20 Nice Guy Tips to Make You & Your Personality More Attractive to Women

No matter what you read or currently believe - nice guys are NOT destined to be alone or meant to suffer settling for any girl or woman who would have them.

You're overall niceness is NOT why you're struggling attracting the women you desire the most.


Being overly nice can be a problem if it's used to manipulate others, seek too much approval, used as an excuse to feel superior to others, and leads you to believe that only jerks or assholes get more than their fair share of the women YOU want because you're nice - and they're not.

The fact is: Nice guys can be overly selfish and emotionally greedy in a bad way which is far worse in creating attraction than any jerk.

"Being a “Nice Guy” with women doesn’t work, not because you get too caught up in what a girl wants and get stuck as a friend, but because Nice Guys are typically very, very… SELFISH!

That’s right.  When you’re a “Nice Guy,” you’re not really being nice, you’re being


Do You Suffer From the Nice Guy Syndrome? Damaging Your Self Respect

Believe it or not - this a GOOD news because you can still be nice and achieve ANY realistic goals you have with women.

FIRST thing you must do is a play on words but works amazingly well in creating a new mindset (or way at looking at the world) to help you overcome this problem you're having with girls.

Here it is:

You're no longer a NICE GUY!

The nice guy label has an attached stigma which is negative and if ANY woman says you're too nice - or when people tell you that you're such a nice guy and that is why you're failing in life - then it's best to ERASE it from your mind as quickly as possible.

You're not a "nice guy" anymore.


You're not one of those other guys too. You're not a jerk, an asshole, or a player.

You're now just a GOOD GUY and if you have a need to understand what that means then you have another problem... you have a set of values or beliefs which centers around how others see you.

"A morally correct person or character : a hero"

good guy noun: Definition of good guy

You moral compass, how you define what it right or wrong in YOUR world, what you deem to be correct, respectful, ethical, appropriate, or whatever... are terms YOU set for YOURSELF and yourself only.

The do NOT transcend to others.

You have no right (absolutely no right at all) to push your morality onto others because when you do - you're not a good guy anymore, right?

Because when you do or try - you are reverting back to just being a nice guy as in stated above:

"Being overly nice can be a problem if it's used to manipulate others, seek too much approval, used as an excuse to feel superior to others, and leads you to believe that only jerks or assholes get more than their fair share of the women YOU want because you're nice - and they're not."

This does not mean your opinions or beliefs on ethics or morality is any less valid than another persons -  This simply means they are YOURS.

Any form of manipulating others which includes seeking approval or to prove your superiority over another person who does not agree with your beliefs makes you a classically labeled nice guy.

The jerk - who may force his beliefs on others through emotional or physical abuse in his attempt to conform others to his ways... is basically doing the same thing.

The difference is the "nice guy" tries to hide it or claim superiority to prove his way is better whereas the jerk is blatant. That's it.

So... you're not longer a nice guy.

You're a good guy because you DO good things.

You're a good guy because you don't force your beliefs onto others - physically or mentally.

You strive to make the world around you a better place to live by not harming others or taking things from them which rightfully don't belong to you.

You respect that each and every person outside of yourself has a right to live and survive in the manner they wish to AND you're strong enough to abide by your own rules despite outside forces trying to control you.

Another difference between a good guy and a bad guy is very important when it comes to creating attraction:

The nice guy always feels like he has to prove he's a good guy whereas the good guy understands that just being good (according to his own belief system) is all he needs.

Whether someone else sees it, believes it, agrees with it, or not, does NOT matter to him.

Remember, if you're constantly trying to prove to another person (woman included) that you're a good guy - all you're really doing is SEEKING THEIR APPROVAL OF YOU.

And seeking ANY form of validation in that manner is simply a very unattractive thing to do for so many reasons.

This is your FIRST LESSON.

Knowing the difference, understanding the difference, accepting the difference, and accepting YOUR ROLE as a nice guy BEFORE today - automatically makes you a more attractive man by default.

IF your actions or interactions with men and women are based on this lesson and followed through the best you can for now.

