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  • His Nervous Date With Mistakes – How To Make Her Want To See You Again

    If you really want a first date to transition to a second one, don’t just avoid mistakes, DO something different.

    The first date is over and it was nice. This second part reveals if she will see him again. He tried so hard to avoid making lots of little mistakes and ended missing the point of the dating experience. He was nice, accommodating, and boring. Here’s where your dating focus should be on. What to do. How to do it to leave her attracted and wanting to see you again.

  • 9 Questions Reveals Why You’re A Nice Guy & Women Feel Like You’re A Creep

    Creepy Woman Creeped Out By You

    You’re not a creep, you’re just a nice guy but some of things you’re doing around women might be creeping her out and you’re not aware that it’s happening to you. These nine questions will help you determine if women are feeling strange around you. Tips and advice included to show you how to stop doing it.

  • Are You Nervous Before Your First Date? So Is She – Follow This Advice

    Are you more nervous than her on a first date?

    Women can be very nervous on the first date. What she experiences can help you plan better dates, create more attraction, and lead the night all the while making it a fun experience for both of you. Erase the anxiousness she feels, make her comfortable the right way, plan ahead so she follows your lead.