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9. Learn to be Funny to Attract Women

You got her laughing but how did you do it? Was it creating attraction too?

9.Learn to be funny the right way.

There are a few different types of funny guys:

The Class Clown – Acts outwardly for attention. He can be funny but rarely is found attracting lots of women.

Usually shows off over-confidently.

The Goofball – Always making jokes to break the ice or to share his feelings without making it seem too serious. He can be funny too but since we know there’s always a hidden dark truth behind it – it’s almost sad at times.

He does attract certain women but I’ve found never has any real choices and will typically settle for the girl who finds him the cutest.

The One-Liner. – Can be funny but it’s rare. He doesn’t know how to tell long jokes and his stories sometimes leave you wondering why he started them in the first place.

Maybe a little too average BUT with the right combination of other things CAN create attraction. He avoid using humor for the very reason listed – it’s not his thing.

The “I Get Along With Everybody” guy – Fun to be around. Always cracking jokes about himself. He makes clever observations which can be funny but usually his laughter centers around doing fun things, making others feel at ease, and is always found smiling no matter what is happening around him.

The guy DOES attract women for many reasons. He’s fun to be around and it’s extremely difficult to figure out what he’s really thinking.

He’s also confident, smart, clever, and has an elaborate social life.

The Stoic Sarcastic Bust Ass – Rarely ever cracks a grin. He’s sometimes dark but displays very creative observant humor which is centered around sarcasm. Tells jokes without your assumption he’s joking making it hard to tell sometimes.

He’ll sometimes scheme you for minutes, hours, or even days just to bust your ass.

This GUY attracts, dare I say, hoards of women.

He’s probably the toughest one to become but his brand of stoic sarcasm seems to draw women in. Typically he’s a mystery. Strong. Confident. Extremely smart.

“Don’t think that just because you’re making her laugh that you’re building any real connection. The more she laughs, the less she is focusing on romantic possibilities. Speed Closing Women With Seductive Humor, Listening and Interruptions.

Yes, these are generalizations and I’m sure you’ll find some guys run the whole gambit of personalities BUT by breaking down the types it’s easy to see one fact:

Humor does not equal attraction unless it’s done right.

Nice Guy Tip 9 is here after noticing ( and being every one of those guys at some point in my life ) that good guys can feel uneasy around an attractive woman.

This uneasiness will often cause them to use humor to mask their nervousness.

It works on the surface because you make a connection with her. She laughs a lot.

You seem to be having a great time but in the end, it’s not creating attraction.

You ( us or we ) often find our attraction builds towards her while her feelings towards us become more friendly than sexual.

Using the wrong type of humor is a one way ticket into making just another friend.

We assume she likes us because she’s laughing with us but when she rejects us leaves us confused, sometimes embarrassed, and sadly enough – more attracted to her.

Not a very good combination for nice guys like us.

It’s easy to avoid all those problems. All we have to do is learn the right kinds of humor and by doing so – won’t have to worry about it.

“A role play is putting you and the woman in a fake scenario that she can play along with. For example, pretending that you are breaking up even though you just met… How To Be Cool: From Boring to Funny to Sexy.

Here are the types of humor which I’ve found either creates attraction or doesn’t destroy it:

  • Teasing her in a cute, flirty way. She must be laughing too – at least in the end. Too much is bad so it requires a balance.
  • Occasionally bust on yourself. Use sparingly and only AFTER she knows our confidence is real. This down-to-earth attitude about yourself and the ability to laugh at yourself keeps you from being considered arrogant and unreachable and can be a very powerful attraction tool.
  • Avoid generic, cookie cutter humor unless it’s really your thing and intimacy has already happened. This is the “dork” effect. Works great but again I’ve found it only strengthens a bond and amplifies attraction.
  • Being highly creative by making clever observations about the world around you which you are passionate about and it helps a lot if it’s sexually involved. Imagine Dane Cook humor against Carrot Top.
  • Only use quotes to reinforce a humorous belief but never as the subject.
  • Being mysterious and don’t laugh at your own jokes too much. Let her wonder if you’re serious or not. If she begins to take you way too serious see how long you can let her believe it before you bust her ass on being so gullible.
  • Sarcasm is highly effective and can be used right away IF it’s a clever blend of wit, charm, and quick intelligence. Avoid using it too judgmentally because that does not add very much attraction to it.

I’m sure there’s more.

After all this is a big field.

A rule to follow which has worked great for me is to avoid using too much humor unless you have a good handle on the right kind.

Add it in slowly until you find the right combination.

Leave it out with women and practice on your friends to help you find a really good mixture.

“In order to get them laughing and attracted at the same time, you have to understand the principles. That’s why it’s important to follow these 4 RULES of humor… How to Make Women Laugh and Feel Attracted to You.

One more item which is always associated with humor and attraction is called Cocky-Funny.

The exact definition – given to me by David DeAngelo when I went through his series Double Your Dating and more directly Cocky Comedy Series is:

Take a cocky statement and add humor to it.

It takes a little practice AND is just a spice but it did help release me from my old nice routine of boring the attraction right out of women.

When used carefully AND sparingly does create lots of attraction. It triggers a certain emotional response from women which is quite amazing to watch – if you can get it right.

This guy, Bill Murray, has used it to perfection in some of his roles and I do emphasize “some.” I wrote an article on it some time ago which is here —> How Watching Ghostbusters Can Help Us Guys Attract Women.

You can also find a few more examples in these articles or posts:

Nice Guy Tip 9 is here to help us develop and understand what “attractive” humor is and to use it the right way.

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