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Should A Nice Guy Get Advice From Women On Her Attraction?

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Getting advice from a woman – yes or no?

Aall of us nice guys have either asked or been given advice about women… from another woman “friend.”

There we are talking about the typical loser she is dating.

She gets everything off her chest on you and of course the talk switches on us to distract her from her own relationship problem and says,

“So ….What about you? How come you don’t have a girlfriend? Are you seeing anyone new I don’t know about? “

We answer discreetly to evade the upcoming questions on our minuscule dating life and to avoid the next most commonly given advice from a girl who is “just a friend” ( who we want probably want )

“You’re such a nice guy. I know you’ll find someone soon. I think you should just get out more often. What about…”

On comes the random list of single girls we wouldn’t want to date EVER!!!

There’s some definite issues here and if we’re to get ( and take ) advice in this situation we must remember to ask a few questions:

Are we attracted to her?

How in touch with herself is she?

Will she answer in a way which is more designed to keep us away from her? You know, something which won’t lead us on.

Whenever we seek advice from a woman about attraction her answers will most likely be centered around the issues I mentioned above.

How we take that advice changes depending on where we are.

If we don’t understand women we will certainly fail in interpreting her real advice behind.

As men we’re more opt to search for the logic behind her answers but as a woman she’s giving advice based on her emotions.

Men think, communicate and function one way and women another way. Men are direct, to the point and have no secret meaning behind their words and actions. This is how they function in every aspect of their lives.

Men speak with their words.

Women on the other hand speak with their bodies. Women are testers, analyzers and observers, which can be misunderstood, by men, as manipulating or just plain crazy. This type of communication can be very confusing for men.

I am going to break it down for you so that the next time you encounter “female communication” you can understand every word her body is saying.


Don’t ever trust the WORDS a woman says.

Understanding A Woman’s Body Language And Interest Signals

You might be surprised to learn that WAS advice from a woman.

But not just some ordinary woman friend.

That was Marni, the creator of the Wing Girl Method and producer of many other products to help us nice guys attract AND succeed with women.

She IS in touch with own attractions.

You CAN ask her advice and get real answers which should help BUT…

When it comes to women you want OR are attracted to OR who don’t do this shit for a living, you’re going to run into problems in interpreting what she means.

We might take what she’s saying as a blueprint on what to do based on what it would take to have her.

Which is a HUGE problem and rarely if ever works.

Interpretation is key.

Interpret all you want, logically deduce everything she says, but it won’t get you far.

Her actions are not only important but the best source of what she’s feeling and that’s how woman will feel attraction.

Look at this simple example.

You’re out to lunch and you notice she is checking some guy out so you ask,

“What is it about him you like?”

She responds,

“I don’t know. He’s just hot.”

Then you ask,

“Okay then. What part of his body turns you on the most?”

She states, but not in a very sure way,

“His eyes. Yeah I think that’s it. They’re so deep.”

OKAY we can interpret from this… Women are generally attracted a guys eyes.

Which might help a little but not really going to help us, is it?

BUT if we follow up with,

“Tell me exactly what you felt when you noticed his eyes.”

This is where the real stuff finally comes out,

“Curiosity. Almost like a cat. I’m curious… but cautious.”

The key is to always ask her exactly what she felt or is feeling based on what she told you already.

You can use that and get some pretty sound advice BUT if you want the real thing…

Her actions are far more important.

How she responds to certain men are by far the most important thing.

You want advice from a woman about attraction – pay close attention to how she acts and responds to specific ways in how guys ACT around her.

Oh she don’t normally fall for the flirty types… then why does she smile more, tease him back, turn a little red, appear a little uneasy or unsure about himself when this average looking but confident guy starts flirting with her?

Oh she’s not “typical,” she would never date a bad boy… then why does she fight back, get a little angry at him, pout when he acts out of line, accuse him of being a player, ask her friends about him, when she meets the “bad boy” who is good at always getting one up on her?

It’s because BOTH those guys are triggering an emotional response and she is feeling SOMETHING.

That’s is where the real advice is. That’s the unbeatable way to understand how attraction works for him.

If you want “dating advice” from a woman – go ahead and ask.

When it comes to teaching you how style works, what your apartment should be like to help you better get laid, where some cool places are to take your dates, or “current” trends another woman might be interested in talking about, ask away AND listen.

Sure you can follow up on “why” or the “how does it feel” because you’ll dig beeper.

But I must insist her “attraction” won’t always be logical to her and therefore logical to us and could easily lead us astray. It did for me.

Interpret to what she responds to or how she acts around what a guy is doing and don’t bother asking her about it.

Any guy can get advice from women on dating BUT when it comes to her attraction, be careful, trust only those trained, and avoid the questions and start noticing what’s important – her reactions AND her actions.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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