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Way back when I first opened DiaLteGtm< I was all into surveys and quizzes and tests.

They did serve their purpose as I learned a lot about you and a little on what men and women were looking for.

I was also able to share with you results which you may or may not find useful.

Since then though – I’ve decided to leave them in the archives. You can still take at look at them and you can find all the results posted.

Here they are:

If you have ever told even one guy in your life you wanted to just be friends, please give us a few seconds of your time and leave your reason why…. Why Did You Put Him In The Friend Zone?”

Your Perfect Man Survey   I used a third party survey system so please give it a second to load. Guys…take a look on how you match up to what women are looking for. Women…reveal to us men who your perfect man is and compare your answers.

Your Perfect Woman Survey Participate in “Your Perfect Woman” Survey. Guys…Let women know your perfect woman is and see how you choices match up to other men. Women…Take a peek into what guys are really for in their perfect woman.

The Alpha Male Test – Your Relationships With Women A free test with instant results and lots of advice based.Check you score and see how much of an Alpha Male you are.

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