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If You’re Not Stacking Dates You’re Not Enjoying Its Long Term Benefit

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Even nice guys should learn how to stack dates.

Stacking is usually spoken by “pick up artists” and is given a bad rap but it does not have to be that way.

Any nice guy can use it provided he can get the dates to begin to with and I don’t believe you need to be a pickup artist for that to happen.

You only need to know how it works…

Why it works so well…

And how you can use it to your advantage with benefits with regards of course to dating women.

A broad definition for “stacking” is:

You “stack” dates on top of each other over a relative short period of time. If you’re really good at it you can actually set up several of them in a day. Like one at 3, one at 4, and another at five o’clock on a Saturday.

It’s like the “long version” of speed dating.

There is also a long-term use of it and I’ll go over that later.

For now this is how “stacking” can work to your advantage.

If you have several dates lined up you will be forced to keep them short.

You’ll use yours and her time more effectively.

You’ll have less time to make a serious mistake and let’s face it… You’ll probably know within an hour of whether or not you’d want a second date anyways.

It’s a “win win win” situation.

Less chance you’ll screw it up.

Less chance you’ll come across as needy.

Less chance you’ll get too hooked on any one woman.

And you’ll gain experience and develop your dating skills very quickly.

A really cool thing is that you won’t be wasting your money on long expensive dates only to find out she’s not for you.

That’s just the tip…

What about the long-term version of stacking the benefits it has.

Let’s say your goal is to have sex more often with different women. You want to explore your sexual side and sleep with more women.

Maybe you’ve got in the habit of committing too early to women and it only makes the break up that much worse.

If only you dated a little while longer none of that drama would have had a chance to happen.

Or…you just want to have fun and enjoy being single for a while. I understand that and so do lots of single women..

How about if you can stay happy being single you’re going to naturally attract even more women and you’re more likely so have a “successful” committed relationship.

But… to assure it works you must never forget that every woman you date and want to see again, is a long-term investment.

You must be willing to stick it out.

You also must avoid putting any kind of time frame on any one woman.

Allow your relationship with her to unfold naturally and it will under its own merit.

When you meet a woman you’re interested in put her in your “maybe que.

I know.

That sounds terrible for us “nice guys” but don’t let women fool you. They’ve done it to us since puberty reared its sexy head. They label you as, “Yes, No, or Maybe.”

And it’s about time you start doing the same thing or using the same tool.

You have to be very selective in your dating life and you have to make decisions to reject quicker than you have done in the past.

Never put any one woman into the “Yes” category…until you’re more than convinced.

Mind and body.

Don’t let the little guy in your pants make that decision.

We know what it wants and it’s going to ruin the whole thing for you if you take its advice.

However you can put a woman quicker in the “No” category. That’s okay.

Don’t waste her time screwing around if you’re not serious.

And don’t let her waste your time when you’re sure you don’t want anything to happen.

This is how it long-term stacking works.

One woman you might not sleep with for a year.

One woman it might end up being a week.

Yes, sometimes it’s a day but I’ve found that makes the relationship sexual in nature and where it might get the cobwebs out of your pants it will do nothing in finding a real relationship with her.

And.. you have to make sure she can handle a one night stand without freaking out or assuming you’re now in a relationship.

Be nice.

Play fair and respect what type of woman you’re dealing with and you’ll have less drama in your life.

Beyond that make sure you see it for what it really is – casual sex.

For those of you who don’t use the “sleep” with thing as casually as me – feel free to replace it with “commit” or “agree not to see anyone else because it works just the same. Except this choice usually stops any after-stacking.

This also works well because you can always keep yourself in the, it just happened area.

Don’t push or expect, but always be prepared. Most guys make the mistake of thinking by the third or fourth date, I’ll get some.

So why does this long-term stacking work so well?

  1. You’ll never feel like pushing a woman and you’ll be less likely to scare her away.
  2. The longer time frame means it happens more naturally and women want it to feel natural – always.
  3. You won’t get too hooked or pressured into moving too quickly which, trust me on this, causes a lot of mistakes which can be easily avoided.
  4. You’re creating a non stop dating life and over a given set of time, depending how good you are, women will open up to you at different times.

And I know some of you might not like this but you can substitute sex with kissing or whatever your goal is with women.

It doesn’t have to be about getting laid.

That’s entirely up to you.

One woman it might not happen for eight months.

One woman it may happen in six weeks.

One woman it may even take two years.

I think you’re getting the point.

If you’re doing this with the only constraint being your time to be social in a very short time you can find yourself “hooking up” with no limits.

Remember – True relationships take time.

You’ll find yourself in better relationships if you follow this technique.

You’ll find it easier to not chase women.

And you’ll find over time they will begin to come to you more often…

With each new stacked date comes more confidence. With each date comes valuable experience. With each date comes the ability to make better decisions with women.

Don’t forget to read my special page on dating to help you with this stacking thing: Dating – Where, When, How – From The First Fun Date Experience And On

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