She’s Your Boss & You Want To Date Her? How This Leads To Failures

"Reasons for Failing With Women #19 - She Is Your Boss and You Refused To Go Out and Find Another Job or Another Woman – You Lack Choices and Work Off A Mindset Of Scarcity And Not From One Of Abundance."

Yeah - so what, this reason in itself is not all that common. I mean, think about it, how many dudes really want to date their female boss?

However less probable this situation is, the root of it all is VERY common to lots of men:

They don't believe they have any choices. They ACT like every woman they come in contact with, is the ONLY one out there for them.

They feel like they must make their move on HER, and hinge all of it on this one interaction or exchange...

AND they fail miserably because of it.

They smother her poor ONE soul with attention and affection, then they sit back and HOPE it works, right? It has to work because if it doesn't, there couldn't possibly be another woman out there.

And she (they) feel his desperation. They know it.

They realize they are in charge and once that happens, you're done.

Sure a few women will take advantage of the situation and you too. They'll put you on the hook. Friend you. Take your money. Accept a free ride from you...

But MOST - well they'll just blow you off because they want a MAN, a leader, someone in charge of themselves, someone who knows how to treat a woman, like the feminine (female) she is deep down in her soul.

If you're a guy like this, you're limiting your choices and opportunities, and on top of that you're acting from what I call a "sense of urgency" which is fully covered in my famous page:

How & Why You Must Give The Women You Are Attracted To… Space

IF you've noticed this pattern in your life, trying to date your boss is the least of your problems with women:

  1. You get hooked on a girl quickly.
  2. You put all you have into getting her.
  3. The outcome typically leads to rejection.
  4. You stay hooked on her for long after the rejection.
  5. You believe or try or think you can change her mind into liking you.
  6. Eventually, after a long period of time, you meet another woman and finally give up on the previous, but not entirely.
  7. The pattern begins once again. GOTO #1.

Before we get to the now obvious solution to this reason for failing with women, I want to say a few things about trying to date your boss.

Okay – I hear you…. BUT you LOVE your boss because she’s so incredible and she might've even hinted back that she "might" be into you.

Guess what?

If you love her that much and are willing to do anything to be with her – which is not advisable – find a different job. Take the risk.

Then you can come back and attempt to make her your girlfriend, take her out, or marry her. Whatever your goal is – make it happen or get over her and meet other women.

If you’re not willing to do that then it's probably only sexual anyways. You're spending a lot of much time together and the friction is getting more heated everyday.

How about this...

If you leave (the job) while things are hot and heavy you may just find an incredible relationship with her. You’ll show her the strength of your choices and she’ll be even more attracted to you.

PLUS if there’s a breakup and things don’t go as planned – you won’t have to deal with all the work drama that comes from dating your boss.

Unfortunately - this also must be considered...

By leaving your job you risk losing her because any man who’s willing to put a woman first when they’re not in a relationship often loses her. In this situation you must find a way to allow her to see this is a one time deal.

The rest of your life is yours.

As you can see - it's a tough choice leading me to say what is pure common sense...

Don't date your boss and do everything within your power to not let your imagination of being with her get into your head or pants!

The obvious solution to wanting to date your boss - a lack of choices, and a scarcity mindset.

A scarcity mindset typically stems from low self-esteem, low confidence, and a trivial guesswork on what it takes to attract women.

Here are my pages on building your confidence:

Why Confidence Is So Attractive to Women, What It Is, & How To Get It Quickly

How To Be Confident Around Women – No Experience Needed?

Read the entire page on space issues which will help you with your self-esteem:

How & Why You Must Give The Women You Are Attracted To… Space

Here's the books you should buy to learn how attraction works for women:

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I'm not going to get into all the "there's plenty of women out there" discussion, walk outside your door, open your eyes, and you'll see just how many women there is to choose from, IF you're positive, and you've followed the links above.

You MUST remain positive.

You MUST learn to enjoy the process more than the result.

With that mindset, I'll once again, from my last post, give you ALL the education and opportunity to meets lots of women who are not your boss, AND who you do not work with below:

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Dave here (…) I never put it use in my social life probably because I was raised to believe only “sluts” want sex and who wants a slut, right? Right now she is looking pretty good. LOL (…)  making me feel better about many things I just wanted to say I am glad I accidentally ran across your site and to say Thank You and keep up the good work. 

Thank You again your awesome and your teachings are also, Dave Allen

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  • Ted

    I’d love to fuck my boss, shes hot. Dont think she’d be down for it though.

    • Never met her but good luck – hopefully your job doesn’t leave you with a case of blue balls everyday man.

      All the best to you and thanks.