The Real Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid No One Knows But Me

There is no preface. There will be no sad sob stories to lead you off. My name is Peter White, creator, owner and writer at DiaLteG TM and I am an attraction expert.

That's all you need to know on that subject for now.

The real truths or "secrets" you find on this page I (not-co-cleverly) like to call "Chapter One" WILL forever change how you interact with women and create attraction so let's get right to it.

I'm willing to bet you've seen a few video ads trying to sell you their product. They all start the same way. They bring you in promising something you care deeply about – typically called the hook.

“Get her in bed with these three MAGIC words.”

“Whisper this in her ear and she'll be begging you to take her home.”

“Get any woman you desire to chase you with this one secret gesture.”


They connect it something emotional so you feel like you'd be a fool to not in the very least listen to it.

While they're promising you an answer to your (woman or girl) problems the first ten minutes is a sad sob story designed to tug on your hearts and let you know that the person telling the story is right there with you.

How they know EXACTLY what you're going through – which is supposed to make it okay for you to feel that way – how you're not listening to some dude's bullshit, that you've actually made a friend who not only cares about you BUT also shares a common experience.

The goal is what I call the two percent rule.

They know or bank on one or two out of every guy who watches or reads it, will take the bait.

It's a numbers game which don't get me wrong, is not a simple as it sounds to achieve but the numbers don't lie.

Multiply that by the literally thousands of men who visit that page everyday and you've marketed yourself a lucrative (although shaky) business model. As long as you keep them coming – you'll have a steady source of income. Proven success IF, that's the key here – IF you can keep them coming AND your hooks and leads capture the right attention.

Yeah... so what, right?

What the (fuck) does that have to do with dating, women, relationships, attraction, and getting laid?

Because the tactics they use can, will and definitely DOES work on women too.

It's been proven possible by the many men who either do it accidentally or learn to do it from another guy or product who teach you how to “trick” the system in your favor.

Promise her something she's emotionally connected to and make her FEEL like she'd be a fool not to try and you WILL in the very least get her attention.

Give her a rare one-in-million chance to solve her problem (in this case would be finding, dating, and marrying the man of her dreams) just by talking to you and you'll capture her curiosity.

As the answer to her happiness is left hanging and dangling out there for her to consume, you draw her in and tell your story.

You make her feel connected to you more.

You let her know you're right there with her.

How you know and understand what she's going through.

How you're BOTH emotionally attached to the same things.

How you BOTH are also looking for the same happiness out of life.

AND that you have a shared common experience like... no... other.

You tug at her heart and she responds in a way which is loving and caring and deeply felt.

The two percent rule (give or take a few decimals) also applies here.

A few women WILL take your bait whether you're genuine or not AND you can take it as far as you want depending on if the “leads” or women you're capturing were brought there (to you) with the intended attention.

Meaning – if you want to sell a weight loss diet, you don't send traffic from a source that has little to do with health or exercise.

If you want to “sell” yourself to women – and succeed – you don't get your traffic or visits from a place where you only find old married women buying something for their husbands.

Makes sense, right?

My point is...

With the right hook (or bait), with a solid connection story or something she can emotionally relate to, with the right way to make her feel like you have a shared experience – as long as you keep the numbers up and are constantly tweaking your approach on how you bring them in for a bigger “turnover” rate you have a SOLID (although shaky) business model of success with women.

And since you're not dealing with internet numbers or anything like those kind of masses – you don't need to do it with a hundred women to get laid 1.5 times; with the right tools you can get it up to a secure 3 to 4 percent of women.

OR just happily be lazy and settle for the 1.5.

After all you're not a greedy little pig, maybe you just want to enjoy sex a little more than you have in the past, right?


At each stage or step (as you meet a woman) there's a structured plan to follow which, when done right, will give you a turnover of women.

Yes – I used the word – TURNOVER.


Let me tell you something – since I'm IN the marketing business and not a very lucrative one at that; it's a lot of hard work with no guarantee of a real future – just a few flings.

Here are some numbers from one of my now old accounts over a 5 months period:

Hops Selling Turnover

5909 hops which are clicks to one of those video ads. Average earning .20 cents per click. 207 of those 5909 went as far as the add to cart page. 89 of them click on the add to cart page. Resulting in 36 actual sales not counting up-sells or re-billing which we don't need to get into for this discussion.

