Stop Complimenting Her So Much – You’re Not Doing Her or You Any Good!

"Reason for failing with women #23 - You Complimented Her Way Too Much - You Don't Come Off As Genuine or Real - You Think Kissing Her Ass Is How You Can Get A Piece Of Her Ass."

Love you hair. You're so freaking beautiful. Did anyone ever tell you that you have an amazing smile? Your eyes are mesmerizing and I can't look away from them. You're such a natural beauty. You should be a model...

Compliments - they seem so innocent on the surface but how, when, where, and to whom they're given makes them far more than just a "nice" thing to say...

They can easily become a double-edged sword cutting away at your chances of getting closer to the one who is receiving them.

Especially when it comes to nice guys that women just don't seem to like or feel attracted to all that much.

Of course women want to be complimented.

They love getting them and will accept them from any reasonable non-creepy man or woman who is giving them away for free with no-strings attached.

Some (borderline desperate for attention) women will even opt for a second date with you when they're not even interested just for the nightly Ego boost.


Sooner or later she'll drop you for some other guy who rarely ever gives them away or knows how to do it the right way.

They know at some point, or rightfully assume depending on how often they're given or how genuine they feel, that you're probably only saying all those wonderful things about her, just to get in her pants.

The compliments then lose their effect, she doesn't trust the sincerity of your words, and of course you lose any respect she may have had for you before you started throwing them around.

She also suspects that's you're saying the same shit to every other girl you meet. Pre-planned and canned package material recycled with one goal: Kissing some ass hoping you'll get a piece of ass.

Lastly, when you over-compliment a woman or do it entirely wrong you're only telling her to not feel attracted to you because:

  • You're trying to hide the fact you have little confidence in yourself and in your abilities around women.
  • You're telling her you'd worship her forever adding undue pressure on her to live up to your exceedingly high and unreasonable expectations.
  • How you'll say anything IF she'd just give you a chance because you don't understand women and how attraction works.
  • You're lacking in the skill of having a real substantial conversation with the opposite sex.

Compliments are great and certainly okay to use IF and only if they are used sparingly and are genuinely real.

It's a great way to start to flirt with her to tease her a little, to make her smile and feel good, to project real confidence, to show her how attractive you find her, and of course to create some of that good old-fashioned sexual chemistry.

Truth be told, I've never been the type of guy to give away compliments to anyone, including women.

I never felt comfortable doing it which is good and bad.

Good because it didn't get me in too much trouble and bad because I had to learn how to do it the right way once I started interacting with women more often.

My learning process took a little longer than I would've liked.

But even to this day, they don't roll off my tongue naturally so if my mind feels like I have to force it, I just don't say it and avoid the awkwardness of sounding like I'm just saying something I think someone wants or needs to hear.

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