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Skinny Chics With Big Ears ALWAYS Have Nice Butts

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Donna and baby chick always smiling

Put her in braided pig tails with her hair slightly pulled back to show off those amazing ears…and you can “always” get a quick rise out of me.

Ever notice there’s a ton of ALWAYS in the world of attraction.

Women ALWAYS like it when a guy goes down on her.

Guys ALWAYS choose a nice ass over a huge rack.

We ALWAYS want what we can’t have.

She ALWAYS goes for the jerk.

Men ALWAYS stare at a woman’s chest.

My current “always” happened when I caught a glimpse of a tall skinny women with big ears. She turned around with a knowingly smile to reveal a simply amazing ass.

You see I’ve “always” been an “ass” man and a woman’s ears is an open invitation (and easily accessible) to tease the hell out of her. Okay I’m not talking jumbo sized huge here. Just enough and definitely not too little.

Too big and I’m not kissing Baby New year.

Too small and it kind of creeps me out.

Now I’m sure you have your “always” too. Whether you believe some random fact about the opposite sex or if it’s something about a person that never fails to “do it” for you.

The thing about this innocent word is that it’s not really that innocent at all.

It implies some form of prejudice.

It sets a template in place and when the situation fits we apply the reasoning on top of it and when this turns out to be a judgement the word “always” can be hurtful and even suggest harm to those who are on the other end of it.

In the wonderful world of attraction this two-faced word limits who we are, what we are willing to try, and can set in motion a never-ending cycle of bad beliefs.

It limits who we are by creating a comfort zone to retreat when our “always” is a non supportable fear.

As in the obvious,

“I want to get better with women but I always get shot down before I’m even given a chance.”

The fear of rejection limits our ability to grow into someone who is better with women.

This makes it easier to stay in our safe place but take out the word “always” and we’re left with no reasonable excuse to do something about it.

It limits what we are willing to try because when we predict an “always” event which is bad, we’re less likely to act even in the obvious times when we’re wrong.

Such as “I always run out of things to say.”

Facing a simple fear like talking  to a woman suddenly becomes a reason to avoid even the easiest approaches. Take out the word “always” and it just becomes a chance.

Maybe I’ll run out of things to say.

Maybe I won’t.

Round and round the bad beliefs become ingrained enough to limit our actions especially with regards to even a simple and natural act of triggering attraction.

There are two “high impact” words which will undoubtedly limit how easily you can trigger attraction…

They are “should” and “always.”

Think about how many times a day you say them. How many thoughts cross your mind where one of them is lurking.

And how often do they mean you’re not doing something or you failed to do something beneficial?

Sure we’re talking about attraction but this kind of stuff transcends male-female relationships and reaches out to every part of your life.

I “should” have a girlfriend but I “always” meet women that are taken.

I “should” have said something to her but it’s “always” the worst possible time to do something about it.

I “should” be making more money but someone “always” screws me over.

By now I do hope you’re thinking I “should” tell you how to fix this problem since I brought it up – but seeing what you see, someone like me “always” would rather sell you the solution or get you on my list of prospects hoping you’ll eventually buy a solution.

Well first of all I can not tell anyone NOT to do something because I know that doesn’t work. The mind doesn’t work that way.

Your mind only knows how to “do.”

Secondly as a suggestive measure I could lead you to someone who will solve this problem and make everything all better for you.

So I “should” be selling you something because if I don’t at least ask, I will “always” fail.

But the cold hard truth of this advice is simple and CAN be achieved by any guy who keeps himself aware.

Be aware of what is going on inside your mind so you can stop the negative thoughts.

Be aware of how times a day you’re “always” saying “should.”

Be aware enough to eliminate this type of future thinking which is causing you to fail or stopping you from acting because of a fear.

Be a little more aware today than you were yesterday because even the smallest steps have a way of working productively for you.

Be aware enough to tell me your “always” no matter what they are. I told you my “not so secret” anymore about skinny chics always having nice butts… What are YOUR always?

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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2 comments… add one
  • Francesco

    Damn all your “always” are so true… seduction is such a complicated area… but thanks to this website i’m sure i will improve my self! Thanks for sharing, keep going!

  • Thank you Francesco. Good words are “always” appreciated.

    Seduction doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s a natural thing. The real complication comes when we add our personal fears to the mix. They tend to block the process from running smoothly.

    I believe the word “always” is one of those “blockers.” ( Funny how we’re more concerned with being blocked by someone else when in reality we block ourselves much more often. )

    So seduction is not “always” a complicated thing and if this is your “always” then you now have a clear area to discover just how easy and natural it can be.

    If it “always” feels complicated or like it’s way too much work then a way to defeat that is to:

    1. Stop trying so hard.
    2. When it begins to feel like work – stop and take a step back.
    3. Stay more in the moment to better recognize where and when to progress.
    4. Avoid over-analyzing. You can’t think your way into bed or logically create a seductive moment.
    5. Energize her emotions with small simple actions and allow her to experience them before you move forward again.

    Hope that helps a little great you decided to stop by,


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