Each and every NICE GUY TIP (all 20 of them) are based on this concept and will require you to keep this mindset if you want them to work the best for your personal success with women.

Again - do the best you can at first. It gets easier if you're struggling with it.

If you have any problems, questions, comments, or don't understand or get what has been covered so far - please share it below and I'll see how I can help you or find a way to agree with each other.

Time to summarize all the tips so you can see how they're all connected and to help you choose which one you'd like to start with but it may be best to at least start with number one.

1. Being Nice Has Little to do with Attraction

Woman Looking Nice

Like what was covered in this page - this will show you what attraction is and how you can destroy it or not create it by being nice BUT you can't trigger it just by being nice.

Nice guys tend to believe just being nice "should" be good enough but it's not.

Change you mindset about women. Dispel the myths about attraction and the real reason why nice guys ultimately fail with women.

It's the perfect start in becoming a more attractive "good" guy.

2. Because She’s Flirting With You does NOT Mean She’s Your Next Girlfriend

Nice Woman Smiling
This will deal with eliminating your sense of urgency, to stop you from appearing needy, keep you in control of your emotions, stop you from trying too hard with women, and more.

Nice guys think too far into the future for many reasons and while not being in a present state of mind as often as you can - makes it very difficult to create attraction or be seen as an attractive guy.

While you learn to live in present more often with women and have them "as a guest" in YOUR reality... you'll then find making the first move much easier and happens more naturally.

3. When It's Time To Make Your First Move On Her - No Fears - Go For It!

Guy Making Move On Woman
You'll see things from her perspective. Why it's so difficult for you to make the first move and what it does to your interactions with women.

You'll also be shown what "the first move" and EXACTLY how to make sure everything that's holding you back from moving forward naturally is no longer you stopping you from making it happen.

Before the first move... too many nice guys rule themselves out to women before they're even given a chance therefore you must learn how to stop that from happening.

4. Attracting Women Nice Guy Tip 4 – How To Stop Disqualifying Yourself

Guy Trying Qualify Himself To Woman She Bored
Nice guys have a terrible habit of making a huge mistake when they meet a girl or just before they interact with her - they disqualify themselves before she even has a chance to reject him.

In this tip you'll about preemptive disqualification and how to qualify a woman which always separates the attractive men from the ones who struggle in dating and relationships.

You'll build your self-esteem and increase your value to women while at the same time developing your own sense of worth you yourself.

5. You Can't Pity A Girl Into Going On A Date Or Make Her Feel Attracted To You

Guy Pity Woman Try
A very strange habit nice guy's have is trying to get a woman to feel attracted to him by making her feel sorry for him. They will also attempt to extract a "pity date" from her by using the same tactic which worked on their Mother when they were younger.

This short but important tip will show you why you're trying it, why it doesn't work the way you think it should, and everything in its power to stop you from ever doing it again.

Attraction and empathy can not co-exist together. Reverting to childish ways is not how to prove to a woman you're a mature masculine man. They are approval and insecure signs. You can never convince a woman to feel something for you.

6. Never Try to Buy Women's Affection or Attract Her with Money or Favors

Woman Buying Something

Nice guy "manipulation" comes in many forms. This one is about trying to buy your way into a woman's heart (or body) whether it's with money, gifts, of favors.

Crating attraction has nothing to do with money. Guys usually only try it when they feel they have nothing else to offer her and don't understand women or how attraction really works.

This will show you how relationships really start. What a real provider gives to a woman in a relationship. How despite having any cash you can still "get the girl". Where your money should be spent AND the two things you only need: Any form of aspirations and an understanding of how attraction really works. Communicate those to her and she'll see it work for you.

7. Handling Rejection - Never Feel Sorry for Yourself Because You Were Rejected

Man Sad Rejected

Real practical advice on being rejected any guy can use to help him overcome the hurt feelings when a woman turns him down.

This tip is not just for nice guys but for any guy who lets rejection ruin his life. You're hurt. Yes, that's true but that's different than feeling sorry for yourself.

