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  • Why You Always Lose When You Compete Against Them – A Secret Of Success

    Competition Win Lose Fail Success

    Failure, success, winning, losing, competitions serve a purpose which is not always a good thing in life. It’s not you against them. What you can’t beat. How to assure you always win. Not against sports. What success really is, where it comes from, and how to succeed. The only thing you need to compete with is yourself.

  • 4 Reasons Why You Meet A Girl, She Quickly Mentions Her Boyfriend

    Oh you have  boyfriend. Wow. What kind of man would put up with such a pain in the ass like you?

    Ever wonder why a woman will bring up her boyfriend as soon as you start talking. There are many reasons why this happens to you – Preemptive rejection, She has nothing else to talk about, she’s testing you to see how into her you really are, and the rare she’s looking for an excuse to cheat or leave her boyfriend.

  • You’re Not Too Short To Attract Women! How To Get Past This Limited Belief

    Short Guy Short Woman Believe Attraction

    A limited belief is often an excuse. If you’re a short guy and think you’re not attracting women because of your height, you’re wrong. Re-train your mind and start seeing things from a different perspective to rid yourself of this belief because that’s what holding you back from dating and attraction success.