It’s Not About What Women Want, What They Need To Feel Attracted To You

"Reasons why you're failing with women #7 - You Didn’t Know What She Really Wanted From You – Women Feel Like You Just Don’t Get It or Them."

The age-old question asked by many a man (probably) since language came about has and will always be,

"What DO women really WANT?"

Seems like a simple answer is long overdue but when you think about it, asking what do women want only sets up the guy asking it, to think and believe, just give her what she wants and she's yours...

Which most know is far from reality.

GIVING anyone something you think they want doesn't equate or lead to attraction, and this is especially true when it comes to women, dating them, and being in a relationship too.

This certainly seemed to be true in my earlier life...

They didn't seem to like guys with glasses, so I got contacts.

They didn't seem to like short guys - so I only bothered with shorter women.

They didn't seem to like guys who rode a bike to work - so I got a car.

They certainly didn't like guys with long hair in the 90's anymore - so I chopped it off.

NONE of which worked and it actually did more damage to my delicate Ego because, when you do all that and still get NOTHING for it...

Definitely makes you feel like a total loser. Tell me

if I'm wrong there.

So what's a guy to do?

You don't know what they want AND when you think you're on to something, you're not allowed to just GIVE it to them and expect results.

The answer is much less complicated than you would ever believe and is written in the first chapter:  Chapter One - The Real Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid No One Knows But Me!

I suggest you read it as soon as possible IF you want some quick results.

Ultimately - the answer is:

Women WANT to FEEL... something!

If it's connected to you and equates or leads to a genuine attraction - then you're all set. No more "typical - can't get a woman to save my life problem" for you anymore.

But, as stated above, you can NOT just GIVE someone something and expect results, and you certainly can not, just give her a FEELING.

She must experience it based on HOW you interact with her and the skill of attractive communication.

This "something" unfortunately doesn't always have to be a good feeling. It can be anything from doubt to nervousness to obsession.

In many cases she will have to experience lots of feelings which will get her to feel attracted to you. Some will be good, some will be incredible, some will be bad, and others... will be much worse.

The simplest way to solve this problem is...

Do NOT give them what you think they want or even what they say they want.

GIVE them what they NEED... which is a FEELING above and beyond a non-sexual friendship.

Let me put it in a way you'll definitely understand. with food that is extremely tasty but ultimately terrible for you and your body over time.

You WANT a tasty bacon cheeseburger but in reality you only NEED food to live.

Women WANT a man and they'll have their lists of what they look for but in reality, they NEED what a relationship has to offer:  Love, intimacy, a higher probability to procreate, an overall feeling of happiness, and a connection to another soul.

Some men might give them the same instant feeling similar to downing a greasy burger but in the end, eating the burger will only prove to have a negative impact on their overall health. Just as some men will also only have a negative effect in their lives too.

However, and here's the really cool part, we are NOT talking about food, we're talking about ATTRACTION which is an instinctual reaction to an outside stimulus.

It's designed to satisfy our NEEDS and not our wants. The WANT is just our brains trying to figure it all out logically based on many factors and experiences in our lives.

This means you could literally forget and ignore what a woman says she wants (to a certain extent of course), trigger her instinctual reaction to her needs (beyond her control) and YOU, being the nicest greatest guy in the world become her TASTY BACON CHEESBURGER she'll desire the most, minus the unhealthy parts.

You get the best of both worlds!

I interviewed this high quality "hottie" not too long ago and the transcription is in this post:

Go Deep Inside The Mind Of An Attractive Woman -  Her Secret and Revealing Interview

Her responses are great but they're also misleading. This is exactly where all the bad/wrong information out there comes from, so don't trust it on the surface.

Her answers are her LOGICAL reasoning of what she believe she wants and if you were to try and give that to her, you will FAIL to create attraction and she just won't want you.

You get the first part of the interview for free... enjoy!

If you're a paid up member you get the REAL breakdown of what she NEEDS based on my vast knowledge and experience PLUS how you can use it to attract a woman just like her.

