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  • Do Women Think You’re Too Predictable? Here’s How To Change Her Mind

    If she finds your conversations boring, this is because you’re not communicating with her on a deeper level.

    Do you feel you and your conversations are boring women? Do girls think you’re just too predictable? There is one way you change her mind about how she sees you and create attraction at the same time. Change how you talk to her. Change your conversations by adding a these effective styles of communication.

  • My Secret To Not Boring Women And Communicating Excitement

    Bored Woman No Excitement Fascination

    If you’re boring women and feeling predictable and it feels like it’s hurting your chances with women. Here is what you need to learn to communicate. Become fascinated with yourself and the world around you. You’re only predictable if you’re like every other guy who is trying to attract her.