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  • What Does It Really Mean To Only Want To Date Beautiful Women?

    Do you only want to date or sleep with beautiful women?

    Maybe that makes me a pig. Maybe it makes me a bad guy. Maybe it makes me normal – although that’s highly doubtful because everywhere I look, I see average looking guys with average looking women. I see the not so perfect women with the not so perfect guys… And some of them are actually happy. Relatively speaking of course. Does it really make me different because all my life I’ve only fell for women who I found highly attractive to ME? Not to some other guy. My standards compared to them might seem a little high. To them or others they will say I’m expecting too much. To some other guys my definition of beauty is definitely different.

  • Do You Have To Be Very Popular To Get A Hot Girlfriend?

    Popular Guy Girls Beach Girlfriends

    Popular guys always seem to have a beautiful girlfriend but do you really have to be all that well-known to get one yourself? There are other options. Yes, it does help to be well known but there are lots of ways an average guy can get a hot girlfriend. Beautiful live every existence and not all of them care about it.

  • How The Average Guy Can Begin To Understand What Women Really Want

    Understand Woman Mystery Desire Attraction Above Average

    Women and creating attraction does not have to be a mystery anymore. Any average guy can use this formula to understand any girl. Note her preferences. Change them to desires. Fit your life to match her desires and you will attract more women. Buy secret confessions and what’s in a woman’s mind for better results.