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How to Flirt with Women – Skills, Definition, and Practice Makes Perfect

The Flirty Eyes of A Woman

Flirting with women comes completely natural for some men and yet for others it might as well be a foreign language.

Learning HOW to flirt will require these following steps:

  1. Learn the definition of flirting
  2. Practice with many different women.
  3. Embellish the skills based on a her generalized reaction.

Flirting is a sub-textual language with overtones generally related to sex.

I use the term sub-textual because often there is no direct correlation between the words and the real meaning.

The actual flirting lies beneath innuendos, fictitious future story lines, and body language cues.

Flirting may not directly create attraction but it can create the same emotional response. This is where the phrase, “Just because she is flirting, doesn’t mean she wants you.” comes from.

Flirting often builds on or increases the tension of a sexual connection. This tension or sometimes known as chemistry can be sexually blatant or hidden deeply within the context of the words.

The easiest way to understand what flirting is was written by Scot McKay,

Flirting is simply ANY INTERACTION of ANY KIND with members of the opposite sex that would flat-out feel WRONG were it directed to someone of the same gender.

Secrets to Flirting For Men – A Real Definition With Tips

Learning How to Flirt.

Flirting is a communication all its own. It often leads the people involved in a romantic  cat and mouse game where each try to better the other (or admit to liking the other in status flirting).

Therefore it can be as easy as learning a new game.

A fun game.

Learning this skill also requires knowledge of sexual tension. David DeAngelo’s magnet explanation has been forever hard wired in my mind.

Two magnets with the same poles are being held together by a rubber band.

Hold them closer and closer together and you can feel the force between them repelling each other. Yet the rubber band is pulling together them together. This can be created with women and flirting is one way of doing it.

  • It is a game of skill and it is a game that must be tweaked in real time (being cool).
  • It is a game that must be fun for both involved. Without humor, flirting is boring and ineffective.

The game can also be played out with sexual body language.

In shorter terms, learning to flirt requires a fair ability of being cool, making her laugh, blush, giggle without being a clown, and controlling your body language along with recognizing hers.

Remember I said a fair ability.

You don’t become a great flirt overnight and you don’t even have to flirt to create attraction.

Women will take you with or without it.

You’re going to have to practice flirting unless you choose to not be one which I highly suggest.

You will add new phrases to your repertoire.

Just telling stories don’t work you have to embellish certain ones.

Create a better imagination.

Understand when to escalate and when to pull back.

Learn Flirty phrases.

But most of all because is normally when nice guy fail…. Creating tension preferably in a sexual way.

Putting it altogether you can come up with tons of way to flirt like:

  • Playing hard to get.
  • Disqualifying yourself from her.
  • Using sexual humor – innuendos, sexually related jokes, etc…
  • Coy compliments or noticing the emotional or physical attributes of a very specific woman.
  • Playing out roles of future events – role playing, women love this!
  • Being cocky and funny – the right mixture work well.
  • Teasing her about something – be nice guys, if she’s not laughing with you it’s not working.
  • Accusing her of doing funny often things – like being a clutz or spaz. Doesn’t even have to be true!

Learning how to flirt effectively requires certain skills which transfer over to other parts of creating attraction:

  • The right Humor.
  • Clever Imagination.
  • Being Cool.
  • Sexual Body Language.
  • Effortless Social Communication.
  • Building Sexual Tension.
  • Creating Chemistry.

I know it seems like a ton of work but it is worth it.

Again you don’t have to learn it BUT the skills can also help you in the more broader concept of creating attraction because:

  • Women love men who can make them laugh.
  • Women give men with great imagination higher status.
  • Women find cool guys irresistible.
  • Women are subconsciously drawn to men with masculine body language.
  • Women are attracted to your social status and/or your ability to communicate effectively more than your looks.
  • Women want to be turned on the right way. It mirrors their orgasms. A slow build up, a huge explosion, and long lasting lingering feelings.
  • Women often associate your chemistry with her as something that just happens. They tell their friends about it. No chemistry equals no stories equals boring relationships with too much predictability.

Approach attraction like an artist approaches his craft.

It should develop through inspiration, fulfill your own desires, and it must express your passions uniquely.

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