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The Alpha Male Test – Your Relationships With Women

This Alpha Male test is also designed to show you how they act, react, and how you can start to become one.

This test has been formulated through years of my own personal experiences on Alpha Males and my observations of other Alpha Men in many social areas or arenas.

It has been enhanced and made possible through the teachings of Carlos Xuma, David DeAngelo, and Scot McKay because without each of them playing their role in my life, none of this would have been possible.

To become an Alpha Male I’m going to do more than just suggest you follow all the advice below and the links…

I’m going to ask you to be completely honest with yourself.

Not only because it’s an Alpha Male trait but because if you can not see the truth about yourself – you’ll find it extremely difficult to follow a path to actually become an Alpha Male.

1. What is your reaction after a woman flakes out on you?

  • You get angry with her but keep it to yourself.
  • You blow it off as nothing more than typical. THE CORRECT ANSWER.
  • You instantly put her in the “No Date” category.
  • You tell her she’s rude and that you never want to see her again.

If you failed to answer this question correctly read these posts.

They will help you:

Marni of the Winggirl Method –  Why Women Flake And Exactly What To Do Plus Three Tips of Interest and this one too: How Women Use Shit Tests and Why It’s A Good Thing for You

You can also read my page on passing a woman’s test because it can help you to deal with women who do flake – Understanding A Woman’s Test

For a more complete post on women flaking on you – read something I wrote where I go pretty deep on the subject. I think you’l like it.

What NOT To Do When A Woman Flakes Out On You

My biggest influence for putting this question first came from Carlos Xuma and there’s a video he put up on women testing you and how to pass them. Carlos Xuma – Why Women Test You – Alpha Attraction

He’s the leader “of the leaders” in this area. In fact most of his stuff revolves around creating the perfect Alpha Male.

2. When your dating and or your relationships with women are not where you truly want them, is it women is it you? Who do you blame?

  • We all have issues so I focus on my own.THE CORRECT ANSWER.
  • All women are the same and want what they can not have.
  • Women are definitely the problem.

If you did not answer correctly here I’m going to suggest you do some Limited Belief Exercises.

Below you will find some related posts to help you out with your Limited Beliefs. Do not overlook this part of being an Alpha Male because I can guarantee you, Alpha Men have very few limited beliefs.

I understand this is a tough area to explore and it will does a lot on internal work but trust me, it’s worth it. Just remember the more you unravel, meaning at first it’s difficult, the easier it gets. It’s like unwinding some tangled up wires. The further you focus on it the more clearer everything becomes.

This was my first page ever on it. Limited Beliefs

My most recent one which even contains a “limited belied” exercise AND a template to follow. Creating Attractive Boundaries and Eliminating Your Limited Beliefs

3. When an attractive woman teases you for what you perceive to be your weakness, how do you react?

  • I get hurt but try to laugh it off.
  • I get angry and defensive.
  • I have a clever comeback which may not always be funny. THE CORRECT ANSWER.
  • I go along with it and bust more on myself.

Answering this question wrong shows you may need some work on your inner game.

Here is one I wrote about a woman teasing me about my hair – sort of. How Should You Take It When A Woman Pokes Fun of You.

You could “go along with it” and bust on yourself a little too. That shows women a lot but just be careful use that sparingly.

4. Are you decsive and take the lead when you are out on a date?

  • Yes. Leading is not a problem with me. THE CORRECT ANSWER.
  • No. I never know what she really wants and where she wants to go out.
  • Yes, but I worry about every decision.
  • I try but I’m not good at it so I avoid going out on dates.

Being a leader or having strong leadership traits are essential pieces of being an Alpha Male.

If you did not answer this question correctly this could be a serious problem.

Women love leaders but they are not looking for you to do everything for them.

There is a difference.

You must lead yourself and your life first! No exceptions. Only then can you lead a relationship and take charge ( confidently trust your decisions ) when taking a woman out on a date.

5. How do you feel about other attractive people in general?

  • They get special treatment because of their looks and I think it is not fair.
  • I would not kick them out of bed.
  • We all have issues, even the good looking. Attractive people have their own pressures and problems to deal with. THE CORRECT ANSWER.
  • They never like me sexually. I want them but they don’t want me.

Alpha Men exhibit a quiet cool confidence about themselves but they also recognize and understand no one in this world has the advantage of separating their mind from their physical attributes.

This simple means no matter who we are or what we look like we all have issues.

Some go deeper than other but they are there regardless.

The real Alpha Male recognizes no matter what our exterior presents to the world if we have a failing inner game, our looks, in the end, will not matter much at all in achieving a successful happy life.

If you answered this question incorrectly it is apparent you’re thinking others have an advantage over you, of if even you laugh off this question avoiding the truth, you are projecting your issues on to other people.

It may be time to work hard on yourself and learning how to admit you are in control of your own life.

Here is some great advice to help you out:

Do Only Good Looking Guys Get Women – Great post by Scot McKay

6. Do you notice women get excited when you are talking about your passions and goals in life?

  • I never pay attention to it so I would not know one way or another.
  • Yes. They love listening to me talk. THE CORRECT ANSWER.
  • No. They seem to lose interest in me quickly. It is like I have to try to keep the conversation going.
  • I really do not get many chances for women to listen to me talk, let alone want to listing to me talk.

