10 Clear Signs She Has Put You In Her Friends Zone & Does She Like You?

Are you one of those guys who needs a woman to give you signs or signals to let you know IF she likes you or not? Are you banging your head against the wall trying to figure out if yet "another" girl has put you in the "friends zone"?

Today is (sort of) your lucky day because I'm going to reveal to you the many signs  which will show you clearly if she likes as more than just a friend.

I used to the words "sort of" because I know it's NOT your lucky day if you're made to realize that she's just isn't attracted to you at all. I feel for you, I really do. Been there a hundred times myself.

Let's get started, But first...

Understand that YOU are in complete control of this "friends zone" shitty deal.

If you only acted like a friend in the beginning then chances are you ARE just a friend. Sure, different circumstances might apply, she could secretly like you or want you as a boyfriend, but it's rare and almost not worth discussing on this post at least.

This is not included in the list below because it's not really a sign (so to speak) but it IS a clear indication that you are in fact... just her friend and nothing more.

1st Sign: She revealed way too much information about herself from the moment you met.

When a woman likes a guy, the last thing she wants made known to you are what she believes are her shortcomings.

Most women will not let her faults out so quickly and they certainly will withhold any and all information which you could use to disqualify her and not feel attracted to her.

Think back to when you first met and ask yourself what she told you about herself that you probably overlooked because you were so into her it blinded you from the reality of the situation.

The more she “likes” you the more she wants to exercise control of how you see her.

She WANTS you to see her as someone special, different, attractive, sexy, perfect as she can be, and all her attempts to act shy or avoid being nervous are great signs she is attracted to you.

If she is feeling something deeper she will also become worried you’re going to put HER in your friends zone and will act accordingly the best she can.

If she’s giving away ALL her secrets early on or is NOT overly worried or doesn't even act a little (cutely) nervous around you, it’s a definite sign you’re in her friends zone or she's feeling no attraction towards you.

So yeah - the bad news is:

If she's giving it all away - you're not connecting with her, she's not emotionally opening up to you because she's into you, she's doing it because she feels way too comfortable with you.

Women thrive on sexual chemistry and become attracted to you when there's a little friction going on AND if that is not happening - if she's not feeling butterflies in her stomach - she's not there... yet and/or may never get there.

2nd Sign:  She only calls you when she wants advice, help, or wants to talk about how SHE is feeling.

Friendships are not always two-way streets. Some women will use a friendship with you  (especially if she knows you're into her) to get everything off her chest.

You will become her "go-to guy" when she's having problems because she knows you'll listen with a kind heart.

Which is expected when you're actually in a sexual relationship with her but when it comes to just being friends - you'll find it happens all too often and if you pay close attention - she's NEVER there for YOU.

Yes, some nicer women won't use you that way. They'll listen to you. They'll let you do the same and allow you to vent or discuss your problems with her.

BUT that's NOT a sign of her liking you. It's because she's a nice woman.

Nothing more.

If you're getting all the bad parts and none of the good parts (like intimacy or sex) and she only ever seems to call you when again, "there's a problem", then take it as a clear sign she's NOT feeling attracted to you AND you're in her friends zone.

3rd sign: She's always complaining about her past-present relationships and the men she's currently dating or has dated in the past.

You'll find her complaining about being single or about the relationship she's in. How "they're no good guys out there for her". How they're ALL jerks.

You might even hear how she's lucky to have met you because you're NOT like those other guys.

The sad news here is...

Do you want to know why you're not like those "other" guys?

It's because she's not feeling attracted to you.

You're going to meet a few women who bring up past relationships early on and while on the first few dates and it's probably not the smartest thing for her to do BUT that's different - IF you're ON a date then you can assume some interest and attraction most of the time.

However the constant calls, texts, or messages complaining about "other" guys and relationship stuff is definitely a clear sign she only sees you as a friend.

This sign leads naturally to the next one...

4th Sign: She confides to you way too many very personal details about herself.

This is slightly different than the first sign because this happens after you've gotten to know each other better.

She will reveal personal things about herself she would NEVER dare tell a guy she likes in that way, unless they've been going out for a very long time.

She'll talk about her periods, her bathroom habits, her vaginal area, and more... almost so non-nonchalantly it goes right under your radar.

You might think you've made a great connection and you have, BUT it's not a sexual one because she would never tell those things to a guy she really likes.

