She Thought You Were Gay Because You’re Afraid Of Being An Alpha Male

"Reason for failing with women #28 - She Thought You Were Gay - You Act Like A Woman and You're Afraid Of Your Masculinity - You Let Women Lead Because You Don't Know What or How To Do It."

It's hard to imagine how many women actually believed I was gay and that's why they didn't bother with me or let themselves fall for me.

Maybe they just didn't want to be disappointed so they didn't ask. Perhaps they wanted to avoid being embarrassed. Sounds reasonable.

It's even harder to just guess if that was the REAL reason it didn't go anywhere with a few of them. After all, gay or not, if the attraction is there, why wouldn't she at least try, ask, or stick around long enough to find out if I was into guy or her.


Some fair thoughts/question you can feel free to answer or not:

Can a woman actually feel a REAL gut-level deep instinctual attraction for gay guy?

How feminine he is or acts might make a difference too. After all, gay doesn't necessarily mean female or feminine in my mind.

It simply means a man feels attracted to other men and doesn't feel the same way about women.

All that is neither here or there but certainly worth a discussion.

Today's post is essentially about yet another reason men fail with women. Number 28.

A woman doesn't have to necessarily think you're gay to not feel attracted to you. All that she has to get is a feminine vibe off of you and no sexual chemistry will ever sparked.

This happens often to guys who:

It appears the "gay" part is taking a backseat to something more damaging in not creating an attraction or failing with women constantly and consistently.

The full solution to this problem will vary from man to man obviously depending on the more specific "why's" listed above but the common threads which need to be pulled and sewed are:

Leadership and Masculinity.

Fix them and the total problem disappears entirely.

Combined they describe just how much of an Alpha Male you represent to women and actually are inside and out.

And IF you're afraid of that word, ALPHA, because it tends to get a bad rap, then you must eliminate that fear through real research and the right understanding of what it actually does mean and how it does affect women in attraction.

The "quick" solution if you're into that sort of thing is to get your "not being gay" out of the way by making ANY kind of move on her early and as quickly as legally and morally allowed:

When It’s Time To Make Your First Move On Her – No Fears – Go For It!

I trust she will have get it when your lips touch hers or you make some sort of physical move on her which clearly states you ARE a MAN who is ATTRACTED to women... end of story!

If she insists on playing with you and/or busting your ass about how feminine you may or may not be, then that's a good thing because it usually means she's feeling attracted to you.

Just come back with a favorite line I've used many times to throw them off guard and state straight-faced and dead-pan seriously,

"I haven't been gay in years."

It's part of a cocky comedy technique in which you set yourself up as being un-datable to women and works rather well in creating a sexual dynamic to your interactions with women while both of you can have some fun with it.

Please use sparingly because when done wrong can be a disaster and will become a total waste of your time.

The longer (more beneficial) solution is...

Study what it means to be an Alpha Male and work on becoming as close to one as you can.

They're considered sexy by women so "not being seen as gay" part takes care of itself.

They're leaders with respect to themselves, sometimes others, and certainly in touch with their masculinity.

They rarely if ever FAIL in creating attraction within the women they interact with for any period of time at all.

Below you'll find lots of great material on what being an Alpha really is and how to get there yourself:

Alpha Attraction

Two Hot Half Naked Women

These thirty three rules will show you the Alpha way to attract women through personal development along with some tips you can use right away to create sexual chemistry.

Go through them all and any woman with any sense of reality will never assume you're only into men.

Alpha Attraction – 33 Rules To Master Your Success with Women

Being A Sexy Guy

Hot Woman Sexy Guy Touching

A premiere book you can buy or browse through the preview version on what it really means to be a sexy guy accordingly to the tons of women I've surveyed and have personal sexual experiences with in my life.

Learn what sexy is, where it comes from, what women are looking for, and how to be or become him. Since being sexy doesn't have to be all about your physical appearance, you'll find it's perfect to assure that women know right away that you're a man who does in fact like women.

26 Traits Women Find Sexy – How To Become A Sexual Guy Despite Your Looks

Alpha and Mysterious

Quiet Mysterious Alpha Male Beautiful Woman

In this page I extensively go through 10 traits of the Alpha Male and explain them in full detail. You're going to definitely know what being Alpha really is and why it's so attractive to women.

In the paid or members version you also get how they can easily be added or integrated into your personality without losing your core character and current value system.

Lastly, I reveal how it's all connected to being a REAL man of MYSTERY so for you "quiet" guys out there with shy personalities, it's a perfect match.

Your quietness won't have women assuming you're not into her anymore.

How You Can Develop Your Personality & Be A Real Mysterious Alpha Male

Alpha Body Language

Alpha Male Relaxed Woman By Side

Alpha males have a certain way of moving which makes them stand out in the crowd and are quickly noticed by heterosexual women. This rather short but effective post reveals the Alpha's body language in six tips and how he makes it happen so you can too.

