Stop Complimenting Her So Much – You’re Not Doing Her or You Any Good!

"Reason for failing with women #23 - You Complimented Her Way Too Much - You Don't Come Off As Genuine or Real - You Think Kissing Her Ass Is How You Can Get A Piece Of Her Ass."

Love you hair. You are so beautiful. You have an amazing smile. Your eyes are mesmerizing. You're such a natural beauty.

Compliments - they seem so innocent on the surface but how, when, where, and to whom they're given makes far more than just a "nice" thing to say...

Especially when it comes to nice guys that women just don't seem to like or feel attracted to all that much.

It may appear this is what women want because they in fact absolutely do LOVE and enjoy receiving them.

In fact some women will even opt for a second date when they're not interested in you at all just for the Ego boost, because you’re being so nice and complimenting them so much.


Sooner or later she'll drop you for some other guy who rarely ever gives them away so frequently.

She may even think, or probably already does believe you're only saying these wonderful things about her -  just to get in her pants.

When that happens not only does it lose its effect, she loses any and all respect for you and what you have to say.

She'll begin to question if it's real, or you're just saying the same things you say to every other girl you meet.


What over-complimenting says about you to her:

You have such little confidence in yourself that you're constantly trying to make her feel like she's so incredible, and how you'll worship her forever and ever...

IF she'd give a lonely pathetic guy like yourself a chance to BE with her.

Compliments are okay if they are used sparingly and are genuinely good.

It's a great way to start to flirt with her.

They also have a lot to do with the type of guy you are.

In other words, the better you are with women the less you have to worry about how she is taking the compliment.

However used in the wrong way they're absolutely deadly to creating attraction.

If it’s to kiss her ass – it’s wrong.

If it’s to display a genuine interest then it’s okay.

Constantly complimenting ANY woman always leaves her not taking your words at full value.

She’ll believe you’re doing it for reasons which are strategic and pathetic, all the way to borderline CREEPY.

Or that you’re clueless about how to talk to a woman and only know how to give out compliments which do little to increase and build a fun attractive conversation.

Sometimes she'll even begin to feel like you're redirecting her attention away from you because you don't feel confident or comfortable around women.

Here's a fair warning:

Most women won't ever (seriously) tell you to stop.

They'll let you talk her up all you want BUT inside - she's feeling less for you and losing her respect for you and your words too.

So while you're blabbing on about how wonderful she is and stroking her ego like not many other have, she's thinking about how tough it is to just meet ONE REAL MAN.

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Truth be told - I've never been the type of guy to give away compliments to anyone - including women.

I never felt comfortable doing it which is good and bad.

Good because it didn't get me in too much trouble, and bad because I had to learn how to do it the right way, once I started interacting with women more often.

Here's my step-by-step tutorial on how to give any woman the perfect compliment:

How To Give Any Woman The Perfect Compliment – Complete Steps On How To Create The Perfect One For HER

Use sparingly please because the last thing you want is the reason this is on the list of why women don't like you - because you're giving them away for ALL the wrong reasons.

No big conclusion today.

Just stopping giving them away so much.

Make your compliments worth giving and make sure they're genuine and real.

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