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  • How To Tell A Girl You Want To Be More Than Friends

    There’s always a way to tell her you want to be more than just friends without professing your love to her.

    With so much bad advice and many guys telling their girl friends they are in love with them, here’s how to tell her without ruining the friendship. It’s the show don’t tell method and it works. But attraction must be there. Flirt, tease, cocky comedy. Take her to places where intimacy ill happen naturally. Seduce her.

  • Can a Woman Secretly Love a Man She Put in the Friend Zone?

    Is she hiding a love or an attraction from you? What is her secret?

    A woman can and will hide a secret love for a guy, but will she put a guy in the friends zone that’s she’s attracted to and in love with? The reasons why it happens and what type of girl and woman will keep it a secret. Plus what to do if you’re a nice guy thinking she’s hiding an attraction for you when she’s not.

  • Happy Birthday to Me! The Moon Does Follow Me – Will Success Find You?

    Happy Birthday Pete

    A tribute to myself, Peter White, and Dave Matthews. The moon and life does follow me. Don’t wish me happy birthday for me, do it selfishly. Don’t be afraid to change yourself. Let success find you. Be something unique. You’re not losing yourself through change, you’re finding something new, exciting, & attractive.