Alpha men are great at making others feel good about themselves. They have a way of making women want to hear them talk more.

If you answered this question wrong I would suggest learning how to tell stories which show more inflections, passion and one your listener wants to hear.

Of course you’ll also want to learn how to have more exciting conversations.

Stories have a very definite structure which, when followed, entice the listener in. Keeping in mind that some stories will bore the hell out of some people but not others.

This is strictly depending on your audience.

For example, your buddy might be have a good laugh about how you ended up waking up with this strange girl, but it’s not going to do anything for you on a date.

If you are struggling in this area completely there is probably more going on than just your ability to tell stories or to having great conversations with women.

Listen and pay attention to another Alpha Male’s inflections, their annunciation, their face and body language.

Also notice their charm, charisma and their confidence when speaking.

Watch more movies with strong lead men in them and pay close attention to everything they doing.

This is a very large subject so if you want me to write about more just let me know. Below are a few resources or posts to get you started.

7. How would you describe your relationship with many of your ex-girlfriends?

  • Perfect. I would say we are still close friends. We hang out once in a while and once in a while we fool around sexually. THE CORRECT ANSWER.
  • Good. We still talk and may not always have broken up on equal terms but we are still friends because we shared a deep connection.
  • I do not get along with my ex girlfriends. Most of my relationships have ended badly.
  • I have never had a girlfriend before so I do not know.

I am not going to lie to you and tell you Alpha Males never have women problems but I can say they do, on the average, enjoy better relationships with women even after a breakup.

This is because they get over breakups quicker.

They know when to pull out.

They do not allow failed relationships to linger.

They are NOT afraid of being single or being alone.

Their leadership and ability to handle stress leads them to better decision making.

If you failed to answer this question correctly I am willing to bet you are not exceptional at handling the the things I mention above. Here is some useful advice to get you started in the right direction:

8. How does your body language appear in pictures or how is it when you are around or talking to attractive women?

  • Relaxed and comfortable. I would say I look pretty cool in most photographs. THE CORRECT ANSWER.
  • Rigid and stiff. I just do not feel comfortable when someone is taking my picture.
  • I take terrible pictures so I avoid them at all costs. I just never feel natural. I have to fake it and I do not like faking.
  • I don’t look good in photos so I fake my enjoyment but no one seems to notice.

The Alpha Male often exhibits strong confident body language in pictures and when he is around beautiful women.

Your body will often communicate over ninety percent of what you are trying to say therefore if you answered this incorrectly you are literally ruining your chances with women before you even say a word to her.

The good news is you can get this under your control and eventually it will become natural.

You will notice how women act differently around you. You will begin to realize those almost exact conversations you had with women that got you nowhere, suddenly seem to be working for you.

Here are some great resources, posts, and programs to get your body language up to the level of the Alpha Male:

Oh yes I have a ton of this for you guys…please enjoy


9. When you are in a crowd of people you do not know, how do you feel?

  • Nervous. Anxious. Uncomfortable. Something about it just does not feel right.
  • Alone and I worry people are staring at me. It makes me feel so worried I often have internal conversations to calm me down.
  • Scared or frightened. I feel a little threatened and uneasy because I feel very vulnerable.
  • Comfortably challenged. I do not mind it all. I love people watching. THE CORRECT ANSWER.

Typically a strong Alpha Male will feel comfortable in most places when he is alone.

This is because of his security in himself. His ability to live in the present. And his ability to be social with those around them. After all why would any man feel vulnerable in a crowd of people he does not know when he’s confident he can start a conversation with anyone and enjoy doing it

If you did not answer this question right first I would suggest getting to the root of you shyness issues.

Then you must learn how to be a more social person.

You can learn how to have more enjoyable conversation with anyone. Once yo do that your feelings of confidence will go up.

Here are some suggested reading or links to help you in this area:

10. How do you feel, or what do you do when you are interested in a woman and you know she is dating lots of other men?

  • I try harder.
  • I get jealous.
  • I get angry but try to hide it.
  • I find it challenging or do not care much at all. THE CORRECT ANSWER.

Jealousy is a form of approval seeking. Getting angry or trying harder is a sign of a man with low self-worth with a hint of urgency.

If you did not answer this question correctly you probably have a lack of choices when it comes to women. Hence the sense of urgency.

Alpha Men often revel in any challenge because they enjoy the process of learning more than the results itself.

Let’s face it guys.

If you are highly interested in a woman because you feel she is special, there are countless more men thinking the same thing.

Competition will always be there but how you handle this competition or challenge will separate you from the Beta Men AND perhaps get you that girl.

This Alpha Male test is obviously not all-inclusive but I did try to cover some of the major traits or actions which Alpha Men normally exhibit.

You can find a pretty cool list here at DiaLteG TM: What The Alpha Male Is And Why It Helps You Attract Women.

I suggest you give it a quick read and let it all sink in BEFORE you leave your computer.

Your relationships with women can completely change by integrating many of the Alpha Male traits into your life and I do hope I’ve got you started in the right direction.

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