Lastly, a few refunds leading to some sales which made me actual money. That's BEFORE taxes and the invested money on advertising and hosting.

Luckily I have other accounts that don't just put up VSL's as they're called which the numbers are much greater with less returns.

Alright – I hear you LOUD and clear.

Yes, it's a little different in human to human interactions.

There's definitely an edge or advantage to one on one “consultations” which makes it a little easier and more natural.

Yes, if (as a guy) there's a good chance if you meet over five thousand women in the next six months and interact with them enough to satisfy the requirements above – you're going to get laid. You won't have time for anything else but you will get laid even if you just ask them at a bar, “Sex – how about it? You and me? No strings?”

Come on, 5909 women – not caring about how she looks or how drunk she is – it's a no brain-er. The laws of probability will certainly be in your favor.

Now that we've secured up some numbers for you – how to increase your odds – been shown a little about how much work it is to PLAY THAT GAME...

How does it make you FEEL?

Do you think it's worth it?

Do you think it's morally or ethically right to equate your dating and sex life to a proven and effective business model?

Absolutely NOT!

It's not a numbers game but you're certainly free to do it because you know it will work.

Just copy and paste some sort of routine.

Pick your “target” women wisely at the right times.

Continually refine it based on your target audience.

Live the life.

Rinse and repeat as often as you like and I do mean “rinse” because you do know there are a lot of STD's out there.

Trust me it's a lot less work than running an online business but as in both, you're free to take it as far or high as you'd like or your dick can take.

Morality aside – right or wrong – I can guarantee with the right look, the right attitude, the right words, the right HOOK and BAIT, you'll be a chic magnet and other guys will happily pretend that...

You're a god among gods in getting laid and picking up Chics.

So why have I been comparing all this?

Why have I risked your attention with so many words when I could've just as easily made the quick point and move on to what you were promised...

Am I hooking you in?

Leading you somewhere?

Baiting you to BUY something I'm selling?

Does it feel like I am?


Does it feel like I'm being so genuinely honest and upfront with you that I couldn't possibly be bullshitting you?

Maybe it's hard for you to tell... just yet.

Maybe you're not convinced either way... but you're curious enough to know where I'm going with all this.

Maybe you don't like the suspense and you're just about (because you couldn't have or else you wouldn't be reading this sentence) to scroll down for the quick answer.

Maybe you're so bored today that you've only just realized you've been staring at your phone reading this (some of you a little anxious or pissed because I didn't make a "cool" video on you tube) ...for the last ten minutes and the time you're NEVER getting back might be wasted if you don't at least read the whole damn over-word over-stated thing!

Are you realizing something right now?

Think about it.

This IS about dating, attraction, women, etc... or whatever...

This IS the absolute truth about dating, women, relationships, attraction, and getting laid.

Trust me I'm NOT that clever but give me a chance... because just MAYBE there's something going on here which could convince you otherwise of my mental capacity.

Let's get to some of the REAL truths.

IF a woman feels like you're hooking her in – she will RESIST or blow you off entirely once it's realized OR use you for her own personal gains.

Are you trying to hook women in? Do you feel like you NEED one? Do you feel or believe you have to have something they want for them to like or date you or feel attracted to you?

Are you leading women SOMEWHERE?


Or have you always relied on THEM to decide only to find out their decision meant rejecting you, leaving you, giving up on you, or to experience a frustrated woman who screams loudly that you... “JUST DON'T GET IT!”

NO woman wants to lead. They want a man to lead them in this area at least. Relationships, dating, attraction, etc...

Next... because the whole leading thing will take a few pages so let's stay on point here.

Are you baiting women?

Do you feel like you have to convince them to BUY what you're SELLING?

Which in this case would be YOURSELF.

Do you feel worth it or “worthy” as they say? How much value would you really say you had with women?

Are you over-inflating your value to women through false confidence and pretending you're something you're not or better than you actually believe you are?

IF you were a product, anything – do you believe it works OR do you feel like without a guarantee of delivery, ease of use, and performance – no woman in her right mind would either buy or INVEST in you.

Is the reward with the risk to her time, energy, and love?

Weird stuff to think about – I understand.

But trust it's the truth and if you don't know those answers or are not actively trying to solve them or make them better – you will NEVER attract many women; the unfortunate conclusion amounts to very little choices lowering the odds of ever finding the right perfect woman for you.

