Stop Being Rejected! The Alpha Male Doesn’t Because He Leads & Not Follows

Have you ever met an amazing, beautiful, hot, smart, sexy girl, sorry... WOMAN who seemed really into you? I mean she literally gave you every sign that she was sexually attracted to you...

She was overly flirtatious and was definitely inviting you to ask her out.

She smiled at you every time she saw you.

She touched you often and was very affectionate in many ways.

She was happy to talk to you.

She listened to you intently.

She respected all of your opinions even if she didn't agree with them.

She never once acted like "just a friend", always teasing you and flirting with her eyes.

And that wasn't because you started it...

She was ALWAYS the instigator.

The one who started all those fun and flirty conversations you both enjoyed having together.

After all that - HOW could you be wrong?

She's got you thinking and believing she definitely likes you so you start to wonder, should you ASK HER OUT or NOT?

BUT... You've been fooled or "duped" before.

You're not entirely sure 100% so you hold back a little just to be sure.

Perhaps you're not allowing yourself to fall for her too deeply because a woman like this has never really showed this much interest in you and it's freaking you out!

Could it be real?

What if it's not because the last thing you want to happen is to be...


The last thing you want is to become another "victim" of the "hot attention seeker chic" who makes every guy want her just so she can feel good about herself and boost her Ego, only to turn them down sometimes seconds later.

Rejected with some lame excuse or reason taken directly from the unwritten female book,

"How To Reject A Man and Not Feel Bad About Doing It & How To Do It Without Hurting His Feelings Too - Because I Guess That Matters!" ,

You definitely don't want to fall for her and end up the dreaded friends zone. Not EVER again!

You can not go through "that" bullshit once more.

On the stranger side, since you've been here before just never this close, you don't want to ask her out just yet because you know, once you're rejected and she turns you down, the FUN IS OVER.

This time you're considering keeping the hope alive just a little longer so you can enjoy being flirted and teased by some hottie you find absolutely beautiful who you like hanging out with too.

Then again if you don't want to wait any longer you go through the same thing ever stinking time...

There just never seems to be a good time to throw it in and ask her out.

Something ALWAYS happens to screw it up.

Something ALWAYS goes wrong and ruins the perfect moment to do it.

Maybe not this time...? You hope...?

Despite the fifteen thousand thoughts you have against asking her out, you just can not resist.

You're thinking there's a chance this "could be the one hot sexy woman who goes for you" and you don't want to blow it this time by waiting forever.

So you do it... you go for it!

You grab your manhood, suck in your gut, dig deep down into your now draining testosterone from your balls, and you cleverly work IT  (the question) into the conversation just like you thought the "dating experts" have shown you on how it's done...

You suggest a meeting. You suggest seeing each other outside of your typical day.

And then it happens...

Her lame excuses quoted exactly from "the female's book on how to reject a guy" start flowing from her mouth one after another after another.

"I'm not attracted to you. I flirt with everyone. Sorry you took it the wrong way."

Well...  despite her "nice" way of turning you down all you really heard was,

"I'm rejecting you. I don't like you. I'm not into you. I don't feel attracted to you. You're not good-looking enough for me. I like someone else. I was just playing with you. I do it with all the guys. You're pathetic. I can not believe you just asked me out. Just because I was nice to you doesn't mean I want to fuck you. Why can't you just take the hint? Blah Blah Blah Blabbedy Blah Blah Blah!!!!"

So what really happened?

Well you did what I did over and over again until I finally learned my lesson the hard way.

You continue to search for ALL the tell-tale signs a woman is attracted to you and then you SLOWLY build up the courage to ask her out.

You may have even got lucky a few times which explains why you keep using the same technique.

Yet you rarely succeeded with a "real" hot one like this. It's ALWAYS too late or you always misread her signals. Well at least you think you did.

So why DO these women appear to be into you one minute and pull away just when you make your move?

First let's get this out of the way... yes!

There's a chance this is just how or who she is, she does it with every guy and she just wasn't into you anyways.

Hey, it happens.

Some women love to make every guy want them because it's a huge Ego boost.

It's the truth BUT think about this now...

She still dates guys, right? She's probably been some dude's girlfriend at some point.

The point is, you can not go to that old excuse over and over again.

IF some other guy can attract and date her, then YOU CAN TOO!

Please pay attention because you're about to learn something that will change your experience with every woman you meet for as long as you're on this planet.

It's not logical, far from it, but it's the absolute reality behind WHY you're getting rejected like this and HOW you can change things and have then finally go YOUR way.


