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Talking About Cleavage, Which Attracts You More, Her Breasts Or The Butt?

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Beautiful Woman Showing Cleavage Dressed Differently

The unabashed cleavage. Someone or thing once told me a guy can not tell the difference between the top of a woman’s butt and her cleavage.

So yeah, after testing the theory myself, it was true.

What that means is probably not a big thing OR is as interesting to discuss as getting women to let me compare their butt cleavage to their breasts.

Just so you know, not one slap in the face… yet.

In the world of “being attracted to women” I’m going to guess there are two main types of guys:

The “butt” guy and the “boob” guy:

Which one are you?

Now it’s understandable women get a little upset when they feel reduced to a sexual object but aside from all that, we’re not talking about decisions to marry or date them.

We’re not talking about judging a woman based on one single part of her body.

What we’re really talking about is a simple thing called ATTRACTION and from that alone we can get some interesting topics.

For me… I’ve always been a “butt” guy but I’ve noticed recently (as I talked about in my woman’s only newsletter) a sudden affliction for the top half.

So much so as I caught myself catching a glimpse of that unabashed cleavage when a few women were happy enough to show it off to the world.

Thinking about that “switch to the nipple”, my aging body and mind, my lack of commitment to just one woman, and my overall health too… I think that maybe there’s a connection.

Perhaps it was my recent “ex’s” beautifully over-sized “mammalian protuberances” (as Frank Zappa so eloquently once quoted) which made me realize and savor AND appreciate that gift so much more.

Well to her it was probably a half gift.

Blessed with the future evil of back pain, the present stare of perverts beyond my “normality”, and the never-ending quest for something that just fits without having to go to the “big girl” store just for a bra.

But perhaps it wasn’t…

You see growing up a pathetic young man with no prospects at all with women just maybe the butt was my way of undressing her with my mind without getting caught.

Well at least it’s what I believed because I now know, THEY know. Oh yes they DO know.

If I dared to stare at her tits I would be reduced to one of those not-so-nice guys.

Maybe I was just hiding myself from being judged in the same way.

Now that I’m aging the upper half means more, doesn’t it?

After all the breasts do more than just hang off a woman. They represent the ability to nurture directly. They grow with fertility and sexual excitement and by far can be much more erogenous.

Sure a good slap on the ass means something but when it comes to truly teasing a woman they are much more effective when touched and kissed or bitten the right way.

They are also much more susceptible to something us guys can certainly empathize with… age and disease in its many forms.

Without medical enhancements she can work her ass into something youthful and desirable, just as we can with our bodies too; but we’re both never left affected by the passing years and what it does to our bodies.

How, over time, can treat us as badly as we have treated “it”… or sometimes because of terrible luck or Genes leave us fighting for our lives when something goes wrong.

The cleavage or what it’s directing our eyes to and around is something more and just maybe, as we’re aging and growing or (not growing) us older men begin to realize what that all means to us and definitely to her.

I know I don’t get along with my older harder to maintain body and sure it can turn some women off but I suppose as guys we’re lucky enough to be able to get women past it and still like us.

(Speaking directly about attraction and nothing more.)

Yet for women, being a part of their young natural beauty and youthfulness, I can only imagine how it affects them and how they see themselves.

How they must come to grips with certain things (on the average) much earlier than us guys have to endure.

Maybe I HAVE grown.

Maybe it’s more appreciation than attraction although the attraction is certainly still there.

Maybe it’s the appreciation AND the maturity or mid-life bullshit on TOP of the attraction to the hardening nipple and delicate curves which has given the mere sight of cleavage and imagining the naked breast it alludes to so much more weight in that part of my brain.

So yeah, what started as me saying we’re only talking about attraction leads us to something deeper…

Treat a woman like she’s less than sum of her body parts by picking and choosing which we like best WITHOUT the appreciation and something else to relate to could very well be a lesser attraction.

Seeing women objectively might only mean superficial attraction which is fleeting and compared to others a weaker emotion when we haven’t experienced the REAL thing we were meant to feel.

Becoming more aware of her EVERYTHING and what it really means, relating more of ourselves, moving beyond the ass, and suddenly finding ourselves drawn to her breasts sure is a little superficial and I’m positive the topic alone will incite anger in some women BUT beyond the looks and stares CAN mean something more is happening…

Something more than just an excuse to explain our manly desires more intelligently.

The unabashed cleaved remains to be seen or heard or discussed more but for today it means more than just a curve on a body…

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