Hell it could take an average woman years before she will even fart in front of a guy she likes. (I suppose then if she's let a few loose around and asks you to smell them, yeah... you're just a friend.)

She doesn't feel like you're going to judge her or like her less for talking so openly with you because she's not at all worried or even cares that you might be attracted to her because she's isn't attracted to you.

You're just her "guy" friend.

5th sign: She doesn't seem to care what she looks like when she's with you or when she's going somewhere with you.

Women like to look good when they go out and they're certainly open to heading out in sweatpants with their hair in a pony tail so it's easier to understand how you could miss this signal.

BUT... if you're open to seeing what's really happening, you'll notice quickly that she just doesn't seem to care what she looks like when she's with you.

(Unless she thinks you're her gay friend that she might mention how you two should always match but that's something entirely different.)

The only time she spends the extra effort to do herself up when she goes places with you is when there will be lots of other women or guys she might be interested in dating.

Sure, there's that comfort thing again. Maybe you believe she just feels so comfortable  with you, those little don't matter - but they DO MATTER to her.

The comfort thing is friendship based and is not a "comfortable enough to fuck you" thing.

Many guys make a mistake here because they think she WAS getting dressed up to meet up with you in the beginning so they think it's a sign, BUT that was long ago and if it stops (with no intimacy or sexual relationship) then it's because they were quickly put in the "no dating" friendship part of her social world.

With that said let's move on to the next sign... comfort.

6th Sign: She's way too comfortable around you.

Friend Introduce Comfort

Women are notoriously nervous around guys they really like no matter how much they try to hide it or actually can hide it.

When she likes a guy she's all too selective about what she says which can make her appear very quiet.

She may also stumble her words out. She'll apologize a lot when she thinks she's made a mistake.

Anything and everything she does is centered around her self-conscious thoughts trying to assure she isn't fucking anything up with you.

When she's way too comfortable early on or even later - it's because she's not worried at all of you liking her.

She either already knows it and is not interested in you - or she just doesn't care if you find her attractive at all.

Sexual tension is big here.

If she's feeling it for you, YOU WILL SEE It.

She may get embarrassed easier, her face will get flushed at times, her body language will be a bit squeamish or unsettling or uneasy, she may get a little clumsy, excuse herself a lot, eat less (or more sometimes)...

Point is...

When you're with a woman who is feeling sexual tension and attracted to a guy - it's practically unavoidable to notice.

AND unfortunately - IF you're not seeing ANY of it - it's not normally because she's so good at hiding it (because believe me most suck at hiding it) then it's because she is NOT feeling it.

Read the quote below and if you're not noticing any of that happening - she's way too comfortable around you.

"Have you ever watched a woman when she gets flustered and teased?

Have you seen how she behaves?

I’ll be honest, it’s almost embarrassingly primitive and childish.

First, the women gets excited. It even looks amazingly like anger, but it’s not. It’s a delicious cocktail of thrilling and emotional energy.

Then, the woman gets TURNED ON."

How Women Experience Sexual Frustration And How To Use It To Attract

Now that we're on the sexual parts of her, it makes perfect sense to move on to the...

7th Sign: She flirts with you a little differently than other guys.

I've heard many of men tell me how "this girl" treats him differently than other guys and they're not entirely sure, but they believe it's because she like him.

Most of the time - they're just plain wrong!

Friendly "I'm not sexually interested in you" flirting is totally different than "Oh it's on!" let's share a bed soon flirting.

It's easy to see how confusing it can be. It's easy to believe one over the other is happening. When you're feeling it for you that's how you interpret it because well, you like her.

But it doesn't change the fact of reality.

This always reminds me of a quote from the show "Raising Hope" when the weird friend says to Jimmy,

"Oh that's brilliant - you want to do the opposite of the guy she's sleeping with is doing."

Of course I'm paraphrasing a little. It's the Bro-Gurt episode , you can pick it up or watch it on Amazon if you like. It's a great show AND eventually Jimmy turns that friendship into sex and marriage... of course. It's Hollywood. The episode where he turns his friend (finally) into a girlfriend is "Jimmy's Fake Girlfriend" - which is in season 2.

My point is

Play fighting, name calling, or busting your ass can be a major sign she is attracted to you BUT it's NEVER a guarantee.

The ONLY way to tell if something more is going on is of course number one, she IS flirting with you the same way she flirts with guys she would or might want to sleep with and two...

It's actually escalating beyond friendly banter and is becoming more sexual.