Cool because here it is...

Women do not want to be asked out on dates.

Wow!!! Really??

Did you just hear a million women screaming at me telling me how full of shit I must be and what an asshole I am for telling guys not to ask them out?

I did. and since I have thousands of them on my list at Why Do Guys...? that I know so well, trust me, they're pissed. (Big cocky smile on my face.)

But it's true.

They don't want to be asked out and once given the chance to explain to them my point, or what they "really want" I guarantee most will agree with me despite how they're feeling angry and upset right now.

Women want magic.

They want a story to tell.

They want to believe that things "just" happened between the two of you.

How you just fell for each other and it all came together at the most perfect time it could.

Women want to live out a fairy-tale romance like the ones they dreamed about as little girls growing up into sexy, vibrant, feminine women!

Women want sensuality, amazing sexual experiences, to FEEL an uncontrollable attraction to a man who understands her desires and can turn it up inside ANYIME HE wants to make it happen.

They don't want a guy who is constantly looking for the right sign or signal from her and they certainly don't want a guy who waits forever to MAKE something, anything... happen.

Here's what goes on when you meet a girl who sort-of flakes out or freaks out and rejects you instantly when you finally get the nerve or wait too long to ask her out.

  1. You meet her.
  2. She's single and interested.
  3. She gives you more than enough signs.
  4. You read the signs as her telling you to ask her out.
  5. You get the nerve up but you wait because you're still not sure.
  6. She gives you even more signals.
  7. You finally get the hint and ask her out.
  8. She refuses and in her own little way, rejects you "nicely."


Where was the magic in all that?

Where was the great story or "meet cute" to tell others about?

Where was the exciting adventure you both went on and how you ended up together holding hands singing in the rain?

Where's the sensuality, the chemistry, the sexual tension, the build up moments, the fairy tale beginning, etc...?

You see...

What's really happening is that you are following HER lead the entire way and while she is leading a mating dance she doesn't want to and shouldn't have to and then gives you a chance to break free but you instead follow her every step...

She FEELS NOTHING for you and then decides you're just not the MAN for her.

When you act on it you're not really being the leader she is so desperately looking for in her "dating" life. Call it a test if you want but you have to admit it's extremely good at separating the men into "friends" or "lovers" quickly and efficiently.

If you want to break free from this cycle and start being the next guy she ends up and let someone else get her excuses then...

Start taking ACTION. Lead yourself and your life and women will FOLLOW your lead.

Read these excerpts from Scot McKay: Igniting Femininity: 14 Ways Women Define Masculinity  - The Preview

Leadership versus Indecision.

We talk time and time again about being The Leading Man. Our entire program on relationship management is called that.

Because why?

Women respond to men who lead.

They're hardwired to do it.

In an incredibly striking example, I had a guy here for a Ten-Plus Live Program and he went and approached a very strong-willed woman, a woman with a very tough personality.

And when I talked to her after the whole interaction, basically she said,

"How come guys just don't tell us what to do? I mean we can't stand when guys are wishy-washy. When they don't know what's going to happen next, when they can't make a decision."

Guys, even the most strong-willed women want you to lead. Even women with leadership skills want a leader of leaders as a male partner.

Former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch, famously said one time,

"A bad decision is better than no decision."

And you know, I think most women would agree with that.

I mean women will forgive you for making a decision on something that, you know, maybe doesn't turn out as well as it could have.

I mean, maybe not something that puts you into a position of being dangerous, not a bone-headed decision.

But you know, if the restaurant isn't as good as other people said it was and you went on their recommendation, women are still glad you made that decision.

But she contrasts that with a guy who can't make a decision.

Now, the classic is putting her in the passenger's seat of your car and saying,

"Okay, now that we're on the date, where you want to go? I'll take you anywhere."

Well, in the case of that strong-willed woman who had interacted with a guy who came here for the Ten-Plus Live Program, she said,

"The next time that very thing happens, I'm going to tell him to take me to the drugstore and I need tampons. That's what we’re going to do."

And I kind of laughed out loud, but that just shows the frustration women feel when you, as a guy, don't pick-up that masculine mantle of leadership.

As a potentially stunning example of what I'm talking about here, the next time you're out at a restaurant, try this.

As soon as you see something that looks good to you on the menu, shut the menu.

Put the menu on the table and continue the conversation with the woman you're with.

Watch her take notice of that.

You made a decision, because it really isn't a life changing decision.

