She Don’t Like Your Job! Are Women Into What You Do & Not Who You Are?

"Reasons for failing with women #17 - She Hates What You Do For A Living and You Took It Personal – You Believe Women Are Only Into What You Do and Not WHO You Are."

Your beliefs are not only important to yourself, because they are inherently WHO you are - they're also more than just relevant to women and how attractive you appear to them.

You're going to meet the rare woman who judges or hates what you do for a living and rejects you because of it.

You're also going to meet many more women who reject you because you believe, based on what you do for a living - no woman will have you - therefore you reject yourself first, don't try, and/or use it as an excuse to degrade women, AND that's a real issue here.

This is partly about having goals and aspirations - meaning, so what?

You work at McDonald's, how is that stopping you from being a great employee with dignity and respect and climbing the (admitted) lame ladder of being successful working there.

(Watch this great movie for a great example on how to work at a job you might not like: Coming To America on Amazon.)

An aside:

Do you know who Dave Thomas was?

He was commissioned by Kentucky Fried Chicken to fix a few restaurants and used that money to build the largely successful and oh-so-tasty Wendy's franchise.

"It was 1962 when Dave was finally offered an opportunity he couldn’t pass up – the chance to rejuvenate four failing Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurants in Columbus, Ohio. Dave had met Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, and he quickly became one of Dave’s strongest mentors. When Phil Clauss bought a KFC franchise, he offered Dave a chance to revive his four failing restaurants in Columbus. Against even the Colonel's advice, Dave took the challenge and succeeded. He trimmed the menu and used creative promotions - swapping chicken meals for radio time and making an illuminated sign that looked like a rotating bucket of chicken. Clauss later sold the restaurants to Dave."

Fouding Wendy's

So nope - working in an artery clogging fast food restaurant is not the end of you (unless you're eating it all the time of course) because you CAN use it as a great opportunity to propel your career as high as you want, AND that's the attractive ATTITUDE which guarantees women like you.

Making the most of what you've got...

Having goals and aspirations...

Not being negative and inspiring a positive attitude in yourself and those around you under ANY circumstances...

Not taking the few exceptions to this truth of women rejecting you because of your job, and assuming EVERY woman thinks this way.

WHO you are and how good you are at creating attraction will be the most deciding factor between your success with women and your failures.

The EXCEPTIONS are far and few between and lots of them are actually reasonable such as a woman (or groups of women) who refuse to get deeply involved with men who risk their lives everyday - good or bad. This means police officers, military men, up to and including scumbag drug dealers, etc...

BUT that doesn’t mean she don’t “like” the guy by any stretch of the imagination, it's an after choice to follow through with what she is feelings.

So the answer is: ATTRACTION!

Attraction IS attraction and regardless of what you do IF she feels it for you – there’s not much she can do about it which is why this is a very general excuse a woman will give to a man but it’s actually because she’s just not feeling anything.

IF there’s more to it which does happen – it’s not the job she cares about – it’s your goals in life and aspiring to make something of yourself no matter you do or the talents you use, well that’s more important to her.

Admit this is an excuse to make yourself feel better because you don't handle rejection all that well.

Admit you're blaming others for your issues.

Admit that it can not possibly be true because when you look around you’ll find lots of women with guys who do lots of things for a living which may start with ditch-digging and end with the select few who run major corporations.

No matter what you do for a living – don’t just phone it in. Be responsible. Show some initiative.

Make sure you have goals in life and that you’re trying to achieve something for yourself.

Focus more on creating attraction because once that’s done, you can easily override MOST women’s thoughts about your job or career.

If YOU hate what you do for a living - then change it. Yes, it's that simple and you can fight me all you want on it but it's the truth.

Define your LIFE!


Before you start living your dreams, first you need to know what they are.

So get to work… as in right now… clarifying your personal “vision” of an exciting, happy, fulfilling life.

Once you do, guess what… the qualities that your “dream woman” must possess to share and help you achieve those dreams will become immediately obvious.

So go figure yourself out.

Are you an outgoing world-traveler with dreams of sailing the world?

Or an introverted screenwriter hell-bent to winning an Oscar for best screenplay?

Nail it down in no uncertain terms, because it ain’t rocket science — until you know yourself and what you want, there’s no way to find a woman who’ll love you in amazing, life-changing ways for who you are.

3 Critical Steps To Finding Your “Dream Woman”

A REAL women will ALWAYS choose a guy with the worst shittiest job in the world who at least CARES, and is bettering himself any way he can, over a guy who bitches and complains about his station in life and does NOTHING to change it.

And that's not just me bullshitting you - look around and open your eyes and you WILL see it everywhere.

Don't judge the female race through the limited lens of the rich and famous. They ARE the rare exceptions. You don't need to be rich and famous and makes boat loads of women to get women to like you sexually.

You know that - deep down, I KNOW you do.

ATTRACTION is EVERYTHING in the beginning. Its design is to perpetuate our species in the most effective way which our, and all other species' evolution has spent hundreds of millions of years perfecting:

"We’re dealing with a mechanism that is stronger than logic, stronger than reason, stronger than a parent’s warning, and stronger than bad experiences.

The force of attraction can be unimaginably unfair, completely illogical, unusually cruel, and beyond comprehension.

People will do things that are totally irrational and exactly opposite of what’s good for them when they’re under the influence of Attraction.

I’ve seen people take ridiculous risks and lose much of themselves because
of attraction.

But the fact is that attraction is neither good nor bad.

It just is.

Attraction Is Selfish!"

Borrowed from the book - Attraction Isn't A Choice by David DeAngelo.

If a woman doesn't like what you do for a living, it's okay.

You'll only be rejected by the few (reasonably or not) who either place fear of loss (which is the reasonable one) or financial security beyond normal means ahead of her feelings towards you IF, and only IF you created attraction in the first place.

Otherwise she's giving you an excuse to let you down "easily"? - so yeah that easy part can be argued.

The REAL issues are listed above and that is what needs to be taken care of first and foremost:

The prejudice that the majority of women are only into guys with money or great careers - which is wrong.

Are These Myths About Women Standing Between You And Dating Success?

A false belief leading to a very limited belief system.

Here's the reality:

It's not WHAT you do - it's about goals and aspirations and the ability to make the best with what you do or have that is more attractive to women.

It's using this "not real problem" as an excuse to spare yourself of a wrongly predicted rejection which hasn't even happened yet.

Your failures with women - in regards to today's topic alone - is really not about your job at all.

Once you change your mindset and see that ATTRACTION takes precedent most of the time...

Once you seek out goals and work towards them - even if it's the lamest job in the world...

Once you learn HOW attraction is created and why it does overrule so many other things...

Then this problem you're having with women supposedly not liking you, goes away.

Buy the series already and start changing your mindset before the next decade of your life passes you by, being stuck in a job you don't like, not having the greatest woman of your life to come home too, and becoming more miserable and despondent as each day passes you by...

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