She Felt You’re Hiding Something – You’re Afraid Of Being A Real Man

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“Failing with Women Reason #11: She Felt You Always Had Something To Hide – You’re Afraid Of Being A Real Man and You’re Too Much Of A Nice Guy.”

Many nice guys believe since they’re nice, they have nothing to hide and wouldn’t ever dare trying to hide something from a woman If there was something.

It’s their “calling”, so to speak, right?

They bare it all a little too easily and actually think that makes them different, AND that’s why women should like them.

Only a jerk would NEED to hide something. Only a player doesn’t want his truths revealed. Only an asshole would try to hide his asshole ways, at least just long enough to get laid.

However – IF you are a nice guy, you’re hiding way much more than you ever are willing to see, and you’re hiding or “keeping” away lots of junk  from women – which is WHY they don’t seem to feel attracted to you all that much.

You’re hiding your true feelings when you befriend a woman when inside – you want her so badly it hurts.

AND most normal women can see it a mile away – so they assume you’re just being UNREAL or not a real man whose willing to risk it all to be with the supposed one of their dreams.

You’re hiding your masculinity or your REAL MANLINESS from women too.

Trying to ACT like you don’t a dick between your legs or being in denial that it does not in some way dictate your actions and goals as a human being – is a HUGE LIE!

AND deep down… you know it.

You’re hiding your REAL agenda from women hoping you can slide your way into her heart and pants – because you can not tell me sex is off the table…

I know – you want a relationship, you want to settle down, you want the whole package, and that package will ALWAYS include sex and desires or intimacy.

Let’s take a look at this problem from another angle:

Nice guys are all too well-known for claiming the jerks and the assholes get more women than them.

Maybe they’re right, maybe they’re wrong, let’s assume they’re right for this discussion.

Now there could be many different reasons but if you ask a woman why she would choose or feel more attracted to the not-so nice guy – you’re going hear this:

“He’s a jerk. He knows it. He’s not a jerk to me though. He doesn’t hide the fact that is who he is – with him, at least I know he’s being upfront and honest. Unlike the nice guy who is afraid of being his REAL self. You don’t know with those guys. They almost make me feel  like one of them COULD turn out to be the quiet guy next door – you know the one who ends up killing a hundred people!”

You see – whether he’s an asshole or a jerk or whatever seems to be less important than the fact he’s not hiding behind a false front, which tends to make women feel manipulated and used.

IF women are always getting a sneaky suspicion that you’re hiding something, from anything as in being a man, admitting you have sexual desires for her, to just being so nice – they will think SOMETHING must be wrong with you or else, you wouldn’t have to hide those characteristics from women.

Take a guy who is a heavily into Star Wars and he feels like this makes him a nerd.

He assumes women don’t go for nerds, so when he meets a woman for the first time – he keeps it a secret. Hoping if he reveals that fact later, it won’t make a difference.

Instead of declaring it prominently – or disregarding the MYTH, yes myth, that women don’t go for guys who are into that type of shit… he locks it away and PRETENDS to be someone else… just for her.

And most normal women HATE THAT SHIT!

If you’re something – OWN up to it.

There are many ways spin lots of what you do to make it attractive to women – up to but NOT including the fact you might be a little too into My Little Pony. We as men, to be seen as men, have to draw the line somewhere and that’s the line – being a “My Little Pony” fan.

And that’s just one way to go.

What about these hidden agendas – befriending a woman you want to fuck or date – or even the part of you who might think, just because you’re nice you’re owed something and that you’re better than others…

Combine them all and women SENSE it almost immediately and sure, they’ll be your friend, they’ll talk to you, they may even let you believe you have a chance; but in reality they’re looking for someone REAL, UPFRONT, BRUTALLY but TACTFULLY and ATTRACTIVELY HONEST.

How Do You Fix This Problem So You Don’t Look SNEAKY Anymore & Start Attracting Women?

First – You must start by owning up to yourself as if it’s not a big deal.

Drop the myths, lose the concept that women a one-dimensional creatures, and start believing ANY woman can be into you, despite all that you think you need to hide from them…

Especially if it’s something you don’t like about yourself.

Second – Immediately… STOP pretending to be someone you THINK a woman would want.

Hey – if it’s really that bad for you, if you’re so convinced a woman couldn’t possibly love you for YOU, then either change yourself to the person you think they want or…

As above – STOP pretending your someone you’re not – just for them.

Third – Admit this now… You’re a man, a male, they are women, females.

Women are not stupid, they KNOW it, they know sexual attraction is on the table.

Trying to hide it with a lack of skill or what you think is a class, only makes them want the man in you, even less.

They would rather sit and wait for a far lesser guy who at least isn’t afraid of his masculinity, than to act like a man themselves just because you won’t take charge, take the lead, and go for it the right way, of course.