That's the ONLY way to truly tell if she likes you or not - with regards to flirting. If it's turning up the heat and getting more sexual then it's a good sign she likes you and wants more.

But if it never seems to go anywhere and you're being treated like an older brother, you know - minus the sexual overtones or innuendo then take it as a clear sign you're just a friend and nothing more.

If you're not sure the what the difference between friend-flirting and sexual ones, read this article by Scot McKay I've posted here at DiaLteG TM:

Secrets to Flirting For Men – A Real Definition With Tips

AND if you want a little help in that area - I cover it in my online book on pages 2 and 17 and some great advice from Carlos Xuma in the last post:

Not lastly - for a few extra dollars, you can learn to flirt amazingly with all women straight from attractive women:

Click Here For The F-Formula - Instant Chemistry With Any Girl and Advance To The Next Level!

8th Sign: She never gets back to you in a reasonable amount of time.

By the way, this one was first given to me by Carlos Xuma so I'm giving credit where credit is due.

"You get a late reply. Again and again. You send her a message on the phone, Facebook, or Twitter and she doesn't reply. You wait for hours, resend your messages and still no reply.

And when she finally does, you get a short one-word responses like "yep", "okay", "fine". That's a sure sign - you're friend-zoned!

C'mon, if she was hot for you, she'd be excited to hear from you. She'd use any excuse to communicate with you. She'd jump on it and reply QUICK because she's excited and anticipating hearing from you.

If she doesn't act that way, then that means that she's not thinking of you and doesn't feel that rush when you contact her. And that's never a good thing."

Written by Carlos Xuma.

Ouch... but oh way too freaking true!

I get hundreds of woman daily asking me why a certain guy is not getting back to their messages quick enough or that his texting habits are slowing down.

This is because when a woman really likes you - all things aside - she will get back to you very quickly and her response will be anything less than one word.

And then you'd expect she'd just keep texting or calling until you actually answer her.

Good one Carlos and thank you.

On the side - IF you are definitely now beginning to realize you're in her friend's zone - sorry - Told you I've lived there for more than half of my life so I know what your going through... every last detail.

Below you'll find some ways to turn things around for you and they can work BUT one really cool way - with support from my more than affiliated friend Carlos Xuma who gave you sign number 8 is to:

Remove yourself from her life as best you can.

Change some dynamics features about yourself by adding some proven bad boy traits to yourself - minus the jerk attitude and game playing.

You can read the awesome intro in the free download, no sign ups:

Read The Bad Boy Formula Special Report Right Now! 

Re-introduce yourself to her.

Trust me it's better to be doing SOMETHING different than to sit around wondering if your friend likes you in that way or not.

Next sign...

9th Sign: She Introduces you as her "friend".

Another sign Carlos gave me to help you figure this "friends zone signs" stuff out AND to promote his inexpensive but powerful LUST RESPONSE video and report is written below:

"This is pretty much the clearest signal that she's not attracted to you.

You see, a woman tells her girlfriends about the guy she likes whenever she talks to them.

And when she introduces that guy to them she'll never say "he's my friend" - because she wants that guy to like her back! NOT think of each other as just "friends."

If she likes you, you'll see her friends giving you that look and will even tease you both about being together.

That's just how straightforward everything is.

So, if you hear the words "Meet my friend Joe". Then, you're just that to her...a friend."


10th Sign: YOU missed a critical step in the attraction phase.

Okay, it's not really a sign to look for from her BUT it's still a clear indicator that she only sees you as friend.

Think back as best as you can...

Did you miss something?

Did you not make a move when it felt you should have did something?

Was there a moment you felt like she wanted you to do something but you for whatever reason - didn't do it?

You see - lot's of women can feel like you don't like them in the beginning and if things don't progress sexually, they will quickly or eventually just assume you're not looking for something more and will only see you as a friend.

Once you're there - it's almost impossible to get out because:


For women, friendships and romantic relationships are two separate things. They are NOT the same. One can lead to another, but it’s RARE when it happens.

Remember that. One CAN lead to another, but it’s RARE.

“Romantic” relationships are very different from “friend” relationships.

While most men would sleep with most of their female “friends” if the woman “came on” to them, most women would NOT sleep with most men that they consider just friends."

What Women HATE Most About Single Guys & 7 Reasons She Why Won’t Like You

Aside from the quote above I've known lots of women who at some point made the decision that you'll only ever be a friend because they felt rejected in the beginning.

Once you're a friend, they rarely if ever will give that up for something more.