Trust me, it's a lot different than you would expect and now knowing the difference is why you're failing with women.

You can also purchase just the page too for a great price.

What she says she wants is different than what she needs and giving the wrong one doesn't do anything to change her emotional feelings for you.

The interview explains a lot but it doesn't go all the way.

However, my original teacher DOES go all the way:

Click Here To Learn What Every Man Should Know On How To Be Successful With Women - Double Your Dating

It's THE BEST book to show you how it's done (create attraction and give her what she needs), how you can do it easily, how women experience attraction, and more.

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And honestly dude - it's a pubic hair under fifteen freaking dollars!

If you can't put THAT much up to solve your woman (girls don't like me) problem then I just don't know what else to tell you.

Okay now...

I get it.

HOW is it all done?

How DO you make a woman FEEL something she NEEDS so it triggers the attraction?

I'll get you started but you're on your own after that and again, join DiaLteG™, OR pick up the book that first taught me for a little less than $15.

First up as always...

CONFIDENCE and a strong belief in yourself.

It's always first for a good reason, Women are most likely to feel attracted to a guy with confidence... period!

Second up...

COMMUNICATION and communicating your self-confidence in a way that's attractive.

Communication includes all things from your body language to your conversational skills and all the stuff between.


It's actually that simple.

Much more complicated to put into practice but it's certainly not out of the reach or ability of ANY guy who is willing to learn, which definitely includes you.

And NO - I'm not oversimplifying, it really IS that easy.

Women of healthy self-esteem and confidence will NATURALLY feel the most attraction for a man of the same level or higher.

Women can be easily led and made to feel attraction from a guy who knows how communicate himself through his actions, words, and conversational style.

FORGET about giving them what they want or say they want - it can work but it's much more difficult and far less productive.

Give them what they NEED!

Focus on the core areas which are confidence and communication and you WILL give them what they need and those needs are more directly related to her feelings.

There are lots of great posts and pages here at DiaLteG™ to help you:

The conclusion...

Attraction is a FEELING.

How you get a woman to feel it towards you is not entirely about knowing what they want and trying to give it to them.

If you've been trying it and it's not working, there's your proof.

It's better to give her what she needs and a big part of what she needs is to FEEL lots of different emotions which can and does lead to an attraction which is then connected to you.

Getting to her run through her range of mostly good emotions is simply communicating to her your self-confidence and communicating to her in a way which stimulates her and that is generally achieved through your belief in yourself and your ability (or skills) related to conversations.

Many of those posts and pages listed above should be studied so you can develop both pieces - they work best when used together.

It may appear complicated but it's not and it's completely within your skill as a man - even if you've struggled or failed in the past.

Follow the notes - do the work - and this "problem" of not knowing what women really want as a reason for your failures WILL DISAPPEAR.

IF you don't like rummaging through bit and pieces of information and you have fifteen bucks you can part with...

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It's an absolutely amazing, intuitive, well-written series which fixed me, so I know it will work for you too.

Here's a great quote from the opening of the book:

"Don’t Assume A Woman’s Wants And Needs Are The Same As Your Own.

Remember that there is an inherent biological difference in the way male and female brains are wired.

Instead of letting it confuse you (which happens to 99.9% of all men), learn to use it to your advantage so they will become interested in YOU.

Women Are FAR More Interested In The Way You Make Them FEEL Rather Than Looks, Money, Or Fame.

If you think about it, we guys have it pretty good.

In most cases when a man is not physically attracted to a woman, there is very little she can do to turn his feelings around.

Luckily for us, women aren’t programmed the same way.

It’s very possible for a man who ISN’T tall, good looking, or rich to make a woman feel the same powerful feelings we do when we see a drop-dead gorgeous woman."

Click Here To Learn What Every Man Should Know On How To Be Successful With Women - Double Your Dating

The first part is about thinking about your success with women.

The second part teaches you how to communicate with women.

The REST, will pick it up and see for yourself because EVERYTHING is covered. You won't miss a thing.

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