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Do Women Sexually Test Men With Verbal Foreplay?

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If you can’t believe she “just said that” then she’s probably just testing you with verbal foreplay.

If you can’t believe she “just said that” then she’s probably just testing you with verbal foreplay.

Verbal Foreplay ( from a woman ) is intense flirting with a purpose… to sexually test us guys.

Notice how it feels SHE wants it to go somewhere – but often it doesn’t. Almost like she “trying” to get in our pants.

She’ll text us naughty things.

Talk about a past sexual experience she enjoyed.

She’ll even go so far as teasing us provocatively just to leave us there hard and sometimes unfortunately dumbfounded and horny.

This “verbal foreplay” is HER way of testing our strength.

If we take the bait and try to run too far with it, could reveal to her our lack of experience or even a lack of sex in the days leading up to it.

It can also get us to reveal just how into her we are.

In another way it will definitely prove to her how much sex is really on our minds and whether or not we have something so rare I believe most women will settle for a guy without it…

Sexual restraint.

And I’m not talking about some kinky sex either.

Verbal in this case is obvious… it’s usually only words, texting, conversations, or topics about sex.

Foreplay because it “feels” like a prelude to sex. Designed to increase our desires and get us hot and ready.

But unlike real foreplay… it’s not meant to actually go anywhere.

This remarkably intuitive and clever test works for many reasons because it does separate us guys into a few groups…

  • The guys who get it.
  • The guys who don’t.
  • The guys who want it.
  • And the guys who “pretend” they get some.

It also works well because:

Women DO think about sex! They think about it often and they think about it in great detail.

From what I’ve seen more intimately than us guys can ever hope to.

Yet since women don’t always have to act on those desires it appears she has all the power to just walk away… but in reality if you pass this test with an A+ I’m going to admit her release will happen later on that night with YOU in mind.

Here is some great advice in dealing with these situations and since I have been on both sides I’ve learned how to fail them and how to pass them too…

First… the failures.

If you’re too nervous or afraid to talk about sex with a woman you have not slept with because you lack the experience… she’s probably going to know it after.

If you always let it go too far and assume she wants you because of it ( like the game’s over ) this “acting differently” or thinking you’ve won… reveals your hand all too early.

It goes like this:

She brings up sex.

We get excited.

She pulls back and then we’re hooked…

We’re sexually committed to a woman who just wanted to make sure of a few things about us.

We fail the test because we begin to escalate too quickly, thinking we’ve won, trying to make her feel too comfortable and it literally sucks the attractive chemistry out of the connection and we find ourselves… yep… in the “friends zone!!!!”

But luckily THAT doesn’t need to happen to us nice guys… we CAN pass this test. Especially when we recognize or assume it’s happening.

The hard part is not being afraid or trying not to act nervous when she brings up sex first and not having any reservations over talking about it.

Doing that could take some inner work.

The easier thing to do of course is…

Tease her back while remaining in the present and while remaining IN CONTROL.

When she begins to lead us with this verbal foreplay… give her a little slack… but don’t give up the lead entirely.

Eventually she’ll pull back and when she does, pull back further.

Most guys go in “chase mode” here and fail the test.

TO be the “other” guy go so far as accusing HER ( humorously ) that SHE must not be getting much lately.

Remain “in charge” of creating and building sexual chemistry because that’s normally what women want from you.

If her test takes you out of “being that guy” then you fail.

Women want guys who DO know how to take charge but they also want to know a few other things:

She can turn you on.

She is sexually attractive to YOU.

You have or even fake your experiences better than others.

You have restraint.

You are IN control of your emotions.

Her “Verbal Foreplay” when used early on is not only a sexual test…

It’s meant to be fun.

A prelude to something else… later of course.

A test of your character to assure her you really are who you appear to be on the surface.

And as mentioned above…

Women WANT to be sexually attractive to the guy who passes the “foreplay” test.

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