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How A Internet Story Can Change Your Online Dating Success By Flirting

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Learning how to flirt with women online and creating attractive conversations is an invaluable skill to have. Even outside the internet.

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where everything you were working on, finally came together?

Over the last few posts you got to hear my tips for online dating so today you get to read about my first experience online where all of it was proven to me, that it was working.

We’ll finish it all up with some more tips you can use and a link to an article I wrote to help you remember it all, or basically a short-cut to online success.

Up until this point I had perfected my techniques, gained immeasurable confidence, and I was practicing my flirting on “real world” women but wasn’t able to bring it all to the internet.

That all was about to change…

“The truth is that women, like men, want to know HOW to flirt…and they want to know WHEN to flirt. Moreover, they want to know how to respond POSITIVELY to MEN who are flirting with THEM.”

Secrets to Flirting For Men – A Real Definition With Tips.

Imagine this awesome looking girl on some lame picture rating social site. Better than the picture up there. I spared her from being publicly shown. 🙂

My autopilot was in full go get her mode and I knew exactly what I wanted to do EXCEPT as mentioned above, my flirting still needed work online but I was determined to get that solved.

First her profile, interesting, easy to read. Checked out her pictures of course, I did mention she was pretty hot. Suddenly I had a glimpse of me being some internet seducer but after a quick slap realized THAT was not the way to go.

Since I was a little worried about getting bogged down when I saw she lived in Canada, or about 7 hours from me, felt she’d be perfect to write to. You know, just to “see what happens”.

I skipped the typical picture commenting part and sent her a quick message. I’m not entirely sure what I wrote word for word but below is pretty close,

“If our countries ever decide to go to war, what do you say we move to Mexico and open a Taco Stand? You can be the brains of the operation and I’ll be the handsome model. Together we’ll make enough money to do whatever we want. We’ll own the rest of the world.”

Not very clever but definitely a unique introduction to an amazing flirty session.

The next day, to my surprise, she had eagerly responded with a great genuine laugh and a clever continued story line to go along with our take over of the world.

We spent the next few weeks writing and flirting with each other. Our attraction was building and she was just what I was looking for.

Somehow I thought my introduction meant the only woman who would respond the way I wanted her to meant she had to be perfect for me. It’s a clever tactic ALL guys should learn.

Introduce yourself in a way in which the only women who would write or flirt back, will closely match what you’re looking for.

Finally I had found some real chemistry online.

She was my first. I was an online virgin up until then. She was almost half my age, just what I was looking for, physical beauty and a very cool personality.

We got along almost perfectly and naturally things got heated up.

After all, a woman was going to have to be really cool to get along with the attitude I had back then but that was part of my plan.

Develop myself into someone who would naturally meet the exact type of women I wanted to date and it worked, dare I say it, like a charm. 🙂

Rather than revert to my old boring desperate and needy wussy self I had follow the advice David DeAngelo drilled into my head…

Keep doing what worked in my first message.

A little cocky, a little sexual, slightly over the top, daring, no fear in my writing or over thinking it all AND it was obvious I was getting genuine laughs AND even more clear that she was falling for me or in fact HAD fallen for me.

We probably made the mistake of getting too close over the next few months. After all she lived a little too far away and considering where we were in our lives, there was little chance we were going to “hook up” face to face.

But of course we ran with it anyways because it felt so good and natural too.

Well one fateful night I told her to call me while we were chatting on Hotmail and she agreed.

But of course I never gave her my number and kept exclaiming how, “My phone’s not ringing yet!!!”

She was getting frustrated and a little turned on because I was teasing the hell out of her. I was also accusing her of being a chicken, too scared to call. Haha! How she probably hated her voice and now, since she’s being such an ass, if our countries do in fact go to war, I was taking sides.

All jokingly of course.

After she pleaded with me I still maintained she just “had” to hear my sexy voice, I gave her my number… One, digit, at, a, time.

Oh yes I was having lots of fun with her.

It’s probably needless to say but we ended up having phone sex that night. We played around on our web cams. We called more and more at least until I realized my phone bill was over five hundred dollars.

No worries though because I actually used that sexy voice that I had worked so much to talk the phone company into lowering my bill substantially. Like over three hundred dollars!