Next point related to the last...

IF women think you're trying to sell them yourself – they again will NOT trust your sincerity. They will make it difficult for you to lead and create attraction.

They will fight you with the only punches they have – rejection, leave you, not give you a chance – blow you off – not return your calls or texts – or just find someone else.

IF they think you're only out to get something – you won't normally get it.

They won't trust you.

They won't connect with you.

They won't believe what you say or do is real.

They won't respect you.

They will question your intentions and sooner or later talk themselves out of spending any time with you.

From the VERY brilliant mind of Carlos Xuma who taught me a little too good,

"Never offer anything up as a kind of trade for a woman. So that she senses an agenda or there’s a deal going down.

In other words, don’t make your interaction seem like, it’s a give and take. Like you’re giving her compliments so you can get her phone number.

Or you’re giving her flattery so that she will like you. It’s another form of approval seeking right there in a lot of ways.

But it also comes across as like a blatant transaction. It’s transactional approval. It’s a transactional kind of approach from a guy when he goes in like this."

Peter White Interviews Carlos Xuma – Nice Guys Tips To Attract Women

Hope you're still with me here and honestly, I'm not trying to make you feel bad or put you down – just trying to relate things to you in a way which is real for me and hoping you'll see it for what it is.

It's not an attack on you.

This next part will blow your mind – I'll try and keep your attention – if I fail – I'll apologize in advance and continue to work on that skill I sometimes know I'm lacking in.

Genuinely honest and upfront – otherwise known as being REAL.

Do you think, believe, or feel like women are seeing those things in you?

Do you think that if you're too honest with women, they'll decide they don't like you and will never give you a chance?

Do you believe being upfront with a woman doesn't work when it comes to attracting them?

Maybe you've already tried it all so you're absolutely convinced you're right.

You can't tell a woman you love her too early. You can't tell a woman you like her if she doesn't say it first. Show too much interest and she bails, stuck on some guy who won't give her the time of day. Show too little interest and you're thrown in the friends zone.

Wait – before we get too deep into those waste-of-time arguments let's back it up a little to the part that's supposedly going to blow your mind. I didn't forget about it. There is/was a valid mind-changing point.

Imagine the way a woman feels when you're genuinely honest and upfront with her a little too much as in the cases above.

Don't you think she's going to feel the same way when I asked how you felt about me telling you all this stuff?

Like how you're being so REAL you couldn't be full of it – therefore trusting you right away.


Do you think that by being honest she's going to believe you MUST be full of shit because “Guys just don't do those type of things!!!”


Maybe it's hard for her to tell... just yet.


Since she's not convinced either way... she's curious (or you peaked her interest enough) to WANT to know where YOU are going with all this honesty.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Makes you question everything? Makes you wonder WHAT ARE you supposed to do so she'll get the picture, get you, AND feel attracted to you too.

It's enough to drive you crazy!

How about the next part...

Maybe SHE doesn't like the suspense, maybe she wants to flip to the end to see if you're real as you say you are; maybe you've engaged her in a way which makes her want to just get it out of you already.

OR... lots of those here...

Maybe she's so bored with it all and within a short time realizing she has lots of other things on her mind which are more important than you or dating you. Let alone feeling any sort of attraction towards you.


She feels the more time she puts in figuring you out the more time she feels like it's all wasted when you “finally” reveal to her one way or another who you actually are.

Full of shit.

Genuinely real.

You see (clearly or not) you actually CAN be honest and upfront and she's still going to think through her process.

She's still not going to trust it or anything about you JUST because you tell her.

She still needs PROOF.

Just telling her doesn't seem to work.

Trying to prove it to her doesn't work.

You can not CONVINCE her to feel something for you or one way or another.

Once again...

If she thinks you're out to get something from her – you won't get it UNLESS she wants it too and is willing to accept those terms.

So what or where is the REAL answer to all this? Here's one key to successfully triggering attraction in ANY woman.

No matter what you do or say or try ALL women still need to go through their process.

Woman Thinking Attraction Process

Here are some (more) key questions:

Do you know where YOU fit in with regards to her process?

Do you know what her process is or how it happens for her?

Do you believe learning the answers to those questions will make it all happen for you; like you'll never have to worry about attracting a woman ever again?