They'll go through all the signs listed above and you'll sink deeper and deeper into being just her friend.

There was a time you might've had your chance.

If you at any point felt you SHOULD have done something and didn't, that was probably it and a VERY CLEAR SIGN you're only in her friend's zone.

This concludes all the signs you're in the friends zone or whether a girl likes you by how she acts when she's around you.

If I can think of more I'll let you know and add it to the page. If you have anything you'd like to add yourself, a personal experience, anything to help a fellow guy avoid this whole friends zone thing - make sure you leave a comment below.

I do hope you have found what you were searching for today and that many of  the signs here are not happening to you and that she really does like you.

Make sure you sign up below so I can try and keep you out of the friends zone in the future and for more great stuff like this.

These articles located here at DiaLteG TM is what was supplied to me to promote the best one and the most recommended one. Read them BEFORE you ever buy anything please AND thank you.

However - all things and signs aside - the best and EASIEST way around the friends zone may seem tougher but is actually not. Based on my expert knowledge on this topic - it's always best just to avoid getting stuck there in the first place.

This can be done simply by making sure when you first interact with any woman you would like to date these things are in place.

Try this if you like:

Step-By-Step Method To Getting Out of The Friend Zone, And STAYING Out, So You Can Get Any Girl You Want From Now On!

How To Avoid The Friends Zone and Guarantee She Will Always See you As A Dating Option FIRST:

Focus on creating ATTRACTION.

Make sure it happens because if you don't, she will never see you as more than a friend anyways.

If you're not sure how attraction happens, what triggers it, and how it's created, read these three books and you'll know more than you'll ever need:

The Real Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid No One Knows But Me.

That's my free online book which I enjoyed writing a lot so do me a huge favor - read it already and let me know what you think plus what you learned from it.

You'll learn exactly what must happen so you can avoid ever being thrown in the friends zone again.

Moving on...

Establish rapport with her by indirectly showing her you ARE interested in something more than a friendship AND if you're going to be friends with her - it will be YOUR CHOICE.

Don't leave it for her to decide.

Lead through the steps of dating and/or seduction.

Get a date early to show her you're more interested in getting to know her as a potential "something" rather than just another friend.

(In other words never befriend first hoping something more will happen because it won't!)

Here's some great material  to get you started from my Get A Hot Girlfriend Book:


STOP looking for signs and signals from a woman.

READ THIS if that's what you find yourself doing all too much:

Stop looking around for signals from women that they’re “interested” in you. Stop CARING whether or not a particular woman is interested in you.

Instead, start TRIGGERING the interest, and watching to see if women ENGAGE. If they do, then assume that IT’S ON!

How To Tell If She’s Interested? STOP looking for signals!

Lastly but equally as important:

When it comes time to kiss her, hold her hand, hug her... anything intimate... RISK REJECTION and go for it!

Do not hesitate.

This way she will always know whats up with you AND... taking a real risk will ALWAYS make you appear more attractive even IF she didn't feel anything for you at that point in time.

Even if you're rejected - once you go for that kiss or whatever - you'll find it much easier to change her mind later HOWEVER... once you're in her friends zone - makes it borderline or practically impossible to escape. It CAN be done but it's a lot more work.

Here is some more help on that subject:

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Dave here (…) I never put it use in my social life probably because I was raised to believe only “sluts” want sex and who wants a slut, right? Right now she is looking pretty good. LOL (…)  making me feel better about many things I just wanted to say I am glad I accidentally ran across your site and to say Thank You and keep up the good work. 

Thank You again your awesome and your teachings are also, Dave Allen

About the author: Peter White – I know a few things about life, dating, attraction, & relationships. It feels great to share & also helps pay some bills. Get in touch, become a member, and hope you get something useful out of it all.

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8 comments… add one
  • Icho

    I’ve had it with being just another freaking friend. I feel like their lap dog. I fetch. They kick me off the bed to screw some asshole!!!

    • Hey Icho – perfect time to DO something about it then, isn’t it. I hate saying, I did it then so you can you, but it’s true. You don’t ever have to settle with being someone’s lap dog ever again. I have confidence in you because you seem to have passion and drive, IF you have the capacity and ability to gain a woman’s close friendship, you certainly have the capacity and ability to get ANY woman attracted to you, BEFORE you get thrown in the friends zone!

      All the best man.

  • Richard

    waaaooowwww, thanks so much . This has really educated me.