It's not something you really have to spend a lot of time on anyway.

You find something good to eat, you go with it.

You're efficient and this makes women just hot for you.

It really, really does.

As a matter of fact, it makes you come off more masculine in that character driven, true depth sense of what a man really is all about, even to people you're in business with.

If you're one of these guys who takes customers to lunch, or, you know, pretty much spends anytime at lunch with your co-workers actually, try that same strategy, just buying something in the menu and going with it.

And watch everybody at the table kind of respect you just a little bit more.

Because men make decisions and they do it quickly.

It's a matter of being a solid leader.

If you don't know how to make a decision, you can't lead anybody else.

In every family, there's this one guy that whenever the family is in crisis,  and I'm talking about an extended family here, there’s this one guy who knows how to make the decisions and everybody looks to that guy in every family and says,

"What are we going to do?"

You want to be the guy everybody looks to and says,

"What are we going to do?"

And I'll tell you something. If you are that guy, your woman is going to be incredibly proud to be associated with you.

She's going to be incredibly proud to be your partner, because again, that's something that frees a woman up to be feminine.

She doesn't want to have to make all these decisions.

She wants YOU to do it.

Written by Scot McKay

Excerpted From the BONUS audio Igniting Femininity: 14 Ways Women Define Masculinity - The Preview given exclusively to paid members of DiaLteG™.

Original bonus from The Man's Approach - Meeting Women Demystified - Meet & Attract Women Like A Boss With No Fear Of Rejection and No Fear Of Bothering Her!

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Planning versus Disarray.

Now see, where leadership and indecision talked about this whole idea of what are we going to do right now, it's this planning versus disarray that talks more about the future, right?

It's this whole idea of,

"Do I know how this is going to go? Do I have a vision of how this is going to work? Or am I just winging it? Is everything I'm doing in a state of disarray?"

Guys whose lives are a mess cause women to nag.

And why do women nag?

Well, women nag generally because they feel like they are having to pick up something that they feel like a guy's masculinity should be taking care of.

If you are being nagged by the woman in your life, something is deficient in the masculinity or the brand of masculinity, as it were, that turns women on.

You're not igniting femininity.

You're frustrating femininity.

Igniting would be to accentuate and heighten, whereas to frustrate would be to keep down and to limit.

When was the last time you were frustrated? Why were you frustrated?

Because you were kept down and limited.

You see how that works?

You see how much sense that makes?

Guys, you've got to have a plan. You've got to have a plan for a date.

You've got have a plan for the day. You've got to have a plan for anything you have going on in your life.

You should even have a plan for when you're going to get your car washed or your lawn mowed.

You should have a plan for how your place is laid out.

Anything in your life that is in a state of disarray is something that's a potential turn off to a woman… anything.

Meanwhile, if you've got things handled, that's something women like. I'm sure you've heard that before.

And if you can say,

"Hey, I got it. It's all under control, it's taken care of."

That's a man with a plan and that's a man who just made a woman a little bit more turned on towards him.

Written by Scot McKay

Excerpted From the BONUS audio Igniting Femininity: 14 Ways Women Define Masculinity - The Preview given exclusively to paid members of DiaLteG™.

Original bonus from The Man's Approach - Meeting Women Demystified - Meet & Attract Women Like A Boss With No Fear Of Rejection and No Fear Of Bothering Her!

The Man's Approach - Review Page is right here at DiaLteG™.

Eliminate ALL of your Indecisions and Clean Up The Disarray In Your Life!

Start leading your life as a real Alpha Male would and women will get caught up in you.

You set the "attraction" trap, you're the bait, and well, you know how it goes from there. You're eating lobster instead of running around trying to hunt down some defenseless deer.

That's how the guys do it that just seem to have women falling all over them.

You've got to get yourself out of this crazy loop where you allow women to lead you in the direction they want you to go because most of the time (9.9 out of 10) where they are leading you - is to the friends zone.

So screw the friends zone!

You DO want women on your own terms and you're ready to create a lifestyle so women will come to you without leading you on all the time... in the wrong direction.

It's about time you begin to learn what the Alpha Male is really all about.

I'm serious guys.

The easiest most effective way to get women to feel that magic for you is to be the Alpha Male she desires and to STOP waiting for her to give you every signal.

Here's the really cool part, once you're there you can literally say "fuck all the rules" and make your own as long as they're reasonable of course.

That's what they really mean when they tell you "How to get women on your own terms."

You lead your life living a real Alpha Lifestyle and women can not help but to get caught up in it.