Seriously – do you BELIEVE it or are you just nodding your head up and down because you want to believe that's all you need to know?


Is her process a predictable event which happens the same way every time or is it ever-changing based on her mindset, frame of mind, sexual wants or needs, and/or the ultimate goal of finding the right guy to spend the rest of her life with?

Are you seeing the REAL problem here?

Trying to plug yourself in to her process is no different than trying to squeeze a square peg into a round hole. (Pun may or may not be intended or fit.)

Sure you can try and re-mold yourself to fit yourself in, but then you end up back to where you started. In a way you're still trying to convince her to feel something for you.

What sane human being would change their entire existence just to squeeze themselves into another person's heart.

It should happen naturally, right?

No matter what angle you take – from my experience – doing anything for someone else is usually a sign that you want something from them.

AND that's how it will ALWAYS feel to them.

No matter what your intentions are...

No matter what you're trying to communicate...

The receiver (a woman) will interpret it in a way which you have no control over and any attempt to control her (or their) perception changes the outcome; therefore making it impossible to tell if what you did was right or wrong or influenced it any way positively or negatively.

This happens everyday regardless of the circumstance.

The problem with EFFECTIVE communication is getting YOUR point of view across to the other person so they see it the way you want them to see or believe it.

The difficulty of doing so is in the loop of... the more your try to control what they see or hear the more you change the outcome.

Sound like a bad time machine movie – it should – but that's HOW it all really works.

The REAL key to effective communication is listening more than talking.

The REAL secret to proof or proving your point or getting another to align with you and your thoughts or beliefs is...

Ready for it?

Getting them to SAY or THINK it first so it comes from their brains, their belief system, their thoughts and then directly out of their lips.


This my friend is the KEY – the REAL truth about dating, attraction, relationships, and WOMEN!

Which is a huge reason as to why so many men and women FAIL. I'm not saying they fail in hooking up, getting laid, entering a relationship, dating or whatever... lots of people achieve that...

It's why they FAIL to COMMUNICATE.

Fail to communicate and you fail to trigger consistent deep attraction on your terms and not theirs.

This is NOT an easy concept to internalize.

Imagine my part or my role in all this:

I have to COMMUNICATE these concepts to YOU in a way in which you will see it MY way therefore making it mind-numbingly simple for you to put these things into practice in your everyday life.

I have to get you to come to your own conclusions based on your perspective and not mine.

ANY attempt to do so otherwise is a FAILURE on my part because this wonderfully counter-intuitive yet powerful information will be lost and you will not benefit from it in the way I intended it for you.

How does all this relate to dating and attraction and women?

Have you put it all together in YOUR mind yet?

You don't need to know HER process.

You don't need to know where YOU fit into it.

ALL you really need to know and the ONLY skill you need is HOW to COMMUNICATE to women in a way which does what was just covered...

Except with women the words needs to be changed to fit the sexual situation.

Allowing her to FEEL something (anything) in a way which comes from her brain, her belief system, her thoughts, and then connects it all with YOU.

If I desire a woman to feel attracted to me then all I have to do is speak (mostly by listening) to her in a way which sets her process up to happen naturally, allow her to come to her own conclusions so it feels right and real to her in those moments, and then have her connect those emotions directly to me.

Yes I know – it seems impossible doesn't it? Appears difficult. Feels like a lot of hard work...

But it's not because you do it everyday without even knowing it IF you're alive and breathing. (If not, then you're probably not reading this anyways.)

Think about YOUR thought process.

How you convince yourself to do or not do things.

How you make decisions every microsecond of the day which in turn effects the outcome of your life.

AND then you connect to those events EMOTIONALLY one (bad or good) or another.

All the while you're building a road map of experiences and forming a belief system which again – in turn effects your current belief system making it an ever-changing and evolving into the human being you are right NOW.

Not yesterday and not in an hour or tomorrow... right NOW.

Which just changed from the previous second and will change again in the next second.

Yeah it's all so deep. Very hard to conceptualize. The way our brain works makes it tough because it's constantly doing these things at an alarming rate. Faster than any computer invented or even all of them put together can do... just yet.

My point about it being EASY is because you do it everyday.

You go through the process just the same as anyone else does therefore the template is already running inside your brain.

What happens (as to why it may not be working for you and women) is you interrupt the process by introducing elements which stop it from happening naturally.