    • You’re welcome Richard. Great to hear you learned something, hope it helps too.

  • C.C.

    Majority of this list is not true. My girlfriends and I like to share and be open about our thoughts and have a friendship connection with a guy in order for us to feel sexual and passionate. We also like a guy to also be share and be open too. Without that friendship connection.. it’ll be difficult to feel attracted to a guy. Most attractions without friendship connection are infatuation with potential communication issues. Women want to know more about a guy…

    • I hear where you’re coming from C.C. BUT as a guy who spent many (many) years in the friends zone with women – this list is quite consistent with my experience and lots of other guys I’ve helped too.

      The strange part is – and this is not a knock on you – a big reason I ended up as “just friends” so often was listening to advice from women like you – who only intended the “best” for me. You do have something intelligent and logical to share and offer but when it comes to ATTRACTION – it’s not logical.

      Of course you like to share and be open about your thoughts, of course you want to be “friends” with your potential lover, of course you want a guy to share back and be open.

      That is not in question here.

      The purpose of this list is to show guys that (early on) that a woman who is attracted to you physically and emotionally AND understands men won’t act or talk this way to a guy she will eventually sleep with or get in a relationship with later.

      The “understanding men” is VERY important – keep in mind I give women advice on men everyday and the ones who do all this on the list with men early on usually end up pushing him away, get stuck in HIS friends zone or on his hook, and no create any real attraction beyond the physical with him at all.

      Let me know if you’d like me to go over the list with you and explain what I mean as it relates to attracting men because I believe that’s important here.

      I would also look at what I wrote at why do guys:

      What To Do When You Fall For Your Friend & He Doesn’t Feel The Same Way


      Thanks for sharing C.C.

      I do appreciate it.

      I get your point here when you wrote: “Most attractions without friendship connection are infatuation with potential communication issues.”

      Maybe it’s just semantics here when you use the word “friendship” but…

      In the world of dating and relationships…

      A friend is a friend and not a sex buddy, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend.

      Which simply means – the connection you share with someone you’re physically involved is much different than the connection you’ll have with someone who is just your friend. Therefore you ACT differently towards your friend than you would towards a potential partner or actual partner.

      • Anonymous

        I sort of agree with both of you…and I’m going to raise your eyebrow a bit. You’re BOTH right. OP–Having that emotional bond is key for me personally to be attracted to a woman…and for some women it can be as well. But for the early stages of my life I was the total nice guy, friends only…and it got me nowhere, now in my mid 30’s, I have beautiful 18 year olds chasing me and I’m not even rich or very muscular. So I’ll break it down for both of you. First, the friend guy.
        1. Friends of girls aren’t being honest with them about everything. Red Flag relationally. When I look back…virtually every single female friend I had, I wanted a relationship with. So by not telling them, I was lying, I would be lying from 4 months to 2 years. Maybe I wasn’t flat out telling them I had no interest, but I also wasn’t telling them the truth. Truth is key for attraction, even if that truth is you’re just as naughty-minded as the next man (and you are).
        2. Friend guys don’t understand that what women are doing is cheating on their man. We all understand a man wants sex primarily. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about an emotional connection necessarily, but the chief end of his pursuit his sex. So men only understand cheating in context of sex. But when a woman is coming to you emotionally…she’s not “into” you. She’s cheating on her man emotionally. What we as guys pursue sexually, women pursue emotionally. This is what she misses most about her man…and in that state of mind after an argument or a breakup, you’re the quick fix.
        3. Nice guys are not confident. See #1 – They don’t tell the truth. So by zero confidence, means also never tension, because you don’t amp things up, like touch her hand, or her back. Now, I will say, in today’s society, this has become increasingly more difficult with things like MeToo, so I ere on the side of caution with physical touch amplification and wait until she touches me first, so you just have to be confident in more clever ways.
        4. Nice guys don’t know what to do in the bedroom. They wonder what she likes, will she be turned off, etc, when all she really wants is for you to take charge and do what you want (assuming she hasn’t flat out rejected you).
        5. Nice guys generally initiate over text or facebook. Guys that ask directly and talk to a woman in person, maintaining eye contact, will be more successful. She’s got a line longer than the amusement park on her social media my friend. Women almost always choose confidence in person over shy nervous facebook message.
        6. Nice guys don’t know how to implement no contact or give her space. They are usually needy or desperate for sex or someone to like them, namely the girl of their affection.
        8. Nice guys obsess over girls, so all they have to talk about is other girls, or possibly other guys, or his favorite movie or TV show. Attractive guys focus their energy on something other than her…such as the gym, reading a book, documentaries, learning another language (seriously, I’m a natural language learner…hits them right to their sploosh area)
        8. Because nice guys lack confidence, they will rarely find a leadership role or good job because those jobs seek confident men; and if they do find it, they likely won’t maintain it, thus putting in the mind of a woman you can’t provide for her and you have no future or ambition
        7. I noticed all of these in me, and found it time to change. I will say, to a degree, I will stay friendly in the early stages if she has a boyfriend, if we’re coworkers, or if I find her nice but am genuinely not into her at that stage. One thing the OP is right on…is I do have to have an emotional connection..and for me, one night at the bar doesn’t do it. I think back to the first woman who chased me down night and day and practically ripped my pants off…and sorry, it wasn’t working, I didn’t know her. When I got to know her, she was awesome, and we had great sex after that.
        8. eye contact eye contact eye contact. You remember when your father and mother yelled at you and needed to see your eyes? They needed to know if either you were 1. lying or 2. guilty. A woman needs the same. And this was the killer for me. I had spent up so much time friending girls, I couldn’t break off friendships…so when actual date went back, who did I run to? another girl, and when I went back to the relationship, what did I do? lost eye contact…because I was guilty…I liked another woman and knew it (to be clear, I never physically cheated, although this would go down in the emotional cheating category)
        9. Women are becoming more open about letting you know when they’re attracted…because they have to. They understand the ramifications of you getting in trouble at work or when they have a boyfriend.
        10. Women know. When you are in high demand, you know. You notice women who didn’t talk to you..are suddenly talking to you. That’s when you know to make your move on the one you want. Because the one you want just told them they like you, and the rest of them know she’s your girl if you make the move.