If you've ever wondered how to get past rejection quickly and easily - you'll want to read this immediately. You find the stages of grief, what rejection really means, why you let it get to you PLUS the most efficient way to get over her quickly so you can move on to better things and start feeling happy again.

8. Don't Agree With Her & Go Against Your Beliefs Hoping She'll Like You

Nice Guy Confront Woman Fear Scare

Nice guys are typically afraid to upset a woman. They avoid confrontation. They think pissing a woman off or disagreeing with her means she will not like him.

This tips will erase those approval seeking needs you might have and show you how to use those moments you were afraid of before to create attraction and build a real connection with her.

You have your opinions. You have your beliefs. Own up to them. Value yourself and what you believe in. It's the mark or trait of a real man who just happens to be very attractive too.

9. Why & How Being Funny Creates Attraction If You Use it The Right Way

Man Making Her Laugh

Being funny is one thing and women do find humor attraction. However sometimes the nice guy interprets it wrong and tries anything and everything to make a woman laugh - thinking that will attract her.

Sometimes it works a little does but mostly (for the nice guy) the humor being used is the wrong kind. In this article the funny-guy types are explained and which ones actually do trigger attraction.

Check to see which type you are and how it relates attracting women plus learn the most attractive style of comedy that women absolutely love and can't resist.

10. Start Teasing Women To Create Attraction But Follow These Four Rules First

Man Teasing Woman

Nice guys seem to be afraid of teasing a woman because they think it's only a player or jerk move but that's just not true. The fact is: guys who are GOOD with women tease women because of all the traits and qualities it demonstrates and more.

BUT... you must know the rules first. Balance is very important here. You must also know there's a clear difference between how you tease her sexually and how you interact with her outside the bedroom.

Start teasing women more and start making your interactions with them exciting and fun.

11. Learn How To Flirt & Start Flirting With Every Women You Meet - Essential Skill Of Attraction

Flirting Woman Smiling Being Happy
If you're not flirting with women, you missing an essential key in creating attraction. Nice guys just don't flirt enough and must learn it and start practicing it immediately.

This tip will give you the real definition of flirting. You'll learn how and why it's a form of sexual communication. The many ways in which you can flirt with women PLUS how to tell if it's working or not.

Flirting is a natural thing to do and when done right displays many attractive traits. It also make her FEEL good, laugh, and smile. She'll associate those feelings with you.

12. Never Ask a Woman if She Likes You - What You Must Do & Say Instead So She Will Like You

Guy Asked Girl If She Likes Him
You might not come out and say it, "Do you like me?" (although some guys, including me have) but you might be acting that way which is something as a nice guy - you must avoid doing.

This tip is to show you a better more attractive way to interact with a woman AND get her to like you at the same time.

You'll learn how to tell if she's interested in you, how to substitute all weak questions with positive statements, and in doing so how to lead a woman anywhere you want her to go and get her to WANT to follow you.

13. Stop Giving Women What They Say They Want, Make Them Feel Something Instead

Woman Feeling Reaching Out Want
Women have preferences. They'll gladly tell you what they want from a guy. They'll list out all the traits they look for in a guy. BUT if you're trying to give her what she says she wants - you will NOT create attraction.

Nice guys often believe if they give her what she wants, she'll like him BUT attraction does not work that way. This tip will show you the difference and it's something you must understand if you want to be an attractive guy.

You'll be shown how to decode what she says and what you must do instead. Make her FEEL something. Get her to respond or react to how you communicate yourself to her.

14. Stuck In The Friends Zone With A Girl You Love? Here's How to Get Out!

Men In Her Friends Zone
The friends zone sucks! It's a very common problem for a nice guy to fall for his friend and get stuck there for way too long with no means of escaping the pain. Nothing feels worse than being in love with her and feeling helpless to change it.

This tips will help you see the reality behind your friends zone problems and offer a real solution to this on-going problem.

You'll also be shown why you're there, how you got there, and a three step escape plan to assure it never happens to you again. From distraction, attraction, to re-introducing your new self to the girl friend you love.

