No Sexual Chemistry? If You Don’t Know How To Create It, Here’s How!

"Reason for failing with women #2 - There Was No Sexual Chemistry and You Don't Know How To Create It."

Sexual tension, strong chemistry, and attraction can generally be used interchangeably which also means, if YOU are not creating it immediately with a woman - it's one of the biggest reasons why women don't like you, in that way.

It's understandable if you don't have a look that can instantly turn a woman on, most guys don't and that includes me.

It's even okay if you're not her initial type of guy she's normally is attracted to either. Being short, light-eyed, and skinny, I guarantee I was not most woman's type.

BUT it's NOT acceptable if you think your looks are the reason why it's not happening for you AND it's even more unacceptable to think you can not learn how to create sexual chemistry and then to not even try to figure it out.

I guarantee if you fail consistently with women and you find yourself making more friends than girlfriends - this is the reason WHY and the great news is...

It's totally fixable. Its easier than you think.

No excuses!

All you need to do is learn HOW to COMMUNICATE to women on an entirely different level than you have done in the past.

You must be patient -  often more patient than her. As David DeAngelo wrote,

"Learn to delay gratification."

You must also be consistent in your approach to women ( when it's working) and in the process of learning it.

You must be attractively persistent. Notice the word, attractively - this  doesn't mean be pushy, so don't go there.

You must MAKE it happen.

Must must also LET it happen.

An objection most guys have who fail in this area are typically based on the feelings they get when there's tension in the air around a woman they're highly attracted to which makes them extremely nervous.

To get rid of that uneasiness they often quickly try to find a way to release it and by doing so, ruins the moment, eases the sexual tension, and destroys the chemistry built almost immediately.

If you want to avoid that happening to you learn to become extremely comfortable with the tension. Love and savior every second of it. Thrive on it because that's when and where all the good stuff happens between men and women.

Become so comfortable in that tension it's almost scary.


Thrive off the tension because that's when and where all the good stuff happens between men and women.


There is an endless number of ways for you to create chemistry, build some sexual tension, and have lots of women feel attracted to you.

All of them are built alongside or on top of each other. Using one will not work as well very effectively.

First - my big suggestion is (of course) to learn how attraction works for a woman which means yes, you should buy this book because once you've gone through it a couple times, you WILL notice this problems of sexual chemistry disappearing almost instantly.

It's exactly what I start with to "fix" all problems with women.

Click here for Attraction Isn't A Choice & How To Use “Secret” Communication And Sexual Body Language To Attract Women.

Secondly - How You Talk & Interact with Women. 

This topic is huge and is covered extensively here at DiaLteG™. Rather than just a few tips, I'll cover the basics below and link out to the articles you can read for more specific help.


Flirting sets a sexual tone immediately and it's a practical guarantee - IF you're not flirting with women, you're missing a great opportunity to build some sexual chemistry AND you will end up in a lot of friends zones.

Learn how to flirt with hot women teaching you how it's done:

The F-Formula – Instant Chemistry With Any Girl and Advance To The Next Level!


Teasing women increases her sexual desire to you but there are many different ways you can tease and most of them start OUTSIDE the bedroom so it's perfectly fine to learn this skill and use it often.

You'll find some terms as the "push and pull technique", "building anticipation", "sending mixed signals" and more.

Using the right kind of humor:

Laughter can turn into attraction.

In fact, if you're not making her laugh, if she's not smiling, if you're not playing around and joking with her, you're NOT making her feel anything - so learn to use it the right way.

This page has it all:

Why & How Being Funny Creates Attraction If You Use it The Right Way

Conversational skills:

It amazed me how easy it was to create attraction by just tweaking and adding some new techniques to my conversations with women.

The whole dynamics of my interactions changed and getting some sexual tension and chemistry happened naturally.

Strong body language:

Your body language not only sets you up as an attractive guy, it enhances everything from the list above - and without it - makes everything that much more difficult to achieve.

This page I put together for you has it all.

How & Why Your Body Language Communicates Attraction To Women – Learn To Control It

Being a naturally sexy guy:

Being sexy is not all about how you look so dispel that myth from your mind. If a woman is to perceive you as sexy cover the basics and, as long as you take care of your overall look - women WILL find you sexy making the transition to attraction and sexual chemistry a breeze.

Presenting a REAL challenge:

NO woman will ever feel chemistry and attraction for a guy who doesn't challenge her in many ways. The great news is that it's very easy to do and if you follow my ten tips you WILL challenge her the right way.

