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Are You A Super Man or Super Wuss? Natural Attraction and Masculinity

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Super man or super wuss?

The word “Super” always reminds me of Christopher Reeves and The Man of Steel but as far as I’m concerned “Superman” was a classic “Super Wuss”.

He secretly loved one woman…  his friend.

He used his alter ego Clark (the nice guy) to fawn over her and play his innocent games.

He hid his true masculine self behind a cape, tights, glossy red boots, and the “poor poor him” burden of saving the world.

Either way, he was screwed.

Nice guys do it all the time. They try to hide their masculinity behind this nice guy alter ego.

They fear wearing their shiny red boots because the girl they want so badly might find out they are a real man. Some even feel guilty for having feelings that just plain natural.

But there’s a difference.

Superman hid his masculine man to protect those around him and he did not want recognition in doing what he was sent to do.

Nice guys hide their masculine self to protect these “cute nice feelings” women have for them.

And I was guilty of doing it myself:

  • If I act like a man she may disapprove of me.
  • If I act like a man I could wind up being like every other guy.
  • If I act like a man she will get angry with me.
  • If she gets angry with me she will not be attracted to me and she’ll never want to see me again.
  • If I act like a man and not let her walk all over me she’ll just find someone else who will.
  • If I act like a man and loosen the slack between us she’ll forget about me and find someone else.

And last but definitely not least…

If I act like a man and show my masculinity through a skin-tight costume she’s going to think I’m not different at all. 

Listen to this conversation I had with a woman and yes she’s a hot 20-year-old who knows how to get what she wants from men.

HER: “Guy’s are pissing me off. Why do they say they want more, when they really just want me for sex.”

ME: “They’re really only doing what they know. What about me? Where do I stand in this line of men who are pissing you off?”

HER: “Oh you. Yeah. Well I know what you want.”

ME: “You do huh? Haha! And what is that?”

HER: “My body. Sex… Of course. Haha! All guys want it and you’re no different. Except you don’t hide behind it. Now get on top of me!!”

No joke guys.That is exactly how that conversation went.

She knew what I wanted. She even put me in a group of everyone else.

Except she was with me and not sleeping with some other guy.

I wasn’t pissing her off…

I was getting her off because I wasn’t hiding behind some nice guy alter ego.

She understood that if she wanted more than just casual sex from me, she was going to have to pass my tests. She was going to have to qualify herself to ME. So if and when she wants a relationship with me she knows there’s no easy way in.

Okay before you go out telling every woman you see you just want sex with them I must tell you doing that may work a little, depending on the woman and you, it’s not exactly how it all works.

You see when a woman senses you’re attracted to her, she’ll assume the goal is sex and if you try to hide that masculine man inside you, hoping she will see you as being better than some average guy, it only ends up turning her attraction OFF.

A real masculine man has a sexual “beast” inside him. It’s what makes a man, a man,  and it has since day one of mankind.

The words below represent that guy:

“Just because I’m attracted to you does not mean I will allow you to have sex with me. Just because I’m attracted to you does not mean I want to enter a relationship with you. Just because I’m attracted to you does not mean you gain exclusive rights to my actions, they are mine. And I won’t care to react to your tests  just because I’m attracted to you.”

You see women don’t fall for the Clark Kent type because he’s nice.

They don’t fall for him because he’s hiding his real identity.

In Clark’s case it’s a superhero.

Now before you go thinking I’m telling you to be a strong brute who only uses women for sex I’m not.

This is what I’m talking about…

Our real identity is being a man… and being a mature masculine man who is willing to bear the burden of our sometimes overly generalized male category.

But we handle that with humor, confidence, and a little flare for the slightly extreme.

In a way you have the balls to wear the boots.

You have the courage to darn a cape and hot tights.

You are also a man who is not trying to save her by trying to be her “Superman in disguise,”  instead you’re a man who will protect her from feeling nothing.

Say that last part out loud because it means everything for you to truly understand how to create attraction.

Don’t try to save her –  just protect her from feeling nothing.

I have yet to meet many women who choose to feel nothing.

When you try to save her from the typical guy she runs into, all you’re really doing is trying to protect her from feeling something.

Which is the total opposite.

You want to really learn how to attract more women then here is one piece of advice I want you to take away today…

Start learning how to make women feel something and stop trying to protect them from seeing you as a man.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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  • bee

    I am one of those women who complain so damn much that you have no choice but to direct them to be a stronger man. But must admit I talk to you too cause it really is exciting to talk to a man who knows who he is.

  • Always a pleasure hearing from you too Bee. I talk to you because you’re fun and one of those incredibly wonderful women who deserves a real Superman.

    So guys…listen to Bee. She’s smart, successful, and one sexy woman. If you’re looking for a woman like that than you better make sure you know who you are and are not afraid to be the mature masculine man of your own unique self.

  • Shhh It's A Secret

    OMG!!!!!.. Did you just use the word ALPHA MALE.. I seem to remember that word in our conversation the other night. Alpha Males are always in hiding and frankly I’am getting sick of having to hunt their asses down. When I do find one, I find I’am always telling them that it’s ok to step up to the plate and be what your were born to be a MAN. I think men need to stop listening to their mothers and their sister’s. The Mr sensiitve rountine is getting pretty damn old. Sure It’s ok to be considerate and sensitive to a degree, but there is a fine line between being a considerate gentleman and a Wuss and a wuss is unattractive. For some men, it’s time to drop the skirt and put your damn pants back on. Cause a Alpha Male in the end always gets what he wants.

    Laterz Mr Trouble with a captial T.

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