It may not solve the gay-ness problem entirely but combined with other things will certainly get you headed in the right direction.

The Number One Secret Behind the Alpha Male’s Body Language

Your Path To Becoming Alpha

Be Alpha Male Book Cover

Jump straight to Chapter 3: The Three Kinds of Men, Alpha Males, Beta Male Nice Guys, and Jerks because this is where John Alexander explains why to you in a way that can solve this gay problem.

It's just WAY to easy for a woman to assume you're only into other men when you're a beta male nice guy.

This is only the preview version with the first few chapters included on how you can become alpha male but since it does include chapter three, you'll find it useful for today's post, discussion, and much more too.

How You Can Become An Alpha Male & Attract Women - Free Preview Version

Defining Your Masculinity

Masculine Man Carrying Feminine Woman

There is NO better way to be seen as a man who only is attracted to women by becoming the polar (opposite) of the definition of femininity.

Scot McKay breaks it down into fourteen opposites and in this preview of a bonus for members of DiaLteG™. You get the first 8 for free and the 14th is always free anyways.

Women define your masculinity in a way which is shown in this bonus book. Study it, live it, and women will not only get it, they'll instinctively feel your heterosexuality.

Igniting Femininity: 14 Ways Women Define Masculinity  - The Preview

Definition Of The Alpha Male

Couple Holding Hands

Carlos Xuma has been studying the deep inner workings of the Alpha Male throughout his entire career so there's no better man to teach you about them.

Fact: EVERY man has a little Alpha Male inside them and if you know how to tap into it, let go of your unfounded fears, be proactive and active, then you can become one.

What The Alpha Male Is And Why It Helps You Attract Women

Stopping The Rejections

Alpha Male Female On Beach

A PERFECT example of when things go wrong and why that is related to being an Alpha Male.

This also shows you what can will go wrong if you wait to make your move and one reason that you're rejected is because she thought you were gay.

You're so into this how girl and she's giving you every sign she's into you. You wait. You feed your ego with her flirting. You finally work up the courage & ask her out but she rejects you.

This is why it happens and how by being a real alpha man you can avoid being rejected. Stop following and become a leader.

Stop Being Rejected! Why & How The Alpha Male Doesn’t, Lead, Don’t Follow

Mistakes Of Not Understanding Alpha

Couple Fighting Not Being Alpha

A reader asked me to help him with a woman he screwed up with and since he claimed to be an Alpha Male, I felt some quick explanations and understanding needed to be said first. So you get that and so much more.

He was told that he needs to stop playing games, to stop "acting" like something else, and to immediately START being REAL with her, if he wants things to work out in both of their favors.

The advice given assures, when followed closely in your life (as best and close to your personal circumstance) women will feel attraction towards you therefore, even if she thinks you're gay, your "REAL ACTIONS" with her will let her know you're not into men... Problem solved!

What His Real Mistakes Were and Not Knowing What Being Alpha Is

The Conclusion...

The real problem of women not liking you sexually because women assume (or are led to believe you're gay) might have a little to do with you acting or being a feminine looking kind of guy but lies much deeper.

It's because one or more of the following:

You're afraid of your masculinity and downplay it in front the women you want to date.

You want the women to lead and let them too giving up the leadership role needed to form a deeper real attraction.

You don't know how to lead and in many of your interactions with women fail to either make the right move at the right time (physically and mentally) and/or miss the opportunity to let her know subtly or directly that you're a guy who is clearly into women.

The quick easy fix is to:

When It’s Time To Make Your First Move On Her – No Fears – Go For It!

Do it early. Do it right. Do it legally.

Make sure she gets it.

The longer more beneficial fix (as far as complete success in all your future dating and relationships) is to work on becoming a real Alpha Male because they are NEVER mistaken for being anything but heterosexual being Alpha (gay or not) means understanding and accepting the leadership roles in your life.

So if you're not gay, you're going to go through the process in dating and take charge so you're not assumed to be anything but heterosexual.

Needless to say - if you are gay, the same thing will happen except you'll being moving forward with men.

Either way, the problem works itself out nicely.

If you're going to take the longer process, make sure you follow the Alpha links above one at a time and you'll get there.

Don't be surprised how quickly things will come together for you. The end-result may take some time but you'll find the little steps add up quickly so you will notice some results in a very short time.

If you're looking for some outside help, my original trainer and promotional affiliated recommendation is of course David DeAngelo who can show you a thing or a million things on learning how to sexually communicate with women.

Sexual Communication: A Man’s Guide To Understanding And Using The Secret Language Of Attraction!

Sexual Communication Cover

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Woman Rejecting Guy Kiss

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