        While I am actually not a proponent of pickup artist strategy or negging, or that player stuff….there’s an app called PUA that really changed the game for me. I do NOT think it’s complete garbage to maintain a friendship with a woman…what is wrong is when you make her the center of your world. When you place about 10-15 women around you who you could potentially date…now you have attention, this app brought that fact to light pretty quickly for me. When a woman feels like you don’t need her…thats when they need you. However, be careful. When you begin an official relationship…you NEED to cut contact with the rest…completely. That thing you do where bombard with texts for days? Yea, they’ll do that to you.

        Just this week, I have an 18-year Latina coworker who came up to me and said “what’s your shoe size?” I told her and she went “woooowwww.” I would have progressed, but we were at work. we caught each other making eye contact a couple times too.
        I also have a coffee date with another girl later who has a boyfriend…she sent me a lengthy text with lots of winky emojis. On these tread with caution…know when you have to cut off. Only pursue if her man is a cheater or abuser…and if he is, confront him.
        Another coworker, who never talks to me…followed me the entire shift….tried talking my ear off…don’t like her.
        Another coworker is kind of pretty…heavy flirting, touching my waist…she has a kid…dangerous ballgame.
        See the common theme? of the girls I’m interested in, I LISTEN, both with me eyes and ears. Doesn’t mean I do whatever they want..it means I create attraction by being confident and assertive, and this is important…having something to say to them to let them know I listened last time.

        So…on to the next situation…how do you get out of that friend zone if you’ve been put there?
        Well, for one, if she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and isn’t a coworker, you should have never agreed to be the friend. You get the talk of let’s be friends first…you simply say I don’t think that’s wise and it never ends well…but if you’d like to try dating, send me a text…or something like that. Saying no is not wrong.
        Now, I will go into the friendzone TEMPORARILY if it is a dicey situation…to let the girl know I understand boundaries, I will go up to 3 dates, let her know how I feel and if I have feelings for her, let her know I’m not comfortable as friends, but if they ever would like to consider if there’s a spark between us, to contact me. But until then…you LET HER GO. Letting a girl know you NEED her reassures her you’re not going anywhere, and allows her to do whatever she wants. When a girl has to process her emotions…if you really were the CONFIDENT nice guy…she will see it, she will pick up that little gift you gave her…and 9 times out of 10..she’ll come back. BUT you have to let her figure that out. And if she chooses a jerk over you after all that…then she is an idiot and doesn’t deserve your attention or respect.

        I actually had to CANCEL a date because I’m overwhelmed with girls now. But truth…I’m scared AF to amp things up with girls with boyfriends lol.