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What Being A Real Men Is and How To Achieve Sexual Confidence With Women

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Sexually attractive women appear to have confidence but without sexual confidence in ourselves we will find it difficult to attract her.

The quote below was sent to me from a woman.  It’s about being a “real” man, your sexual confidence, and your sexual power with women.

Hi peter I love the letter you give me… but the guy ones are depressing at this point.. there are way to many guys out there that have no clue on how to be a man. Your letters demonstrate the correct way to attract women.. so I know it can be done. Its way too bad that most guys feel they are above the help. I have sent 3 guys to your site… they all claimed it was nonsense or would not work for them…. whatever…

so if you want to maintain my sanity you could take my name off… : )

What do you think guys?

Will this “nonsense” work for you?

Let me explain this nonsense I just sent out to my subscribers. It was about having fun. It was about always keeping it that way and never forgetting the ultimate goal is to enjoy yourself. I even gave a simple example of how to do it and places to take women on a date.

My point was simple – when you have fun with women – when they have fun with you – you’re bound to succeed more.

Simply put:

Women are attracted to men who make them laugh and who like to go places.

She wrote that there are way too many guys who have no clue about being a man and they still feel they are above the help.

These kind of letters that really piss me off not because she said lots of us don’t know how to be a man, that’s too subjective, but because she’s not the only woman who has written the exact same thing to me with these words attached:

Men believing they are above the help.

How they claim what is being taught will not work… for them.

They’re right because in a way, if you never try something, it will never work.

But how about what “being a man” really means and why does our “manhood” make us believe we’re above the help.

I mean are we really so stubborn and predictable and stereotype ourselves to the classic, “men can not ask for directions.” Luckily for us GPS’s have come along. HAha!

The woman whose quote I took knows exactly what she means when she talks about a “real man” so in her world, if you want to “get with her” it’s probably best to know what that is.

Beyond what we’re going to get into – He is a man who has real confidence and sexual power and knows how and when to use it.

First of all – when you believe being a man is beyond you, then it’s true. None of what I write is going to work. If you’re looking for all the glory and sex without doing any work then you’ll get what I got for years… nothing or an accidental girlfriend we probably didn’t want in the first place… who eventually despises the relationship.

Let’s be completely honest with ourselves. We’re not looking for a perfect woman, that’s absurd. So the same goes her –> She’s not looking for the perfect guy.

She is not looking for money, fame, fortune, or even the perfect looking man. Don’t get me wrong. They will take it. Some will settle for it.

But for as much as I know about all this I’ve come to the conclusion most stable women will chose emotional attachment over trivial shallow things. If the opposite were true I’m positive our evolution as a species would have gone a different way.

They are just looking for a man. A real man even as subjective that can be for her.

But they also want a guy who is sexually confident and aware of it enough that he’s not afraid to use it when the time is right. A real man “gets” women and to her it literally feels like he is almost always one step ahead of her. Like she can never quite catch up and this actually excites her.

I understand how that last paragraph can mean different things to different people. I also understand the definition of a man is not clear to everyone and yes, women of different backgrounds will describe their certain man based on their own perspective…

But when you get to the absolute kind of instinctual root of it all…

Those qualities or skills listed above CAN be learned and developed by any man. At least the ones who are willing to risk a little time and patience to get what he wants AND has an open mind to learn.

Taking a little risk, going after what you want, making the move when it’s time to get this part handled – is an extremely sexually attractive trait women look for in a man.

Women do NOT feel overly emotional urges towards men who just sit back and do nothing.

I believe they don’t care how you learn it. They might not even want to hear about it.

But they certainly know the difference between a man who does it right and took the steps needed to develop his “manhood” and those who don’t.

Here is what I believe in today that give men “real” man power:

  • He’s Challenging both mentally and physically.
  • Competent and confidence in many of his abilities.
  • He’s a man of true Character.
  • He’s a man with real Integrity and is well-respected.
  • He holds a high value of his himself and his beliefs.
  • At the right time he’s Fearless.  A risk taker. AND…
  • Know’s how to use the first six qualities to escalate or “move forward.” the right way.

Here are some quick simple solutions to this “man” thing ANY one of us can use and use to come up with even more.

Can you challenge a woman mentally and physically?

If not…here’s a solution – Stop giving “it all” away.

Don’t give a woman your every thought because you think that’s what she wants to hear it.

Don’t advertise what is in your pants for anyone who is hot.

The mind and physical part of a woman work together and  therefore you must challenge her both ways.

Too much mentally there’s no sex. Too much physically and you’re just a pig only looking for a quick lay at her expense.

Can you be competent and have confidence in your abilities? Whatever they happen to be?

If not…here’s a solution –  Just be the best at whatever you’re passionate about and always strive to reach a higher goal. Steer far from complacency where it matter the most to living a healthy balanced life.

