.

Lots of men take this advice and immediately start coming across as ‘overly arrogant’, which is not what I mean at all.

The formula for how to do RIGHT it is actually very simple:

  1. Speak in a highly confident way.
  2. Add humor to make it funny instead of just arrogant and obnoxious.

But naturally, 99% of guys wouldn’t dare to say things like this right away to a woman they LACK CONFIDENCE.

And I can totally understand it, because I used to be that way, too… that is, until I saw guys doing Cocky & Funny CORRECTLY with women, and therefore getting all the opportunities that I (and 99% of other guys) never got.

To get you started on the right path, I recommend that you watch Chevy Chase in “Caddyshack” or “Fletch”.

Pierce Brosnan was AWESOME at this in “The Thomas Crown Affair”.

Clarke Gable, of course, in “Gone With The Wind”.

Even Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” showed the kind of humor I’m talking about.

In the meantime, start trying to be Cocky & Funny on your own… you’ll notice a mind-blowing difference in the way that women respond to you!”

 5 Fail Proof Tests For Getting A Girlfriend FAST

BUT BEFORE you ever attempt cocky comedy make sure you know EXACTLY how to do it or you WILL FAIL or worse yet – piss off a lot of women who will then NEVER give you the time of day aside from never feeling any attraction for you at all.

The page below describes how to use this humor the RIGHT way.

“Women are highly attracted to guys who are confident and funny. The formula to combining them together is like an aphrodisiac to women and it’s called cocky comedy. If you do it wrong you’ll come across as a jerk. Before you try it on a girl, I will show you how here. Women will not be able to resist your charm.”

Cocky Comedy – The Difference Between Being Confident & Acting Like a Jerk

For the complete effect pick up the entire series for yourself and start using it IMMEDIATELY because when done right – will give you INSTANT results.

You will NOTICE how your interactions with and the dynamics between you two change immeasurable on to the attractive side of course.

Here’s where you can pick up Cocky Comedy.

Secret Language Comedy Attractive Humor

The true “magic secret” of acting Cocky & Funny is creating what the experts call “personality triggered attraction.”

If you’d like to watch and learn from TONS of road-tested, success-proven Cocky Comedy examples that you can start using for yourself TONIGHT, just click below:

How To Use Cocky Comedy To Make Women Feel Instant Attraction And Literally Addicted To Being Around You

  • The Easy Way To GET NOTICED By Women
  • Word-for-word Scripts For Making Women Laugh
  • Proven Tips And Tools For Sparking ATTRACTION
  • 6+ Hours of Techniques, Lines, And Tips!

There’s a post here at DiaLteG TM which breaks down Bill Murray’s cocky/comedy in the movie Ghostbusters.

You’ll find it helpful in creating the right humor PLUS you can learn how to create attraction in four minutes which is pretty cool to see and better when you pull it off.

How To Create Attraction In 4 Minutes By Watching Ghostbusters

You can also find a few more examples in Carlos Xuma’s popular post also located here.  Carlos calls it: The Tease to Please Approach – Challenging Women AND lastly here’s one from Dean Cortez: Speed Closing Women With Seductive Humor, Listening and Interruptions.

There also some great tips on texting humor on this page: Bobby Rio Guide on How To Send Text Messages To Girls – Texting Rules.

That about covers it for this tip. Hope you’ve learned something today about humor and how it’s used to attract women.

Sign up to DiaLteG TM below for some more great material on attracting women with the right humor and of course how to become a more attractive man… naturally.

As above… anything you’d like to add or feel like something was missed today – any questions, comments, experience, funny stories, or if you feel like helping another guy understand something YOU know about attracting women – share it below.

About the author: Peter White – I can help you find, meet, and attract your ideal woman for a real relationship. Live your life the way you want to with purpose and fun. Build a mindset that is free and positive. Learn the truths about attraction. When you can do that – the woman of YOUR CHOICE will gladly join you.

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