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  • Do It For Yourself & Create Accidental Attraction – Be Healthy – Get Fit

    Gluttony Skin Deep Attraction Healthy

    Attraction is NOT skin deep. Attracting women starts from within you. How you feel inside and how you feel about yourself. Healthy men find it easier to attract women which is more about how he looks, it has a lot to do with how he feels about himself and his ability to communicate that a certain way to women. Starting a new fitness or health kick must be done for the right reasons if it’s to work. Do it for yourself and create “accidental attraction”.

  • She Isn’t Attracted to You! Should You Try Getting Out Of Her Friends Zone?

    Man In Her Friends Zone Trying To Get Out

    It’s easy to be confused when it comes to advice on creating attraction and escaping the friends zone. A reader wants to know why in a famous book it’s suggested that when the attraction isn’t there, it might never be. Yet the advice on getting out of the friends zone says it is possible. Why the contradiction? Is it really possible to trigger attraction after you’re in the friends zone and what’s the best possible way to make that happen?

  • This Is Why I Didn’t Get Laid For Years – What’s Your Excuse?

    You’re not getting laid because you don’t know how to communicate your attractive self.

    Why won’t you sleep with me? Not good-looking? Not rich enough? What am I doing wrong?

    Do you know why you’re not getting laid? Seeing what guys were having sex or the traits they has seemed like a good reason or excuse. Good looking, social status, money, pre-selected, a jerk or bad boy. Take a look at each type of how they’re doing it. This is why they’re getting some and you’re not.

  • Talking About Cleavage, Which Attracts You More, Her Breasts Or The Butt?

    Beautiful Woman Showing Cleavage Dressed Differently

    In the world of “being attracted to women” I’m going to guess there are two main types of guys: The “butt” guy and the “boob” guy: Which one are you? We’re not talking about judging a woman based on one single part of her body. What we’re really talking about is a simple thing called ATTRACTION and from that alone we can get some interesting topics.

  • How To Tell If A Female Coworker Is Attracted To You

    Co Worker Attracted to You or Not

    Workplace romances do happen a lot but how do you know if your female associate is attracted to you. There are many problems and added pressure in this situation too. Here is what you’ll encounter, the signs and signals you can look for, how to tell she’s interested, and how to never have to ask this question again.

  • Are Women A Problem For You Because You Think You’re An Ugly Guy?

    Sad Lonely Guy Woman Problems

    Do you think you’re an attractive guy? Do you feel ugly and think that’s why attracting women is a problem for you. Here’s how to do less work and be a more attractive guy. Women need more than just looks in a guy. The problem is you’re basing how you experiences on how women feel it, but men and women are different.

  • 10 Rules On Attracting Women – Clear Consistent Advice That Works

    How Woman Attract Her Rules Advice

    Are you tired of advice on attracting women that doesn’t work for you? Try these. Use them positively and put them to work for immediate results with girls. Tactics don’t work. Be capable of love. Attract the masses & not the one. If it’s not fun you’re doing something wrong. Know the truth about attraction.

  • This Is NOT About Her! The Rubber Duck Theory of Attraction

    Rubber Ducks Theory Attraction You

    Really? What the hell does a rubber duck have to do with attraction? And what must you do with that duck to date lots of women. The choice is yours. What does being a mature man mean to you? You can forget about women and still create lots of attraction. Are you ready to put down your ducky and become a real man?

  • You Want To Attract Her? Start By Changing How You Define Being Nice

    Woman Nice Definition Being Good Bad Pointing

    You’re a nice guy then you shouldn’t have to prove it by putting on your best face. Make her feel something and leave her wanting more of you.

  • His Nervous Date With Mistakes – How To Make Her Want To See You Again

    If you really want a first date to transition to a second one, don’t just avoid mistakes, DO something different.

    The first date is over and it was nice. This second part reveals if she will see him again. He tried so hard to avoid making lots of little mistakes and ended missing the point of the dating experience. He was nice, accommodating, and boring. Here’s where your dating focus should be on. What to do. How to do it to leave her attracted and wanting to see you again.

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