You’d be surprised what a sexy guy’s voice and a lot of smart clever flirting can get you. I urge you to learn it yourself. It’s a skill NO man should be without.

Now he sad part and yes, the strictly online “relationship” ended when we both agreed the distance was too far. She was a “party girl” but she wanted to settle down with someone very close to her.

She was broke. I was broke. We were never going to meet up and things were getting too close between us.

We decided to call it quits after a few months of great conversations, incredible phone sex, lots of stories about who we were and how we lived our lives.

We ended our internet relationship with a digital kiss and hug but remained friends who would catch up on our lives occasionally. Mostly through Facebook.

Sure it hurt to let her go just as much as it hurt her but I had finally proved to myself what I was capable of achieving with women.

All the work I was doing was working.

Everything I learned was useful in so many more ways than just “picking up girls.”

I had perfected my flirting, learned to escalate naturally.

Kept my sexual urges in check so I could bring out hers.

AND instead of my past self falling blindly into a relationship which was never going to work, was able to enjoy it for what it was and nothing more and still get out gracefully remaining distant friends.

On the side I realized something equally important in dating, whether it’s online or not…

Becoming a more attractive man is an internal thing. How we communicate it is the external part. How someone else perceives it is “their” internal thing.

Which, among many other things, means we’re capable of having the women we feel would be the best for us, or the type we’re looking for, to become attracted to us simply by how we interact with them.

For example, I do NOT want a woman who’s not down-to-earth enough to see past my bullshit and how I interact with her, will quickly and clearly show me IF she’s that type or not.

Now on to some quick tips loosely based on my personal story of success:

*“Broad pen tactics” or treating every woman you see with the same message may get you some responses but unless you learn to create attractive conversations and flirt, you’re less likely to build it into something more so treat. In other words learn to create attractive conversations, learn to flirt, learn to communicate your attractive self and the rest will fall in place much more naturally.

*What you learn outside the internet is just as important to take with you for online success. Both of which are used together to create a complete package. Balance and blend them. This includes flirting and knowing how to do it better.

*Often a short clever funny message which centers on her specific profile works best. Give her a real reason to respond and a genuine laugh allows her to respond personally. Be a little daring and creative and once again… do NOT try so freaking hard!

*Be a fun challenge to ALL women online. Don’t give out your number that easily. Don’t be so eager to reveal everything about yourself. Let things happen naturally and it will be much more exciting for the both of you. Allow her to work for it or you just enough because that proves value and creates a real challenge.

*Know the real limitations of your interactions and use them for what they are. Not all of them will turn into a long-lasting relationship but that does not mean you can’t have fun with them. You’re building confidence and esteem which you can take with you everywhere. Succeeding online gave me the confidence to even increase my success outside the internet little by little which each experience I had.

Lat but not in the least…

I have seen way too many men fail with women online because they tried to be something they were not.

They tried ( almost desperately ) to create an image in her mind that they were her ultimate catch. When all a potential date is looking for, is someone to share a connection with at first.

All these tips I give you, all these skills and flirting techniques you plan on using must first and foremost come from who you are.

Not only will they help you attract more women, but they will help you to attract the women you want the most and that’s very important in this world.

You know the ones where it feels like you were almost meant to be together.

Well that’s equally important for women because…

They want to feel the guy who’s turning them on the most just feels right. Like it was meant to be.

I do sincerely hope you took away more from my little internet story than I cared to point out for you.

It’s meant to be inspiring because it’s obviously not very entertaining. 😀

I wanted to encourage you to keep learning.

I wanted you to understand how the internet and how your offline life are connected in such a way, ignoring one of them is never good when becoming a more attractive man.

Sure my internet relationship did not work out the way both of us might have hoped but it was more than that.

It was a marker in my life that clearly showed me how the past was behind me, how if I stayed in the present and enjoyed every single moment, the future was always brighter.

It showed me exactly that what I was doing finally meant I was succeeding dating women online and could teach others too.

However you got here… Make sure you check the entire online dating series from the beginning:

Below are some helpful articles I pulled together to help you learn what flirting is and how to flirt:

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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