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Will She Have Sex With The Jerk or You? Playing a Nice Hard To Get

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Stop thinking your way out of her pants.

A change of mindset CAN attract women.

You can increase her attraction and get the same emotional response she has from a jerk or player by playing hard to get and you can STILL be a nice guy.

This is playing a “nice” hard to get.

You’ll find more of these “nice guy tools at DiaLteG TM: The Jerk, The Bad Boy, The Player, & A Nice Guy, Tools Of Attraction? To learn about women playing hard to get, definitely read this, Why Women Play The Hard To Get Game And Why It’s A Good Thing For You.

Here’s this woman. She’s recently divorced.

She has a couple of kids and working her ass off paying the bills while dealing with a dead-beat ex-husband.

She meets this guy and they go out and have an “okay” time. It wasn’t the greatest night in the world but hey, at least she got out and had a little fun.

When they make plans for another meeting he backs out and says he has too much going on. She not too concerned about it. After all it wasn’t a spectacular night.

In her mind it’s not a big deal and she quickly moves on.

Then… out of the blue, a month later he shows up saying,

“Hey babe. Let’s go out again sometime.”

So what goes on inside a woman’s mind after his attempt to get another date?

If you’re not sure you’re in luck because I can get almost any woman to tell me exactly what is on their mind and how they are feeling.

And here is what she said to me,

“He wanted just sex. He didn’t get it. Or he wanted sex first and then maybe develop something later. Either way he’s not getting it. I’m not into just having sex, especially with some guy that acts like that. He was all into me and then he disappears for a month. What a Jerk!”

Alright guys, let’s be really honest here. I know what you are thinking…

  • She’s going to sleep with him anyways because he’s being a jerk.
  • She’ll end up with him because he’s PLAYING hard to get.
  • She will continually complain about him but fail to mention they’ve been dating for two months.
  • She will then eventually tell you how you just don’t know him the way she does. How deep down, he really is a sweet guy who is just confused, or has a tough life.
  • She then excuses him for all his “bad habits” and learns to deal with his bullshit.

All of us “nice guys” think this way because we have seen it happen many times. At least more often than not.

I know you’re thinking this way because One – I used to be the same way. Two – I’ve been good friends with lots of nice guys. Three – as the saying goes, when you see the sun come up everyday, you expect it to always.

And Four – because you’re reading this right now tells me you may be a little sick and tired of jerks like this getting all the “good” women…

And quite possibly you’re looking for some tips on how to get a woman to sleep with YOU and not him, right?

It all starts with a new way of thinking or “mindset”.

A step outside of the box so to speak.

Lots of what I learned about women come from the ability to do this and to get the right help.

I believe SHE WANTS to “believe” what she’s saying.

But I also know she can not help but to feel “something” for someone who she was interested in, and then blew her off.

Here’s the interesting part.

Have you ever thought that just maybe she spoke about him in that way because she was masking or hiding the fact she felt rejected.

A hot woman rejected?


They can get whoever they want.

Well yes. It’s true.

Even the hottest women in the world can feel rejected and it’s a fact they do also get rejected.

Here’s how this first thought is going to help you…

No matter what she looks like or how others may want her more than average, she suffers from the same emotions the rest of us do.

Players know this and use it to their advantage.

Jerks may not realize it but it still works in their favor – to get the women you feel you deserve.

And here’s the really cool part.

When you gain a woman’s attraction and add to it an emotional response, she’s more likely to invest in you more.

This combination increases her attraction to a level where she is more likely to sleep with you and not HIM.

I know.

But you’re a good guy.

You’re not into playing games.

You find it impossible to be the jerk and you’re dead set against avoiding a woman you are interested in.

It just goes against everything you stand for.

Well that’s because you’re not thinking differently yet.

You create a spark of attraction then get an emotional response and you don’t have to be a jerk or player to do that.

There are ways to achieve that without having to play her. Or play the “blow her off” game.

This is your new mindset with four points to remember:

1. When you’re interested in an attractive woman you must always put her at the same level of everyone else until she proves she is in a different place.

Which means she could even prove to you she’s not what you’re looking for.

In the case of the woman above – she felt rejected. And let’s face it, we all have been rejected or have felt rejected at some point in our lives.

It’s absolutely unavoidable.

2. Most women only need a tiny feeling of attraction to gain enough interest in a you to want to spend time with you.

It could be as small as looking a little better or different.

A tweak of your personality.

A flirty introduction.

A burst of confidence.

An abundant feeling of self-worth.

3. Gaining an emotional response which builds, lingers, and then builds again is what causes a woman to invest more of her thoughts and feelings about you.

4. Getting this emotional response without going against your “nice guy” ways is now simply a matter of your lifestyle and your new mindset I mentioned above:

OLD MIND: Women are objects of my desires. When I’m not intimate with her I feel less connected with her. She becomes a part of my imagination which can never be fulfilled.

NEW MINDSET: Women are not objects. I can connect with them emotionally because I am not an object also. She feels almost exactly what I feel. She suffers the same way I do and more beneficial, she experiences happiness and enjoys being intimate with the same emotions I have.

HER EMOTIONAL RESPONSE: “This guy gets me. He understands me. There’s  chemistry between us. We just click.”


OLD MIND: I guess you have to blow women off or play with their emotions before she has sex with you.

NEW MIND:  If I don’t put a woman FIRST in my life she’s more likely to want to spend what little time I have to give with her. This also causes me to make sure every first meetings are short and full of excitement.

HER EMOTIONAL RESPONSE: “His life doesn’t revolve around me. He’s not like other guys. I wonder if he likes me at all. How come he’s not kissing my ass so much? What do I have to do to get him to spend more time with me so I can figure out how he feels?” 


OLD MIND:  Women always say, “You don’t know him the way I do.” She’s always so willing to put up with a jerk and has plenty of excuses as to why.

NEW MIND: I don’t have to be prefect all the time. I can still make some mistakes later on which won’t completely ruin it for me. (As long as I get the first few parts right)

HER EMOTIONAL RESPONSE: “He’s not always worrying about what I think. I don’t seem to affect him negatively. He screws up and doesn’t let it get to him. He’s a lot stronger than I feel most of the time. Lucky bastard!!” 


OLD MIND: If she only knew who I really was she would like me more. If she only knew what a great guy I was. If she could only see how much better I am than he is.

NEW MIND: I don’t have to be someone I’m not around her. I’m already a decent guy and I KNOW she’ll see it even if I do something stupid. If she wants a man to prove to her how good he is then she probably not very nice anyways because she’s looking too deeply at her own insecurities.

HER EMOTIONAL RESPONSE: “This guy is so confident and he’s modest too. I love the way he’s not always bragging or doing things just to make sure everybody likes him. I wonder if I can make him happy…”

In a few short examples you’ve seen a glimpse into how to gain an emotional response without resorting to any kind of game playing.

This new perspective or this new way of thinking is simple and easy. And it requires you to never venture far from your nice guy ways.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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