Top Ten Ways to Challenge Women to Feel Attracted to You

It doesn't matter if you're the laziest man or woman on earth EVERYONE is driven in their lives through challenges. This is great news for any guy who wishes to attract more women by challenging them the right way which either creates more attraction or builds on what is already there.

Today you're going to learn exactly how to do it the RIGHT way so women get EXCITED by your unique challenge.

You'll soon find you can easily drive up her feelings for you, get her qualifying herself to you, increase her desires towards you, and when done to perfection... have women CHASING you.

This makes you the chooser or selector which means more choices of the type and quality of women you want to date.

Here's the quick list and the links you can pop to but I STRONGLY suggest you read the intro below first:


First thing - IF you want to challenge you must IMMEDIATELY change your MINDSET and I'll show you why and how below in a way that's simple and you can start doing it, right away!

Answer these questions in your head or write them down:

How good are you at attracting women?

How are your skills with women?

Do you feel in control of your dating and relationships with women?

How does that make you FEEL?

I'm willing to bet you don't feel like much of a challenge right now. You might even feel like shit.

If you were to go out and start meeting some women right after answering those questions to yourself - you'd probably fail miserably because you're not in a positive and challenging mindset.

Far from it.

Now try on a NEW mindset taken directly from one of the best programs written to help guys just like you attract and challenge lots of women:

"How would you act if you knew that beyond the shadow of a doubt she was TOTALLY into you and wanted to be with you, but you weren't that interested and decided to RELUCTANTLY give her a chance to hang out with you."

Taken directly from Advanced Dating Techniques workbook page 36. That is an affiliate link for the program and NOT the actual workbook itself.

For the starter or introductory course go here, it's only $14.97 and you can work your way to the more advanced stuff:

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Did you do it?

Hope so because it has a real purpose.

If not, in the very least PLEASE take the time to just IMAGINE it.

Revel in it.

Enjoy it.

That's your life and no more problems with women because now you're IN CONTROL!

Totally different feel, isn't it?

Well I think it is because it worked for me years ago and gave me the chance to start this wonderful website.

Okay, I realize it's not real, but you must also admit going out to meet and interact with women while feeling either one of those mindsets or attitudes built in your head CAN and DOES make a difference on how you act around women.

One makes YOU a challenge to women, the other makes WOMEN the challenge to YOU.

And that's a huge and complete difference!

Keep all this in mind as you go through these ten tips and understand your attitude and mindset can and WILL boost your level of success AND increase the effectiveness of the tips given.

Secondly... another quote,

"Most guys think they need to impress an attractive woman.

They try to be on their best behavior and not make any mistakes or say something that will upset or offend her.

This leads to nervousness, self-consciousness, and stilted behavior.

It creates a tense, uncomfortable atmosphere, and destroys attraction."

If you go into ANY interaction with a woman feeling like you need to impress her - this mindset will more often than not make you less than the challenge he's looking for and your ACTIONS will show it.

As stated above:

You'll be overly nervous,  self-conscious, and your behavior will come from a lack of confidence.

You will create a tense, uncomfortable atmosphere which will not only destroy attraction or stop it from happening, but will lessen the challenge you're trying to create.

Here's your NEW more attractive mindset.

You do NOT need to ever impress an attractive woman... EVER!


You can create the ultimate challenge for her by EXPECTING her to IMPRESS YOU!

That's it.

Easy stuff, right?

Two new attitudes.

A whole new confidence.

A REAL and immediate challenge:

  • Act as if you know that beyond the shadow of a doubt women are TOTALLY into you and wanted to be with you, but you not that interested and decide to RELUCTANTLY give them a chance to hang out with you.
  • Act as if you're not there to impress women, you're there to give them a chance to IMPRESS YOU.

Let's get to it already!

Top Ten Ways to Challenge Women To Feel Attracted To You

Challenged Woman Attractive

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  • Why you must challenge yourself and what it does to women.
  • How rejection is related to challenging women and why you must start doing it more often.

Both men AND women respond to a real challenge in two ways:

They either give up (while sometimes trying and failing or by not trying at all ) OR they get EXCITED by it and rise up to the challenge.

With that said...

