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Why Did You Put Him In The Friend Zone?

Did she only want to be your friend no matter how much you liked her?

He’s a great guy. He’s nice to you. You want the best for him. You might even think he’s a little cute. You may have even liked him a little when you first met.

But something happened along the way…

You put him in the friend zone.

You labeled him not “date-able.

So what happened? What changed your mind? What was it about that nice guy you chose to never sleep with or only fool around a little? Did he smell bad? Are you good friends with his ex-girlfriend? Did you find out he was married three times already? Was he too short, too old, too cocky, too nice, too much of a joke?

I want the truth. The absolute truth under any circumstance. 

(Even if you found out he was your second cousin!)

I’m giving you lots of choices below and if you don’t find the one you’re looking for comment below. It will only take you a few seconds but you can make a difference in the thousands of honest decent guys looking for answers. Help them break the cycle once and for all.

Show us guys the signs you saw in which you decided, “Awww I’m sorry but we can still be friends.”

Responses for ‘Why Guy in Friend Zone’ Survey

(I am no longer taking submissions for this survey so please comment your biggest reason below)

  • You were not physically attracted to him. – 30 Votes
  • He kissed your ass way too much. –  11 Votes 
  • You were good friends with his ex girlfriend. – 4 Votes
  • You were too busy at the time. – 14 Votes 
  • He blew it by not making a move in time. – 27 Votes 
  • He bored you. – 20 Votes 
  • There was no chemistry. – 26 Votes 
  • He wanted you to meet his parents by the second date. –  6 Votes
  • None of my friends would even consider dating him. – 16 Votes
  • He could never make his mind up about what to do. –   18 Votes
  • Way too accommodating to my needs before his. –   7 Votes
  • He was clueless when it came to what women want. – 11 Votes
  • He did not turn me on at all. –  19 Votes
  • No confidence. –  15 Votes
  • Too weak, timid, or shy around me. – 12 Votes
  • It always seemed like he was hiding something. – 17 Votes
  • Too many bad habits. – 13 Votes
  • I swear he picked his clothes out from a dark closet. – 7 Votes
  • Did not make enough money. 1 Vote
  • Did not own a car. – 7 Votes
  • Too old to be living with his parents. 2 Votes
  • I hated what he did for a living. 1 Vote
  • We worked together. – 5 Votes
  • I was his boss. 0 Votes(0%)
  • Told me he loved me after a few dates. – 8 Votes
  • His ex girlfriend was a bitch and he always talked about her. – 3 Votes
  • Like to talk about his Mother on the first date or two. 1 vote
  • Complimented me on everything. – 10 Votes
  • He was afraid to be himself. – 4 Votes
  • He ate like a pig. – 6 Votes
  • His car was disgusting on the inside. 3 Votes
  • Terrible hygiene. –  6 Votes
  • I found out he sleeps with everyone. – 8 Votes
  • I thought he was gay. – 7 Votes
  • He put himself in the friends zone by showing no interest in me at all. – 18 Votes
  • Called me or contacted me way too often. – 16 Votes
  • I assumed he was a player. – 9 Votes
  • He was a crass jerk. –  6 Votes
  • It was creepy the way he touched me. – 6 Votes
  • I kissed him once and felt nothing. – 6 Votes
  • We had sex once and it was awful. –  3 Votes
  • He did not challenge you enough physically. – 9 Votes
  • He did not challenge you enough mentally. – 18 Votes
  • I knew I could have him anytime I wanted. No challenge. –  21 Votes

Total Votes: 457

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10 comments… add one
  • blah

    He was the most amazing friend, but he never asked me out.

    • It’s unfortunate when men fail to act for whatever their personal reasons are. I was that way myself and I had every excuse in the book to stop me from asking a (girl) friend out. And not many of them had anything to do with her. It was all just a way to spare me rejection.

      It’s also unfortunate because when I was much much younger, I asked several women out. I was rejected in the most awful way. But that was in middle school and even elementary. It was before anyone was expected to act like a mature adult. But I still took the bad and good rejection very personal. It literally stopped me for many years into my adulthood from ever asking another woman out.

      Did your amazing friend know you wanted him to ask you out?

  • Bridget

    Ahhhhhhhhh…………. sounds like its a friendszone thing to me!!! M was my most amazing friend ever. He never left my side and he was the perfect “boyfriend” without the physical chemistry. My advice is don’t change the dynamics of your relationship. Having him as your friend sounds like it means a lot to you. I will be honest I would rather have my friend back then the sad heartbreaking experience that became the end of us as Anything at all….. he could not handle it..

  • Bridget

    But listen to Peter, he really does understand human nature. : ) I’m not sure I would of been able to emerge from a lot of very heartbreaking experience without him…..

  • anon

    He is really good friends with my ex and I don’t want to hurt my ex or make things awkward.

  • danielle

    he got me, we started dating (we were happy) but since he didn’t have a car, $$, or meet his own standards of what he should have as my boyfriend he wanted to take a break till he felt like he was better prepared and stable enough to be with me…its been 5 months now…and I see him differently. Not like the love of my life but as my bestfriend only now. He said he couldn’t take care of me but I wanted us to take care of eachother and he couldn’t listen now he wonders why I don’t look at him the same or smile at him the same way….I was happiest when he was happy to take a walk with me and hold hands…a fleeting feeling is gone now

    • Thanks for sharing Danielle. It truly sucks when a man misses a great opportunity because his “ego” or his belief that women need to be “tended” to get in the way.

  • mari

    I think we are already in the friend zone but I’m not sure. We have been friends for like months he seems nice to me and funny but everyone hates him I don’t know why, he seems perfect and cute and super intelligent. But he is kind of annoying. So I told one of my friends that I liked him and she kept on telling other people aka her “friends” that I liked him and he eventually got the word that I liked him. That was yesterday btw and I think that he will ignore me even though he does like me and he knows that I know. So, what should I do? should I admit that I like him and put him in the friend zone or could I have a relationship with him?

  • Michelle

    I actually really like him too, but I have a boyfriend. I’m no cheater. I can’t accept my friend’s advances.

  • t

    we were bestfriends first and after i got dumped he said hes madly in love with me but i j need a friend plus hes not my type

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