From your brain to your mouth and your actions, SOMETHING is being altered and that's YOU trying to control the outcome in a way which benefits YOU and not THEM.

Can you see or spot the difference or how and why it's happening?

You don't get another person to align with your beliefs when they sense or feel like you are getting more from it than they will – who would ever “fall” for that unless they've built their existence on how others see them.

In that case you find you're only attracting needy people who base their esteem or worthiness on the whim of others. Sometimes they're referred to as “emotionally greedy”. IF you're an overly nice guy THAT is how you appear to them.

You trying (or doing) things to attract another person is for YOUR benefit and not theirs, right? You're certainly looking to get something out of it or else WHY would you even bother.

Get them to come to their own conclusions based on their own beliefs or process and they suddenly feel being attracted to you is to THEIR benefit and a little of yours too.

That's the main key difference. That is the absolute TRUTH about attraction.

For someone to feel this way – then must BELIEVE it's in their best interest based on their many different beliefs, experiences, and life-long quests to find happiness – they must FEEL being attracted to you is something which is beneficial to THEM.

Let me see if I can put it in a perspective you can relate to in your everyday world.

See Woman Smiling Club

You see a woman. You feel instantly attracted to her.

By some chance you meet her and start interacting with her with a simple conversation about anything.

What's the first thing a typical guy does in this situation?

He tries to attract her by showing her what a great guy he is in any way he deems is important to him or what he thinks is important to women.

Some guys will brag. Some will talk about their wonderful careers. Some will talk about their friends or family. Some will talk about her to engage her side and to make her believe he's a guy who cares about that stuff.

Most of it seems okay or harmless. It's what EVERYONE does, right? It's how you get to know each other. It's how it all works in our social world.

You're right... sort of.

Now... how is doing any of that stuff going to get her to think about how being attracted to you is to HER benefit?

(And I'm not talking about hooking up with you so you can give her money or gifts either. That's not the benefit which women look for that overrides all common thoughts or doubts she may have in herself or you.)

Think back – what exactly are you trying to communicate to her by doing those things?

That you're a great guy? Someone she should date or marry or whatever?

It's what nine out ten guys do who unfortunately FAIL most of the time with women.

Remember again – you can not SHOW her you're a great guy and have her believe it.

Most will not trust it. This is something you do not have direct control over – this is something she needs to conclude for herself based on her own thought process and feelings.

Remember above – if women think you're trying to sell yourself then they will only conclude you're out to get something from them and... HOW is that a real benefit to them?

Remember once more – they won't believe it whether you're truly genuine or not. Either side of the spectrum you fall towards, even if it's in the middle somewhere – they will ALWAYS come to a conclusion based on their beliefs no matter what you do or say IF you're not communicating to them in the ways covered so far.

Regardless of what you say or do she still needs to go through her process.

The REAL benefits women get from feeling attracted to you.

We now know you must learn how to communicate to women in a way which allows them to come to their own conclusions and allows them to step through their process in the same way you go through your own.

We now know a woman must feel likes it's in her own best interest and is beneficial to her to feel attracted to you.

She must think about you in more ways than one.

She must feel strongly or an emotional connection based on those thoughts to you and how they're connected to you.

This is turn gets her thinking more which in turn gets her feeling more and the cycle continues either endlessly (or not) depending on what transpires during her process.

That's the typical cycle of attraction women experience.

No matter where it starts (thinking or feeling) it MUST happen.

If she sees you're an attractive guy to her and feels a physical attraction to you she will follow through with the thought process and cycle from there.

If she's not overly physically attracted to you but starts to feel something while you're interacting or communicating with her, then her mind will cycle from inner thoughts to feelings and back again until the loop becomes an emotional attachment to her OR to an unfortunate but probable abrupt ending.

It's NOT a hard concept to follow and it's exactly how it happens EVERY TIME!

Which I think is really cool stuff.

Putting it all together or making it happen so this feedback loop happens more consistently is where it gets a little complicated especially if you disturb the process (break the loop) or not know how to start it off and running on its own.

BUT... some good news here.

The SECRET has already been uncovered – do you know what it is?

Has it crossed your mind? Is it on the tip of your tongue but you just can't seem to get it out?

Is it driving you crazy thinking about it all? Like there's something there and you're so close to it BUT it's not revealing itself?

Are you wondering why I'm asking you all those last few questions?