15. How & Why Your Body Language Communicates Attraction To Women - Learn To Control It

Man Woman Communicating Body Facial Expressions

Most of what you say and communicate to others including women is done through your body language. Women are especially good at reading your negative output than your positive signs.

This tip will show you how your body can either communication strength and attractive traits or not. Learn how to control how others perceive you and therefore gain control of their sexual attraction towards.

When you lead confidently through your body and make others feel more comfortable because of it - they will follow.

16. What It Means To Live Your Own Life, How to Do it, & Why It Attracts Women

Attractive Life Living Power

The old advice of "get a life" all too commonly given to nice guys does little to help them solve a major problem.... When your life revolves around women you will struggle attracting them.

In this tip you'll be shown how to get your own life, what your priorities must be, and why it's so attractive to women. The secret is revealed and is a simple plan to follow.

There's nothing wrong with paying the right attention to your wife or girlfriend but when your life tends to revolve around women, getting women, and you're not actually "getting" them - then this becomes a serous problem which needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

17. Big Step In Attracting Women - Stop Blaming Them For Your Problems

Woman Being Blamed Your Problems

It's too easy to blame life and your problems on everyone else. This tip shows you how unattractive it is when you place blame on women and that just because life might seem unfair, it's not a reason to think you can not be helped.

Take responsibility for your life. Learn to control what you do have control over... yourself. Own up to your life and start doing things different if they're not working for you.

If a girl likes you and you don't feel attracted to her - how does it make you feel when she says it's your fault. You can see how blaming someone for your fault or decisions or feelings gets you nowhere.

18. How & Why You Must Give The Women You Are Attracted To... Space

Give Giving Woman Space Create Attraction Grow
Giving a woman space is a critical factor in attraction and unfortunately it's a big nice guy problem. Here you'll learn why she needs space, how to give her the right amount of space, and how to overcome this issue based on why you feel the need to smother a woman emotionally.

Space problems runs deep but it's something which can be solved easily. Learn why you're triggering a flight or flee reaction to women. All the situations you might find yourself in where "space" is the root of the problem.

The fact is - as a nice guy who is struggling with women - you'll find something what is called a "sense of urgency" which is causing you to become overly needy and sometimes desperate from her viewpoint. Stop it immediately by working on these things.

19. Why Confidence Is So Attractive to Women, What It Is, & How To Get It Quickly

Confident Man Hugging Woman

Everyone usually knows confidence is a universally attractive trait but few understand what it is, how to get it, and why it's so attractive.

This nice guy tip explains it all and will help you understand how to become self-confident as quickly as possible.

You'll be shown where it comes from, the definition of confidence, how you don't always need to succeed to build it, how your failures can give you confidence, and what it all means as it relates to attracting lots of women.

20. Be The Best Version Of Yourself - Invest In YOU - The Secret To Attraction

Man Invest Future Himself Selfish

The final tip is about change. It's about investing in your future. It's about becoming selfish first so you have more to give others including women.

The's nothing wrong with you. It's doesn't make you any less of a man to want to evolve. It's what makes you a GREAT man. This is a key secret to attracting great women.

Investing in yourself means to invest long-term for your future. Everyday just keep yourself on a track that produces results. Everyday just give a little to yourself and your cause. Live your life everyday and evolve yourself with each opportunity and you will experience amazing results.

A Bonus Tip -  Must Read For ALL Nice Guys

You Want To Attract Her? Start By Changing How You Define Being Nice

Woman Pointing Nice

You're a nice guy then you shouldn't have to prove it by putting on your best face. Make her feel something and leave her wanting more of you.

Change your real definition of being nice. Making her feel attraction IS the nicest thing you can do. Stop trying to be nice and start being real.

This bonus tip will change your definition of being nice. Gain a different mindset. Erase all your nice guys ways which are not attracting women. Become a GOOD guy who is attractive.

Share It Because You Know Another Guy Who Needs To Read It Too!

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Thank You again your awesome and your teachings are also, Dave Allen

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