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Is Social Proofing To Attract Women A Good Thing Or Some Bad Game?

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Get seen by women by hanging out with attractive women and social proofing says you’ll become more attractive.

Social proofing is a REAL thing but before you give your opinion on whether it can and must be used to attract women or how it’s a jerk player move, let’s do a little role-playing.

Imagine for one minute that you’re an attractive woman and you’re tired of being single.

Maybe you just haven’t met Mister Right. Maybe you’re only a little confident about what you got in the looks department so you act a little shy around potential guys.

You meet a few men but they always find a way to just be “average.” Boring no-risk types who did little to excite you.

One fateful day you look up to see a handsome man and you’re a little caught off guard. After all you were only shopping and it’s not really the place you thought in a million years you would meet dream man.

You catch his eye and he smiles at you. Not knowing how to react you get a little embarrassed and look away quickly. Once again you’re left to only wonder what he’s really like. You know –  whether or not he has that “thing” you’re looking for in a guy.

Suddenly out of nowhere, SHE appears – As you walk by him the corner of your eye stretches to see more and you notice she grabs his hand and kisses him on the lips. She’s amazingly beautiful. Well dressed. I mean you can tell she’s got her act together and of course she’d be with HIM.

He must be a good catch. He must be everything you hoped he would be. He must be a guy worth having but since he’s with her you feel a little disappointed and the moments gone – so you continue on your way.

I realize this may appear to be advice for women or how I’m leading her into some amazing insight to help her find her man – but I’m not.

So stay with me.

Notice in the story how the mystery man was, and could be… anyone. Sure his smiled engaged her. Sure he looked good. Sure just maybe she noticed he was confident in who he was BUT she was still not entirely positive until one thing happened… a beautiful woman appeared in his life.

This is (sort of) what they call “proofing.” and they are may real world examples I can give you but I don’t think that’s important for today’s discussion.

When you’re seen with attractive women you will become automatically “socially proofed” and others will give you higher attractive status.

If you “act” correctly around them ( by not showing it off or giving away too much non-essential information ) others will make assumptions about you. Become Socially Proofed – High Status Can Help You Of The Friends Zone.

He was only a mere “possibility” until another woman “proved” to her, even just a little, that he WAS a worthy man. Thus making him appear even more attractive to her.

How about another example.

You don’t know me personally. Well most of at least. To you I’m just some guy giving advice on a blog about attraction.

One way I could prove to you without a doubt my advice works is to have you clearly follow it AND have it work for you. Otherwise you might assume I’m full of shit.

Another way would be to put up pictures up of myself with some hot women which are clearly real. Photos which “prove” those women were genuinely attracted to me and there was a strong possibility I had dated or slept with them.

The pattern is clear – the guy who is with the girl – gets more girls or has an easier time attracting “more” women.

The man who is surrounded by the hottest women is clearly the man who proves to you what he does, at least what works for him and how it could work for you too. You’re more like to trust HIS advice.

The truth is, and I believe most of us are already aware of it in some way…

Social proof is a REAL thing we can not avoid but are YOU willing to use it to your advantage?

It does come with a set of problems or dilemmas or catch-22’s if you wish:

  1. The moral dilemma of “using” women to get other women or in my case “using” my relationships (sexually or not) to prove I am real at this.
  2. You have to first get women to get more women. Right? In other words how are you supposed to allow women to see you with hotter women so you can prove to them (through proofing) that you are well worth their time and effort and to increase the likelihood of feeling attracted to you.
  3. What if you do achieve one or two and you then begin to question why (she) likes you. Is it because of you, or was it because of the other women she saw you with. Will it eventually spell an end to any relationship or at least some self-esteem issues leading to jealousy. How would you know without any doubt she was interested in YOU and not just proofed into feeling something.

No matter what your moral dilemma is, no matter whether you choose this method or not, “proofing” DOES work and for some it works extremely well.

It can literally turn an average guy (with women) into a man who can turn heads IF he uses it to his advantage. It can also be used for good or for bad. The choice is simply up to the user.

Social proofing is so real a system of teaching guys how to be more attractive was founded on it by, well, beautiful women themselves such as The Wing Girls. (Promotional link approved. 🙂 )

And yes – this method is easy.

Easy in the sense you only have to work just hard enough to date a few hot women and find a place to show them off to other “potentials.”

Easy at least with the idea that it will get you noticed. The rest is up to your skills.

I have even more than proposed you DO it in my “Get a Girlfriend Steps” . That is become friends with hotter women and learn from them and use the social opportunities tha creates to build real actual dating success. You can find that specific step here: The Benefits And Rules Of Becoming Friends With Hotter Women.

What about you? What are your views on this “technique?”

Are you willing to use every advantage you can find including this one?

Will you use it “for good” or badly by propping women against women and watching how it all plays out?

Before you answer think about this…

The “Nice Guy Approach” says if you focus on becoming a more attractive man – social proofing will happen naturally and you won’t have to do a single thing.

You’ll be proofed without having to show it off. This is the “good” method as far as I’m concerned.

When you become more attractive to women, you’ll date more, you’ll be in situations more often where other women will see you.

The trick is knowing where your focus is and keeping it there… which is ON YOURSELF.

Don’t be afraid of letting it happen. If you don’t force it, social proofing can work.

Part of becoming a more attractive man leads us to living extraordinary lives filled with real adventures, big and small. Live that life and women will WANT to be a part of it.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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