Hope so because it's DIRECTLY related to WHAT a woman must feel IF you're to trigger or stimulate her attraction towards you.

That thought process – is an actual BENEFIT to her.

Really, it is.

It's how women function.

You see – consider what the REAL benefits a woman feels who is in a state of feeling attracted to a guy.

If you don't know what they are – how can you possibly communicate in a way to her which stimulates the response you're looking for?

Think of it from your terms.

How does it make YOU FEEL when you're experiencing attraction towards a woman.

Does it make you feel good, bad, happy, sad, sexually charged, sexually frustrated, helpless, capable, important, effective, nondescript, OR is it something you can not describe in words?

OR is it sometimes or mostly ALL of it – the full range of emotions – something we'll allude to in a moment.

For good or bad that's the REAL benefit a woman GETS when she is feeling attracted to a guy...

It makes her feel ALIVE!!!!!!!!

Woman Hugging Pillow Feel Alive Attracted

It makes her feel like a living breathing human female whose been charged up and is ready to take on the world.

Energetic and under any circumstances... ALIVE!

Following along, THOSE are the benefits – that's what she's going to get from you. This is what she needs to conclude based on her own process, this is what you're GIVING TO HER.

Just the same as the benefits you get from your own attraction to her.

Communicate to her in a way those benefits – don't get in the way of her process – allow them to happen in her own (mind) time – let her connect them to you...

AND as if some magical force took over her mind, body, and soul...

She will experience attraction to you in a way which will literally blow your mind – especially if you've never experienced it or seen it happen before.

Rather than come up with a list for you I'll leave you to do it on your own. As the book progresses we'll cover it all. Just not in chapter one.

Although the reason is because it doesn't matter what the real list of feelings/benefits are; only that you understand or learn the skills to communicate with her so it does happen.

Yes – either way goes – good or bad – it really doesn't matter all that much.

Of course I'm assuming you're a good guy and you want a fun relationship and not a drama-filled mess to deal with everyday so your focus is mainly on the good with an understanding...

You MUST let the bad happen too when it happens. If a woman is pissed at you for something you said or did (including the extreme) she must be left to cycle through her emotions unimpeded by you or you will break the loop.

I'm not saying you shouldn't be there for her – but you're not there to solve everything for her – you're just there to listen and allow her to get it all out in her own way.

But this isn't about that kind of stuff – that's for another time.

Communicating to women so all this happens naturally for her.

No games or tricks and NOTHING to break her loop – you're only responsibility is to get it going, not break it (the loop), let her come to her own conclusions of the benefits she'll get to experience by feeling attracted to you (and a little more which will most likely not be covered just yet.)

I want to say to stop TRYING but that point or concept is hard to understand or grasp as a human.

Telling yourself to stop doing something is as pointless as saying, “Don't think about the word COW.” because once it's introduced the brain MUST think about it.  (See - you just imagined a cow.)

The other side of not “trying” which CAN be done and often does give results is to avoid making mistakes which break her loop or has no effect on getting it started.

Part of avoiding these mistakes is assuring you pass her tests avoiding these mistakes and negate them quickly. Unfortunately a lot of guys don't understand the concept of testing and by reading typical advice on passing her tests – they miss something important.

(And yes I've certainly been guilty of teaching guys how to pass her tests in a way which can all too easily lead a guy down the wrong road.)

A woman's test is inherently connected to her process so negating them may not have the positive affect you might assume. The LAST thing you want to do in attraction is take away a woman's natural ability to test because as you now should know – it could easily break her loop AND as stated several times – she MUST be allowed to go through her ENTIRE process.

So I'm going to say it, FORGET about passing her tests on HER terms and certainly do NOT attempt to negate them. Sure if you're looking for quick lays from hot stubborn women who may or may not be all that intuitive in this area – go ahead and learn about negation because it can and does work under very VERY strict circumstances.

BUT it also requires a set of skills to progress from a quick approach to sex in a short time AND what you'll only get is something less than a chance at a REAL relationship with a woman.

Now as for avoiding mistakes – again – it's simple and direct, you'll want to make sure you're not breaking the big ones BUT again some of the mistakes that are smaller, when they happen, actually PUSH her through her process which IS a good thing.

You must feel like I'm taking away all your tools and leaving you with nothing to USE to create attraction or get her loop moving along.