 Fourth – Understand NO ONE is asking you to walk up to a woman and say,

“Hey let’s fuck. Peter told me that’s how it works, so… you wanna screw in the back or what?”

What you must get and learn are skills which show your sexuality as a man who just might be into her, minus the crass asshole bullshit.

There’s a distinct difference and you know it.

Don’t refuse to make the change with that argument – because you’ll only push yourself further away, AND women will actually believe you’re hiding something – and that’s a non-sexual life with a very small dick.

Fifth – If you’re not looking for another friend who is a woman, stop treating them like you are.

No single woman wants to meet a guy they might be into, only to have him treat her like an asexual virgin out of fear or a belief that’s how it supposed to work because…

You’ll only make her feel unattractive and not at all like a real hot sexy woman.

Sixth – Open your mind to a concept I bring up in my free, yes free book:

“You see (clearly or not) you actually CAN be honest and upfront and she’s still going to think through her process.

She’s still not going to trust it or anything about you JUST because you tell her.

She still needs PROOF.

Just telling her doesn’t seem to work.

Trying to prove it to her doesn’t work.

You can not CONVINCE her to feel something for you or one way or another.

Once again…

If she thinks you’re out to get something from her – you won’t get it UNLESS she wants it too and is willing to accept those terms.”

The Real Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid No One Knows But Me

The point is:

Women still need to go through a process to FEEL something for you – some take longer, some not.

They will ALWAYS come to their own conclusions based on their own thought and emotional process.

YOUR job is to LET her do it.

When you hide, or make her think you’re hiding something, anything, the process becomes interrupted and suddenly it’s shifting from attraction to something else’ and not normally a feeling of wanting to get sexual with you.

The conclusion…

I don’t make up this stuff off the top of my head – the come from my own experiences from lots of failing attempts with women.

It occurred me that not only did all this apply to me – I was afraid of being a REAL man because my definition of that guy wasn’t right.

I’d see the guys women fell for all the time and assumed or projected that image onto what a real man was supposed to be – that is, IF he was to get laid.

Number SEVENTH then becomes…

Just because a guy is better than you with women, does not make him a REAL man:

Get yourself the RIGHT definition of a real man and step into his shoes… while at the same time learning to communicate to women attractively.

I have TWO suggestions you can dig deep into to solve this and EVERY other problem you might be struggling with women.

One is the REAL definition of an Alpha Male and what makes him so wanted by practically every female walking the planet:

How You Can Develop Your Personality & Be A Real Mysterious Alpha Male


IF you’re worried about this whole #MeToo campaign, and how it’s harder than ever for a guy to BE that real definition of a man without getting arrested, screamed at, or treated like you’re some kind of pig…

Read the letter below which leads to Invincible by Scot McKay. Something he developed to help you get past all this once and for all.

How Do You Talk To Women Without Getting Shamed or Arrested Nowadays?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve been shocked and amazed by how brazen the anti-male movement has gotten.

The #MeToo hashtag is purposefully vague so as to shame practically any male for virtually any “offense”, all the while cheapening actual sexual assault and fostering a victim mentality among more women than ever.

And the pace at which the rich and famous are being called out, shamed and being ruined for sexual offenses–sometimes without any hard evidence, let alone due process–is enough to cause any man to run for his life.

But see, the truth is you’re NOT one of those guys.

You’re not a monster simply because you’re male and heterosexual.

And just because so many are being hit with allegations doesn’t mean you’re next to be accused.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of women are still 100% female and heterosexual. They never wanted it to come to this either.

Bold, confident masculinity is what turns on feminine sexual urges.

Sex is the most powerful force in the universe, and—news flash—politics can’t stop it and more than you and I could stop a freight train.

Remember, without you women are left unsatisfied…AND the human race would be extinct in 100 years.

So how do you wrap your head around this?

How do you attract women and interact with them without ever having to worry about them blowing the “sexual harassment” whistle on you?

How can you–even as a regular, decent guy–expect to initiate physical, sexual contact without having the “rape police” called on you?

These are the questions men ask my friend and long-time dating coach Scot McKay every day.

Hell, even WOMEN are writing him asking why men don’t even LOOK at them anymore, let alone talk to them or ask them out.

Obviously, it’s all spiraling out of control at breakneck speed.

Just yesterday I read an article about how male managers aren’t even hiring women anymore, and male employees are practically begging their bosses not to be put in the “socially perilous” position of working with women.

It’s gotten to where nearly ALL of us see virtually ANY interaction with ANY woman as a surefire way to have our reputations, careers and even our very freedom itself brought to ruins…again, all without due process.

So WHAT ARE WE TO DO? I mean…should we drown in porn and die alone?

Hell no. There are rational, objective answers…and they make perfect sense when you know the truth:

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Your masculinity and your very future was, and remains, at stake.

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