Hey Baby! I Play Games With Women, Why Wouldn’t You Dig A Dude Like Me?

"Reason for Failing with women #29 - You Showed No Interest In Her At All - She Felt Rejected By You - You Fall For Common Myths About Women, You Follow Bad Dating Advice And Play Games That Don't Work."

Maybe if you ignore her... Maybe if you pretend you don't like her... Maybe if you "neg" her... Maybe if you don't text her back for a few days... Maybe if you wait "this" many days to call her... Maybe if you pretend you're too busy with other women on Facebook...

Then just MAYBE... she'll finally start to show some interest in you!

Bad dating advice is out there everywhere and it's waiting to promise you attraction from any girl stupid enough to fall for the old tricks of the past.

However, try them on the rest (self-aware of the games or not) and you're going to fail with lots of amazing women.

If you have found yourself trying any of those gaming techniques and they worked once or twice but just not consistently or on the women you "really" wanted, then why do you continue to use them?

It's not going to change any time soon. The "magic" you've been promised is not going to suddenly appear out of nowhere.

Getting real women requires real skills and genuine interactions.

If you show barely any or no interest at all, why would you expect something back?

If you make her feel like you're rejecting her, why would she want to be around you?

If you're ignoring her purposely, pretending you're a gift to all women, and waiting forever to get back to her, then why would you expect nothing more from a woman (with a life) to give two shits about you and the games she knows you're playing on her?

The solution to this problem is obvious:

Stop it and start doing something else immediately!

We can all agree that it does not take a genius to figure the answer to this one out.

However, aside from the beratement above, which is not my full intention, just stopping something may not be as useful as figuring out WHY you went this direction.

It's always best in failures to take away and learn some valuable plus useful lessons from them so you can come out way ahead.

This is no exception.

It's okay not want to follow a woman around like some love struck puppy or kiss ass nice guy and the advice you found may stop you from doing it for a while.

But figuring out WHY you do it (follow women around, act out of urgency, don't know how much space to give, being overly nice, Etc.. ) and have done it too often in the past, means NEVER having to worry about you doing again.

It's understandable that when you look around and see guys ignoring women and acting all aloof how much some women are still into them, and so you think it must work, why can't it work for you too, right?

However, most of the time you're not seeing the big picture.

You're not getting the whole story.

You're not trained in seeing what lies beneath the surface of her attraction to those guys.

"Indifference or being indifferent IS an attractive trait... BUT most guys confuse what it means, how it works, and don't truly understand why women find it so absolutely irresistible.

Dispelling the myths about indifference and how actually does work."

How To Be Indifferent & How Indifference Attracts Women When Done Right

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A "neg" can work occasionally and so why not try one or two. If you practice at it and good really good then it should work even better, right?

That's great and all but think hard, do you REALLY want to practice making a woman feel like shit about who she is? Is that who you really are?

Again, you're not seeing the bigger picture of how they work, why they work, which women they do work on, and the root of its effect on women which can show you a BETTER way to attract without the negative bullshit attached to it.

Waiting a set period of time between contacting her seems to be important for lots of guys. They tend to get a little anxious when they meet a great woman and don't want to push her away by acting all needy.

I get it.

Showing her you have choices also seems to be important for lots of guys. Women do tend to like guys that other women don't just throw away. If she can see you with another women, chances are she can see you with her.

I get that too.

BUT, the simple facts about all those above are:

  • BUILD yourself a life...
  • ENJOY that life...
  • LIVE your life by DOING things...

And the rest takes care of itself because you won't have time to be all up in her ass everyday, TRYING to get her to like you back.

You WILL get other women in your life. You won't have to show them off.

You'll actually BE the guy that a woman won't ever just want to throw away.

Back to the problem at hand...

Figuring out WHY you felt the need to use games or turn to bad dating advice as a quick fix.

Dig deep. It's in there.

You're frustrated. You're sick and tired of failing. You've tried being nice. You've tried being yourself. You wasted a lot of time in your life and you're growing more impatient, lonely, and sexually pent-up everyday.

So you turned to the "dark side".

I can not blame you one bit for trying but it's time to put the "toys" away and living a real man's life.

Hey, it's okay!

Start here at DiaLteG™ because I will NEVER stop being real with you and 99% of what you find here is minus the games and bullshit. I won't let you go there anymore.

Start here with The Real Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid No One Knows But Me.

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Borrowed straight from the Master himself. You'll find each and every myth or misconception you have about women dispelled once and for all!

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What Women Actually DO Want In A Man

Myths About Women That Are Standing Between You And Dating Success

Those five pages can and will change your life IF you're willing and open to receiving new information.

The research has been done.

Study them all!

Start showing some real GENUINE INTEREST in the women you want.

Sure, the right attractive communication skills is key here to your success. I won't lie to you.

You can just as easily show the wrong interest and continue to fail which might make you feel even more frustrated and fed up. Ready to give up and go back to your old ways and do nothing at all.

All the more reason to GET IT RIGHT and learn the material, skills, and techniques that DO work.

Why Wait For HER Signs When You Can Create Them Inside Her Towards You

There's the plan for you starting in that link. Read it until the end and then go back to the beginning because there's so much more.

The link above starts at chapter 9 where you'll learn about:

  • A woman's process of attraction.
  • The reality behind a woman's attraction to you.
  • Conversation and flirting techniques.
  • Getting stuck in the friends zone by showing the WRONG interest.
  • Body language, hers and yours AND...
  • The undeniably truth about being a man and its direct relation to ALL women in the world.

My point is to help you CREATE HER INTEREST IN YOU while at the same time allow you to SHOW and GIVE HER INTEREST without coming across needy and desperate for her approval.

It's not an overly difficult thing to achieve but it can be such a fine line  making it very hard for lots of guys to see and avoid, unless they're shown exactly where it is.

How it's done is important but aside from that, you will ALWAYS have to GIVE a little if you want to GET a little back from the right woman.

If you want the wrong woman, do whatever you want.

The Conclusion...

Nobody wants to feel rejected or to be played and this includes you too.

I guarantee you despise or even hate any woman you believe might be playing a game with you.

Which makes doing it to them even that much more wrong.

It's completely understandable how you got where you are and why you have turned to what appeared to be legitimate dating and attraction advice from others.

I get how through our experiences it's easy to fall for the myths about women because seeing the BIGGER picture is much more difficult unless you're shown exactly how to see it.

I also know for a fact, each and every guy has nicely shown interest in a woman and it felt like, just because you did, she blew you off for that aloof fucker in the corner that treats women like shit.

But again, the bigger picture reveals the truth about "that" future couple and not knowing it, can make you at least try to ignore her and hope it works when in your heart, you know you're just playing a game and will eventually lose or fail.

The reality is this:

If you're failing with women and have turned to games, success will not come consistently if at all.

Follow the plan above instead:

Stop it and start doing something else immediately!

Getting real women requires real skills and genuine interactions.

BUILD yourself a life.

ENJOY that life.

LIVE your life by DOING things.

Figure out WHY you feel the need to use games or turn to bad dating advice as a quick fix.

Erase any and all MYTHS you are holding on to about women, sex, dating, and attraction.

Start showing some real GENUINE INTEREST in the women you want.

Woman Rejecting Guy Kiss

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