Women do NOT want to be GIVEN their next lover, boyfriend, or casual date without any real challenge.

BE that challenge - become her ultimate prize.

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38 comments… add one
  • Gio

    Hey peter!

    I’ve recently been talkig to this girl I found cute in college. I’ve tried the whol unpredictable approach and so far it’s been doing fine i guess.

    Recently though, I surprised her with food (although I only did so because her dorm was on the way and I knew she was hungry) and it ended up with us going around campus on some sort of date. She ended up sharing how she didnt like relationships and what not and how she wanted to finish her studies which I perceived as just slme walls she puts up. What really got to me was how she said another guy who she rejected actually did the exact same thing I did. The only difference I guess was he did it all the time and she probably got bored. Anways long story short, I took her stargazing at a cliff which she found amazing and I told her that it was weird she was comparing me to that guy since my only intention was to get to know her (though I was lying a bit). She found me really nice and yeah i brought her back. What should be my approach from here on out? I know this probably will take a long time but I just cant afford to not see this through. Thanks!

    • Hey Gio,

      Thanks for leaving a great question.

      Consider everything below and please feel free to write back.

      First – You “guess” it’s doing fine? 🙂 What are some clear indications that she feels attracted to you sexually? What have you been doing to create that immediately when you met her?

      Second – I’m not sure what type of “unpredictable approach” you’re using. Based on what you told me you just surprised her with some food and she accepted the “date” OR she was just hungry and felt like since you’re paying, she’d happily accept it.

      Third – I seen being “unpredictable” with women where it creates attraction is “Being different than most or all guys she has experienced before.” Which I believe is a profound difference. One works, the other doesn’t. If you want to be romantic and show her unpredictable romance, that’s cool but only AFTER you start dating her AND you’re absolutely clear she’s “beyond the physical” attracted to you.

      ANY guy can predict a woman is going to be hungry. They normally like to eat. It just doesn’t create the same feelings as understanding how to make a woman FEEL something and doing so by stepping into the guy she’s been searching for.

      Fourth – Stargazing on a cliff is cool. Of course depending how the interaction went during that time and you lead off as being a cool confident guy who is truly “different” that other guys like that guy she told you about.

      Fifth – Don’t lie to a woman… ever. As the old saying goes – women ALWAYS find out because…

      Six – You think you lied, she knows what is going on, she knows you like her, and now she doesn’t trust your real intentions. She either thinks you’re gaming her, just trying to get laid, or lastly want to date her and are willing to do ANYTHING to make it happen… which means she’s going to make you wait for it… IF it happens at all because…

      Seventh – You said it yourself, this could take a while.

      Eighth – I can not believe we made it to an 8th. Weird. Okay.. MOST women are ALWAYS looking for a relationship. ALWAYS. BUT until the right guy comes along she will not consider it and will willingly push guys away or allow them to chase them for as long as another guy doesn’t come along who makes her FEEL she wants a relationship with.

      In other words the ONE guy who she feels helpless but to feel a deep attraction for.

      Ninth – What to do next?

      Tough one because I don’t know how this all started and how much you understand women and attraction and how the interaction went from the very beginning.

      My guess is that your plan was to “wine and dine her” – “show her you’re a romantic guy” – “court her” much too early. You tried to show her you’d make a great provider or boyfriend first without considering or doing a second much more powerful approach which gives YOU the control.

      Perfect timing because this has been a current topic here and on my newsletter. So read this and get back to me when you get a chance and we’ll talk:

      Talk to you soon,

      • Gio

        Hey pete!

        Saw all your advice and I’ll take note of them and then some. I wasnt actually planning on courting her since our friendship is just about budding. I want to try and get close to her and be good friends first before anything. I dont really expect much let alone reciprocation although it would be nice if she eventually ends up woth me. Anyways I plan on also taking her out to unique activities and what not so that it wont be just the same old stuff she’s used to. Just wanted to ask once more how I can act more as a lover then a provider? Like what are slme examples? Your advice really hit me hard and I’m determined to follow them.

        Thanks for everything!

        • Hey Gio,

          The thing is “friends first” doesn’t normally work for women. There must be some attraction first. Sure some women fall for their friends but who is to say she wasn’t feeling it all along anyways.

