This Is NOT About Her! The Rubber Duck Theory of Attraction

Remember this old Sesame Street clip about a rubber ducky? If not, maybe you’re too young but the video clip is below…

The tune played out – “You got to put down the ducky… If you want to play the Saxophone.”

Honestly I didn’t have a clue what that meant and even to this day, I have my doubts.

Like why cant I do both?

Play with my toy for a little while and then practice my scales after.

Or vice-versa.

Besides,  I never owned a rubber duck and because of an overbite, I was banned from attempting any reed instrument. ( I know talk about a lack of encouragement from those early music teachers. Bastards… !!!)

So why is it I still find myself singing that awful tune three decades later?

Is there something I’m missing here?

Do I have a rubber fetish?

Maybe I have a secret crush on, dare I say it – no way man.

Maybe I love the ducky or hate the freaking Saxophone…

When you fully consider the implication, the day I put down my proverbial rubber ducky, ( which for me by the way was “Stretch Armstrong” Grrrr a real man’s toy!!!) or when my boy toys went away was the day I discovered….

(drum roll please!)


In all their glory.


The feminine subject if you will.

Made my “real slim shady” want to stand up and still to this very moment as I’m scratching this out, I can not help but to be amazed by every last detail of our female counterpart.

Can you see a problem here?

Oh sure yeah it’s those girls… It’s THEIR fault.

They made me this way.

They formed me into a drooling mess and I’m still not sure what my “ohhhh” face is.

Could be quite amusing for all I know.

Dam girls laughing at me behind my back… Seriously?

Of course not in THAT way but there is some truth behind it isn’t there?

You see, like so many men have done for way too long, including me, it’s always been about them and if you’ve ever uttered, thought, or complained to a friend these disastrous words before,

“If I could only do this… women would…”

Then you know exactly what I’m saying.

It’s sad because it IS a real problem. Another hurdle to overcome. Another obstacle keeping us from being adored by so many women.

Why do you think that is?

Why is it when a man gives a woman his priority it decreases his chances of attracting her?


Why it is that so many “involved women” complain their guy refuses to make their relationship a priority?

Does it feel like your best move is to “pretend” you don’t care and it will probably work better for you?

Like every time you try, it only makes it fucking worse!

I’ll give you my answer.

My point of view.

My advice…

Did you know you could forget about women entirely for the rest of your life and still attract them?

Well you could.

Imagine never once thinking about doing something because you believe that’s what she wants and you find she’s still attracted to you.

Even in the world of “attraction advice” you can throw away practically every rule.

You can say what you feel.

Do practically anything you want. (Be reasonable now!!!)

You can even never ever ask a woman out on a date again and still go out with women.

This is absolute true because your ability to attract any woman (who likes men of course) IS and will always be about YOU!

This is not about her.

Sure some tricks work.

Sure there are minor shortcuts.

Sure you’ll make it easier on yourself if you take care of yourself and things like that. A little work does go a long way.

But the truth is that SHE is designed from the day she put her ducky down to be drawn to men.

Not unlike the same way you feel about the female form.

She may express it differently.

She may use that ducky like you never could (ahem ahem) but as the female piece of our existence as humans, she is designed to complement you as a man.

It stands to reason then…

Make yourself the perfect counterpart and women will be more drawn to you than otherwise.

That’s MY point of view and here’s my advice:

Do yourself a real favor.

Get yourself a set of “man rules” and stick to them.

“If you do nothing at all with regards to this whole attraction thing BUT still find a way to maintain and grow a set of man rules – you will demonstrate a mature masculinity which you can selfishly and proudly feel good about AND in turn…

WILL make you a naturally more attractive man.”

How And Why A Set Of Man Rules Can Help You Attract Women

Let them “fluidly” guide your actions and decisions.

Follow you heart, morals, or family preference and build them accordingly.

They WILL help you attract women because if at any point she notices you don’t feel like her perfect male counterpart she’ll be hesitant and reluctant to feeling safe with you.

Now that does NOT mean you have to be the perfect male for her.

It only means she’s wants a man who puts HIS value and belief system above everything else AND is willing to give up something to keep those in tact.

The real “cool” part is that being a man can easily mean putting his family first and taking care of his sick woman, or just being there for people he cares about.

If those things are important to you than it naturally becomes part of your “man rules.”

Which effectively attracts women!

If you want to hear more about this whole “man rule” concept please let me know about it…. Tweet your answer back to me –

Are you ready to put down your Ducky?

(leave your short answer there if you want me to talk more about developing secure man rules.)

Another piece of wisdom which has worked for me…

Women do NOT want Mister Perfect. I know I’ve said it a thousand times but it’s THAT important!

(She) only needs to feel you’re the perfect guy for her.

This is not about “trying to be perfect” by any stretch of the imagination.

Assume maturity goes a long way when you aim to attract without trying AND making sure it’s about you.

And I can guarantee any woman who has put down her rubber ducky for another piece of rubber will ONLY feel her perfect male is, without a doubt, one of the most mature men she has ever met.

So make sure your “man rules” cover the basics of maturity.

It also helps to clearly define what maturity means to you.

What does being Mature mean to you?

(Leave your short answer below if you want me to talk more about mature attraction.)

I believe you’ll find women define maturity as secure, responsible, independent, respected, masculine, (etc…)

But please remember this is NOT about her or trying to be someone you think she wants.

This is about you, your rubber ducky, and being a “natural” counterpart to her femininity.

(…couldn’t help myself but to add the video below… haha!)

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