You've been taught (I'm assuming you've done some kind of research or flipped through a couple of articles or Ebooks on this stuff) that a woman's attraction towards you hinges on avoiding mistakes and passing her tests which is not entirely wrong but solving the problem from that angle may not be the right way for many, if not all.

So I'm not taking away your tools, I'm giving you POWER from an entirely new perspective which gives better results and proves (in the long run) to work so much better under normal everyday circumstances you find yourself in with women.

After our brief discussion – what are you left with?

What's the ONLY way in which you can work with to create attraction?

YOU are what's left and if you think about it, since you want a woman to feel something for you – It stands to reason since the area you have the most control over IS you and your ability to communicate – starting with yourself would only make sense, right?

Bet you didn't see that coming...

The LAST thing you want to hear right now is some dude telling you that you have to change and no worries, I'm not going there entirely.

If you have a big problem with “change” since I know most guys do – think of it as making “adjustments” in your life. A few simple small adjustments will make the bigger change happen all by itself... guaranteed!

Aside from adjusting yourself to a new mindset or way of thinking...

This has to happen:

You must change HOW you COMMUNICATE YOURSELF to women and I believe you've already knew that based on what you read so far.

Communication is KEY to success in EVERY area of your life and why would it be any different when it comes to women.

Communication is HOW things get done in YOUR favor.

It could be a job interview, a relative you're looking for help from, that sale you've been trying so hard to push through, or even a free lunch from the cute waitress who knows how to get it done for you – you can get ANYTHING you want IF you know to do what's been covered today... through the many ways in which you communicate.

Sex, dating, a girlfriend, a wife – the same with the added exception of a sexual edge and maybe a little more.

The inevitable conclusion of chapter one is coming soon.

There will be no wrap ups – go back and read it again. Of course you can skim through to the good parts – just do it so you GET it and understand what is now required of you.

The REAL truth about attracting women & triggering her attraction is NOT about playing the game or following rules.

It's simply a matter of adjusting yourself and communicating yourself to her in a way which allows her to step through her process naturally and unimpeded by you.

She must come to her own conclusions based on her own beliefs and process.

She must lead herself through her emotions... all of them.

AND then she must connect them to you because you make her feel ALIVE.

You're not out to get something from women – you're out to give them the benefit of experiencing ATTRACTION... towards you.

This WAS Chapter One.

Stay tuned for Chapter Two.

It's in the works.

BUT what a second....

The sales pitch never came, right? Isn't that how all this is done?

Actually the pitch is coming - Get on my newsletter DiaLteG TM!


You CAN LEARN this skill quite easily once you know how it's done BUT first, you must understand HOW attraction works for a woman and then you can and will understand how to "sexually" communicate to women.

This will show you all at a HUGE discount. Worth every dime of your money.

Attraction Isn't A Choice Ebook Offer

ATTRACTION isn't a choice. It's an emotional reaction.

ATTRACTION is nature's way of taking over our minds and bodies long enough to make sure that we mate with someone with the best possible genes.

I realize that this sounds pretty "clinical" and lame, but it's the damn truth.

Attraction isn't concerned with you, her, or love. It's evolved over a loooong period of time, and it has a purpose that is very important.

ATTRACTION isn't logical, in the sense that it isn't created by things that "should" create it.

Buying women dinner and gifts, giving lots of compliments when you first meet a woman, and kissing up to women to get their approval are examples of "logical" things that SHOULD create attraction... but the truth is, they don't.

When you understand how attraction works, you begin to see that it has a "logic" all its own.

Click HERE: Attraction Isn’t A Choice eBook: How To Use Secret Communication And Sexual Body Language To Attract Women.

I do sincerely hope you've learned something unique and valuable today. Something as exciting as I felt when I wrote it for you.

Later - Peter White.

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Dave here I like the way you communicate, it makes me think. I am what I call a thinker, meaning I am always consciously thinking about something, usually a project or a future project how to proceed about things. But for some reason I never put it use in my social life probably because I was raised to believe only “sluts” want sex and who wants a slut, right? Right now she is looking pretty good. LOL anyway You make me think in ways I haven’t before and it is making me feel better about many things I just wanted to say I am glad I accidentally ran across your site and to say Thank You and keep up the good work. If you want to feel free to use this letter.
Thank You again your awesome and your teachings are also, Dave Allen

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