Top Ten Ways to Challenge Women to Feel Attracted to You

Physical escalation:

Obviously or not - when it's time and the moment is there to make your first move... you have to go for it or you could ruin all the sexual attraction you created from the techniques above.

Here's a great and interesting free report on escalation from Carlos Xuma. It's done on a notebook which is really cool too:

Read The Shark Fin Soup Report - Why Everyone Is Wrong About How To Escalate With Women

In conclusion...

The topic of chemistry, sexual, tension, and attraction is a big one for lots of guys because making and letting it happen - can be the difference between failing with women and succeeding with them.

My younger days were excruciatingly painful because I had no clue on how to make it happen. I would just meet a girl, get to know her, and hope she would feel IT for me, which rarely if ever happened.

You have such a better opportunity to learn this stuff than I ever did and taking full advantage of all the resources out there will certainly make your life with women and dating so much more enjoyable.

Yes - there are many areas to cover but don't let that stop you. Once you get to fixing them you'll definitely keep going because you'll like the reward:

Attracting the women you have your eyes on is it's own reward and I shouldn't have to remind what that can mean in your life.

The many different ways to create sexual chemistry are:

  1. Learning how attraction works for women: Click here for Attraction Isn't A Choice & How To Use “Secret” Communication And Sexual Body Language To Attract Women.
  2. Flirting - Set your sexual edge early and show some wit, charm, and confidence.
  3. Teasing - Create some sexual tension and increase the anticipation she feels around you.
  4. Using the right kind of humor - Laughter is a big attraction trigger for many reasons but one is because it stirs happy emotions inside her.
  5. Conversational skills - The manner in which you speak to women can mean the difference between attraction, chemistry, OR getting stuck as yet another non-sexual friend.
  6. Strong body language - Convey a sub-textual message that you're a strong confident guy and that you're a man AND she's a woman.
  7. Being a naturally sexy guy - A woman will perceive your sexiness in many different ways and as long as you maintain your overall look as best you can - being sexy is a mixture of attitude and general well-being. So you CAN be sexy!
  8. Presenting a REAL challenge - Every man or woman WANTS to be challenged because it translates to so much up to and including the right amount of qualification. Challenge her - BE a challenge - Have her step up to you and YOU WILL create lots of easy attraction.
  9. Physical escalation - Without this part it's very difficult to use all this sexual energy so you must not be afraid to go there, make the moves, go for the kiss, and escalation her strong physical feelings towards you.

Make sure you follow all the links above for specific help in each of the nine areas. Some are more important than others but they ALL are connected in a way which is equally important.

Lastly - have FUN with it all. It's not a job. It's not hard work.

Attracting women should make you smile and feel good about yourself.

Learning this stuff is not a knock on your manhood - in fact ANY guy who is willing to go through the steps is one definition of a REAL MAN.

And that's what women wan.

Those are the guys who they become sexually attracted to the most.

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3 comments… add one
  • Tom

    All these tips are great – if a guy is authentic when using them. If a guy doesn’t feel good about himself in the first place, it would be a lie and a woman would see through it right away.

    I have never felt like I’m even capable of attracting a woman on a sexual level and when I look in the mirror, all I see is a guy who would be foolish to even try.

    • You’re right it IS a lie, however some women won’t see through it, AND lots of women are doing the very same thing because when someone feels attraction, they tend to paint themselves in the best possible way to their attraction.

      So – lying is not the answer but the good news is, IF you know something about yourself that you might “think” you have to lie about – then THAT is the area of your life to get working on… immediately.

      In your case, what you see in the mirror and what others, including women see, can and is often two different things. Don’t base the view of yourself on a guess that women see and react the same way to it because it’s a false limited belief. Women do the same thing – you look at a woman and see her attractive parts, she looks at herself and see her unattractive parts – BUT a real genuine woman will tend to see your good points and care little about the not-so-great ones – especially if you make them FEEL attraction – which has little to do with how good-looking you are, they (the majority) are attracted to intangibles.

      One is NEVER foolish to try – but a fool certainly never tries and learns, and learns to try something different. Don’t BE a FOOL. Risk being foolish and you won’t, and soon, when seen and judged objectively, you will attract those you thought you never could before.

      • Tom

        Hi Pete – thanks for this. It’s a given that one needs to at least recognize the possibility that one can be attractive before anyone else can. I have never even been close to being able to feel that. I’m fine in professional / other situations, but ‘social’ situations are usually too much for me, so I actually – and I’m embarrassed to admit this – avoid them. If I find a woman attractive, I actually avoid her completely and if an attractive woman introduces herself to me (as happens occasionally), I invariably say hello and then leave as soon as possible.