That's how things JUST happen in her eyes.

That's how they feel an intense attraction for you.

That's how you end up being her next boyfriend.

And that's how you can selectively choose who your next girlfriend will be.

Sure - just maybe that story above (not asking her out and getting rejected despite all the signs) happened quickly and it can feel like there's never enough time or the right moment but...

The signs or signals you were getting from her LED you on and you did NOTHING but follow them every step of the way.

Test failed.

She quickly and efficiently made you out to NOT be the leader she was looking for just by showing you how attracted to you she was, and how she wants to have some real fun with you because she's enjoying being with you.

Rejected in a way which is quite clever if you ask me. Clever indeed.

Yes, rejection sucks especially when it feels like she was totally into you and then flat out refuses you when you finally get the courage to ask her out.

But here's the thing, women will only wait so long for you to build up your courage.

You must take the risk.

Hey, it's not all bad. It's not like someone is asking to jump out of a plane and plummet to the earth with just a piece of fabric to slow you down.

You take the lead and stop following her her (or waiting for her) and your chances with her skyrocket immediately.

That's what a real Alpha Male does and that is EXACTLY why he's rejected less than any other guy out there.


No doubt about it… until a man is open and excited to try new things in life, he’ll never escape his comfort zone… including “daring” to connect in a meaningful way with women.

Building confidence means taking chances in life — whether skydiving or simply sampling new foods instead of ordering “the usual.”

So start practice “taking risks” both large and small… and watch how it translates INSTANTLY into new CONFIDENCE.


The First Thing Women Look For In “Mr. Right”

Important fact once more reiterated to drive the point home.

Women do NOT want guys to ask them out on dates.

They want magic. Like it all just happened.

Working your way up to asking her out can and will destroy that magic quickly.

STOP waiting.

STOP looking for signals.

MAKE that magic happen...

Stop looking around for signals from women that they’re “interested” in you.

Stop CARING whether or not a particular woman is interested in you.

Instead, start TRIGGERING the interest, and watching to see if women ENGAGE. If they do, then assume that IT’S ON!

How To Tell If She’s Interested? STOP looking for signals!

She's not hiding them from you, she's waiting for YOU to create the attraction and that's something you can do very easily.

"It's literally impossible for a woman to hide her attraction to a guy no matter how hard she tries AND it's NOT in her best interest so why would she even try.

The signs or signals or clues or whatever you want to call them are ALWAYS there."

Do Women Hide It When They Are Attracted to You?

Two last things before I wrap this up today...


Get it all out of your system right MEOW! (Super Trooper Reference) which can do by going through this entire page.

Which, by the way, has an entire section dedicated to leading her into feeling attracted to you:

No More Rejection!

Woman Give Sign Signal Show Interest

Does she like you or not? What kind of attraction signals is she giving you?

Are you missing the signs?

Are you waiting to make your move because you're unsure if she's into you?

Stop guessing!

Get ALL her body language signs & sexual indicators of interest. No more fears or having to guess anymore!

Does She Like You? Check The 22 Signs & Signals Of Interest & Attraction Women Show Men


David DeAngelo created something I fell in love with that kept on my leadership path everyday.

There's more to it than just sitting back and listening, (which I usually did while working out) so you'll have to put them into your life one or more at a time.

The 77 Laws Of Success With Women and Dating

77 Laws Cover

Lead yourself into a new life and put yourself in the role of leadership by following the 77 laws created for succeeding with women in the fastest amount of time possible.

They will keep you on the path to becoming an Alpha Male and a leader too.

They will save you lots of time and guesswork.

They will boost your confidence everyday so you can begin to be fearless around women, take the right risks, and avoid hesitating when it's time to make your move.

When followed as part of a lifestyle, you'll quickly notice those magic moments mentioned above that women want just seem to happen "naturally" for her and will draw them into the enjoyable world you've created for yourself.

Here is a sample I've posted at DiaLteG™ - number 55:

77 Ways to CREATE Attraction: Law #55 – The Formula For Meeting Great Women

This is where you can pick it up for yourself:

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Stop following women and start following those laws and you WILL become a natural leader, HER natural leader... guaranteed.


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  • Jake

    Stay one step ahead of her. Best advice I’ve gotten. Always act like it was meant to be. This is similar. Always know and plan for what comes next and everything else takes care of itself.

    • Exactly. Well said. People are always looking for someone to take the first step for them and lead the way.

      If that’s you more often than not, women will not be far behind.