          The “lover” role often avoids normal means of courting. You’re not taking her to dinner, buying her gifts, or “trying” to be her friend. Instead (to be seen as a lover) you’re doing things and inviting her to have fun with you AND there’s a sexual edge, pure chemistry, flirting, attraction, etc… In other words you’re NOT doing things to get her to like or approve of you. That’s what a provider does. He tries to prove he’d make a “better mate” and leaves everything up to her to decide rather than having her react from the attraction she’s feeling.

          To be considered a “lover” you must be composed. Patient. Exude pure real confidence. Be aware and not afraid to bring up sexual topics but also not having everything revolve around talking about it. You must have a real balance of topics.

          Exact examples are tough to give because it’s a very broad subject. Just avoid doing those things which are considered “provider” roles as listed above. Then focus on maintaining the “lover” role and she will have no choice but to see you as one. Where it goes from there then become dependent on other things but starts with where you would like them to go.

          I was always the provider. I tried to “romance” or “friend” women in to liking me. I acted all “lovey” to them. Tried to make them like me or feel something for me. I wanted to always be there for them even when they didn’t ask. I did things for them. Tried to surprise them with special gifts and such. I was always there for them at a moments notice. Which you can see, proves I’m a provider BUT misses the point of two people eventually hooking up… ATTRACTION.

          Focus on doing the right things which create it FIRST which is what a “lover” does. She’ll figure out if you can also be a provider too on her own AND coming to that conclusion on her own is what she NEEDS to be completely into you.

          The lover role is about you. Your confidence. Your body language. How you communicate to her in a way which different and exciting to her and sort of leaves her always wanting to more. It’s her growing emotional attachment to a guy which brings her to the next stage of a deep attraction.

          Figure out where you’re failing and work on them first and very quickly you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Start here for that list:

          All the best,


  • Tom

    Hi Pete,

    I have a girlfriend whom I love very much and she says she loves me too. We talk all the time and she even feels really bad when I’m not talking to her. I give her everything from clothing to food and shelter and based on what I know and how I feel is that she loves me because she confesses that to me.

    I love her so much and I just can’t imagine a life without her. Now, there is a problem. I realized that she has been so private with her phone for a couple of months now and I usually don’t touch it because I trust her.

    Just a few days ago, I went to her facebook account and she was chatting to this guy. The guy was telling her that she loves her and she was just play along. The guy was telling her that he loves her. She was saying the guy told her that he had a wife and that how will the guy love her and the wife. The Conversation ended with “do you still love me” and my girlfriend answered yes. When the guy asked if she was serious, she said she was serious.

    Do you think this is something that I should be worried about? Or is she too comfortable that she has started engaging in such like things? Or am I too nice that she’s taking advantage?

    She tells me she loves me so much and even when I don’t reply her texts she gets mad and she’s always jealous when other girls talk to me.

    I have decided to give her space but I don’t now if it’s the right thing to do

    Please advice.

    • Hi Tom,

      I would be worried because of what you wrote here, ” I give her everything from clothing to food and shelter”. Love and/or relationships must not be built this way. Obviously this could be a social custom thing but from my point of view, it’s not.

      You see, sure women like the guy to show his love but also women like to know they can tend to themselves without men. It gives them a sense of self and it’s not something which can be given to them. They must earn it for themselves because it boosts their self-esteem and confidence and makes them (men too) feel valuable. With you giving her everything she could look elsewhere for some guy who won’t don’t what you do but makes her feel loved and good about herself.

      You can’t trust the jealousy angle because in her position I’m sure she doesn’t want to give up what she already has and feels you’ll start giving to another woman and leave her with nothing.

      Giving her space is normally a good thing (mostly) BUT I would start getting her out of the habit of relying on you for everything accept love and emotional support (when needed). How that’s going to happen might be beyond me because I’m not a relationship expert. I merely tell it like I see it for better or worse.

      Aside from ALL of that and my suggestion to allow her to feel more valuable by attaining those things apart from you – IF you’re in a relationship with any woman and she’s telling a guy she loves him and he’s saying the same thing back AND she’s going along with it AND she’s doing that and more behind your back – then YES, there’s definitely something wrong.