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“Social Vulture Boys” Beware…You’ll Never Get That “Hot” Girl

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Ladies and gentlemen – for one evening – let me introduce you to the Social Vulture Boys!!!

Who are the “Social Vulture Boys?

They were a cover band in the Eighties where each member, five in fact,  carried a “tingy” sounding keyboard which they played strung over their backs like a guitar.

You may not remember them because, well, I just made them up.

Actually everybody knows who “The Social Vulture Boys” are. Some of us guys have even been one of them and most women experience them at one time or another in their lives.

They often come out to “prey” when there are several quote unquote men and one hot girl.

They are the guys who circle her.

They are the guys who “pretend” she has no clue it’s happening.

Even if they admit to realizing she knows what is going on, have an excuse like, “I could never have a girl like that anyway – so who cares what she thinks.

The media are constantly making fun of them.

You see it at least once in every sitcom ever made and some movies entire plot is based on them. And in the offices where the men outnumber the women considerably, the entire social dynamic changes when a new “ten” comes into the game.

Because “The Social Vulture Boys” are playing their “gig.”

It’s as if there a certain switch inside our male brains, when turned on, causes us to act like little boys scratching our armpits.

Whether we hoot or holler, whistle or gawk, ogle or leer, when the switch get turned on it’s almost impossible to ignore.

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve even been guilty of playing along.

The sad part of it all is that every one of those guys would give anything and everything to be with her,  that is except what is needed to actually date her.

Maybe one’s scared he can’t keep her.

Maybe one’s scared he’ll come too quickly sleeping with a so-called “ten”.

Maybe one’s so scared of fighting off other men he settles for his “six” or “seven.”

All the while habitually renting movies with “tens” in them so he can get more turned on. Or let’s just say “play with his switch” a little.

Hey I told you I’d be the first to admit I’ve been there. Mind you, been there, now I know differently.

I’m not saying I don’t play with my switch, hell that comes in handy, I’m saying I don’t play with “The Social Vulture Boys” anymore.

Which is how I know they’ll never get that girl.

Interesting isn’t it.

A few reasons I believe they can never can get the girl… Wait… let’s be honest – treating her like a piece of meat – fumbling over her – doing stupid shit just to get close to her – is not really going to completely ruin their chances with her.

She’s actually used to that.

Maybe she’s sick and tired of it.

Or it makes her feel “different.”

Sometimes less than a woman.

Sometimes better than the rest.

It can even make her feel more self-conscious.

Or makes her feel like she always has to live up to other Peoples expectations.

So if it’s not the nervousness – women like that know most guys are nervous to approach.

As long as they don’t dwell on it or spit all over themselves and her or start yammering stupid facts no one cares about…

So if it’s not treating her like a piece of meat – meaning you can’t hide the obvious attraction to her physical beauty.

Don’t lie to yourself and why would you lie to her about it.

It’s there…And if any of you have slept with someone based on looks alone – you know man or woman just for the sex – you’ve gone there.

It’s the words “piece of meat” that offends you and not the “just for sex.”

So if it’s not doing stupid shit just to get close to her – Hey done right with a charming twist can get your foot in the door…

You mean to tell me knocking over a display in front of her and saying “oooops” with a smile doesn’t get her to stop and notice you then, you’re wrong.

Accidental or pre-planned clumsiness followed by charm works!

beautiful hot woman

Go ahead and say it. I expect it. 🙂  “Have I died and gone to heaven?!?!?

Then what is it that is stopping those guys who leer and stare and circle the hot model type from ever being with her?

In their minds too many of them are thinking this:

“I’ve never met a woman that hot before.”,
“I would do anything to be with her.”
“Dude. She’s so freaking hot.”
“If I could come back as bicycle seat it would be hers.”
“Hey man – did you see that girl?”
“I don’t want to say motor and boat in the same sentence but…”
“Wow she’s incredible.”
“Who’s the lucky jerk that gets to sleep with her?”

I could go on but why bother.

There are two assumptions guys like that make and if that’s you, stop doing it and you’re chances with her will immediately go beyond what the social vulture guy is doing.

In other words if you do want to have a chance of ever dating a woman lots of guys play their gig to…

  • Stop assuming you can never have a girl like that.
  • Stop assuming she’s going to disqualify YOU because of how SHE looks.

there’s more going on but don’t you think if she feels you can never be with her because that is what your body and mouth is displaying, she will never form an attraction to you?

Or if you assume you can never be with her, she will have to assume you’re not what she is looking for.

And think about this…

Why would any woman give you a “no” based on how SHE looks?

Now think about that last one hard for a minute because it’s a little confusing.

When you assume she believes she is too hot for YOU you’re actually telling yourself she is rejecting you because of how SHE looks.

I think I just got a brain cramp.

Okay so this I KNOW about women – especially the most beautiful ones in the world – they feel other women are trying to compete with them.

Then why in the world would she want a guy who is competing with her like a woman does?

She doesn’t.

She doesn’t want a guy who is always trying to one up her.

She doesn’t want a guy who feels her looks are the determining reason of her attraction.

As far as I’m concerned assumptions are killers of attraction.

Whether you’re a man or woman it’s hard to feel attraction to someone who assumes everything about you.

I’m not going to get into all the dirty details of the boys road show.

Maybe later or maybe if you ask nicely.

But I will finish this off with one last tip if you are interested in getting that girl.

One that goes beyond my sarcastic, “Just don’t join the band.”

Stop assuming and start expecting. Start expecting things to happen and stop assuming they won’t. Stop assuming the reasons she will never be yours and start expecting her to want to date you.

Okay fine…huddle together when the hot chic comes in, say what you will about her, tell all your guy friends in the band, but then again all you’re doing is expecting nothing to happen.

Which as I just mentioned, when you expect something it happen – there’s a greater chance it will happen.

p.s. If there actually is a band out there named “The Social Vulture Boys” I want to hear to about it.

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