Confidence is the ultimate aphrodisiac and competence let’s women know you’re not going to back out when things get bad or when she starts acting a little too emotional.

Are you a man with character and integrity and who’s not willing to lower them just for a hot body?

If not…understand this to find your solution.

Integrity is a huge miss for lots of us. We might believe it has something to do with us not making a move on a woman. It’s as if we sometimes believe if we don’t make the first move on her it makes us better than the last guy.

When in fact not knowing when to advance and when to pull back only proves we’re not a man of integrity and sometimes she’ll take the overly advancing guy over us because we “chose” to do the other.

It shows our lack confidence in our abilities to excite a woman sexually. Like we’re trying to hide that fact we are a sexually aware man who desires women. And there’s nothing wrong with being a sexual guy. It’s actually what women who want men… want!

I pulled the exact definition of integrity and put it below.

Notice how having integrity has nothing to do with not making a move but it does contain the honesty in “being a man with sexual desires” and how we’re feelings complete enough to go after what we want.


1. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
2. The state of being whole and undivided: “territorial integrity”.

Now read below the definition of character. This is our unique self and nowhere is it listed that we have to try to be different. Such as trying to NOT act like every other guy.

It’s our own distinctive self which, if we live our life by all those listed above, will naturally make us a man of character. (Which again is a HUGE turn on to women.)


1. The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.
2. The distinctive nature of something.

What if we’re not a man who has a high value of ourselves and our beliefs?

Here’s the solution I came up with for myself.

Trust. Trust ourselves more!

Trust that what makes us who we are is not infallible but ever-changing and evolving each and everyday.

I’m not talking about our opinions or whether we can memorize facts we believe are correct. I’m talking about putting everyone else at the same level we’re at in this world.

I’m not asking us to lower others or even raise our self above them arrogantly thinking we’re better than everyone else.

Just to value our self enough that our beliefs do matter a lot to us and that no man or woman can take those from us because we find them attractive or believe we’re not “worthy of her”.

If we follow the list above we have to naturally behave like a “real” man with value.

How about this whole “fearless” thing when it comes to our interactions with women… Like when to take the risk and when to hold back?

Sexually Confident Woman

Yes. Sexual confidence is huge in this so-called ‘game’ with women. Don’t let not having any ruin all your other great qualities in being a real man.

Here was (in part) my solution… I read this:

Pay close attention to Secret 4. “Escalation is a process of rising risk.

There’s no guarantee it will end all our fears with women but we CAN understand how important it is to take certain risks with women, at the right time, and especially done the right way.

That is if we want to succeed with women and be seen as a sexual man who “gets” her.

What about the last item on the list above?

Knowing how to go from step one with a woman (as in approaching and meeting her) to continually moving forward to either a relationship, casual dating, or whatever the goal happens to be…And also knowing how to use those first six qualities to progress naturally with women?

The report link above can answer lots of those question for us.

There is good news as we work our way to “real man” status. We DO have to possess those qualities and continually work on them but it’s just not necessary to escalate with women entirely…

Because most women are looking for confidence in a man and sexual confidence more specifically.

Working on those skills is the easy part because it’s about us and I’ve already come up with incredibly easy solutions on being a “real” man which will attract more women and any one can come up with on their own. (Actually in my current newsletter I cover a lot about this stuff.)

Having  “sexual confidence” does allude lost of guys and it’s really hard to work on your sexual experiences when you’re not getting any. It can be hard to be confident when we don’t know how to turn on a woman.

But please don’t fall for the old “it’s nonsense” or “it won’t work for me” shit because, as men, it is certainly within our naturally given traits to get this whole “realness” handled and to actually use the “good” parts to attract women sexually.

We can:

  • Achieve sexual confidence and women will “ask” us nicely 😉 to challenge them mentally and physically.
  • Allow this sexual confidence to show us how competent of a man we really are.
  • Use the sexual confidence to gain a clearer and sexier definition of our character.
  • Have the sexual confidence to understand or believe how integrity is more than just trying to be different from the rest. How our integrity will tested in ways to make us a stronger more capable version of our self along with the highest integrity.
  • Know from this sexual confidence how valuable of a man we are. Not only a high sought out commodity in the world but a man’s whose beliefs mean more than just an opinion to the woman next to us in bed.
  • Gain more sexual confidence by understanding what risk taking with women is really all about and how our “new” fearless attitude attracts women easily and it will appear almost effortlessly.

Thanks to all of my wonderfully fun and sexy women readers for always sharing with me their most passionate views…

And for us guys…

Carlos Xuma – the man who wrote Alpha Sexual Power – wrote it for us to help us achieve sexual confidence and experience, not only in the bedroom, but from when we first approach them and as far as we want to go. Pick up the free report on escalating with women right here –> Shark Fin Soup

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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